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kimheenim: 💙 #SuperJunior

siwon1987: There is no better expression than thank you. Thank you. #supercamp

siwon1987: 10 years anniversary, our fan meeting is COMING UP! :)

AllRiseSilver: Goodnight🌙 #Sleepwell

shfly3424: I was happy, thank you and thanks .. 🍡 #YeDong #YesungAndHisDongsaengs #KingKing (T)

shfly3424: We are waiting for 38 years, I really wish they could meet again

donghae861015: I pray that they can meet again

Happy New Year

160101| this is the first year my SuJu isn’t with me.. it’s been about 11 years with Them so far …i feel so lonely? more like it’s weird!! even thought i have everyone it’s just that!!! there is something missing..sth important missing .. i still need to see siwon and hyuk tweeting some selcas about xmas… wahh time is really flying .. ahh anyways Us & SJ will have a great comeback soon tho..can hardly wait..

once again ‘Happy New Year’ my dear Followers ..I LOVE YOU [ALL]

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