my effing emotions

  • Me: *watches all leaked scripts, quotations, pictures, gifs, etc. from 6x01*
  • Me: oh look. It's Stiles and Lydia effing up my emotions again with all this 6x01 content before I've even seen said content in full.

After 7x19 and having my emotions effed with because of the angsty Bamon scenes. And being the masochist I am, I started to think on how Damon try to reconcile with Bonnie…. 

I can imagine Damon trying to find ways to get Bonnie alone, so they may actually have a chance to discuss their repress feelings and work thru their issues, which ends up being more of an argument filled with snarky banter. Kind of like a call back to their earlier years where Damon tries to call a truce, but Bonnie ain’t having none of it, seeing past his bullcrap. But this time, Damon is being 100% honest and upfront, explaining the other reason he desiccated for three years. (The one he said to her when she was comatose in a hospital.) How he was trying to protect her and Stefan from him, from having to sacrifice their life for him.

But Bonnie being her usual stubborn self, doesn’t care about his reasons. So she ignore his explanation and continues to drag him for his actions. (Similar to how 7x15 hashed out.) However, Damon isn’t keen on letting her win/finish this quarrel, so he brings out the letter and reads it. Not caring if she listening or not (tho he very much does care), he admits everything. His fears, his doubts, his feelings for her that lead to him ultimately choosing the “easy way out”. Because he believes he is such a screw up. Even though leaving his best friend wasn’t easy, not in the least. He couldn’t possibly live with himself if he was the cause of her death. So he decided to let her go….            

(And that in no means justify his shotty choices, but he hopes it will possibly get her to at least understand them and where he’s coming.)

And I want Damon to end the argument with a similar statement Bonnie made to him in 7x01. Possibly something like this: “You can resent me. Hell, you can even hate me all you want. But know that you’re stuck with me. I’m not going anywhere Bonbon….”    


Rad Quaggan! by elianaofshiverpeaks

Done with acrylics on (super cheap dollar store) canvas.

Had a fun art night with mogstomp last night. Neither of us really had any idea what we were going to paint - not even as we were painting. We really need to invest in some decent paintbrushes… using the same sized brush for all details was pretty hard. Despite that, I’m kinda happy with how this turned out. :3