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Oh Deer

Remus: @itsthatwerewolf
Lily: @ofemeraldandsilverblood

James: I get it. Becoming an animagus is tough magic and mistakes are bound to happen. But why did it have to be today?

James: I can’t go on a date like this.

Remus: Okay. What should I tell her?

[a bit later] 

Lily: You have harassed me about going out with you for years, you do not get to bail just because you’re nervous – 



 so I figured I’d make a story out of the gems I made on STA, starting with Pearl (bc I made her first)

 [Purple] Pearl used to serve a Violet Sapphire on Homeworld before getting accidentally taken to Earth.. Her and her Sapphire were both poofed and bubbled on the ship by Quartz, but Pearl’s bubble popped and she reformed before Quartz or Ruby could bubble her again.

 Overtime Pearl became friends with the others, they bond on Earth.. you get the rest