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Interviewer: Great to see you. How’s your fitness to start with? You’re not quite ready for United yet?
Cristiano: Well, we were discussing today about whether or not they wanted to put me on, but let’s see tomorrow. I hope to play a little bit because it’s my ex-club so… I want to play. But let’s see.

*Paddy Crerand (Manchester United legend) steps in* Are you not coming back?
Cristiano: *laughs* Well, it was-
Some day?
Cristiano:Well, it was one of the- my favorite clubs, Manchester. Everyone knows that- every time I speak about Real Madrid I should speak about Manchester United. I went there when I was eighteen years old, I learned everything there. The people treat me like a God there so I appreciate (them) and in the future, nobody knows.
They still sing your name every game.
Cristiano: *laughs*
They do!
Cristiano: Yeah?
Seriously, yeah.
Cristiano: That’s crazy. I remember when we played there against Manchester in the Champions League. They killed me. My heart, it was so so happy. Fantastic moments. I appreciate this club. For me, it’s one of the best clubs in the world and I have a passion for it.

Interviewer: What did it mean for you to win La Decima?
Cristiano: Great. It was a great achievement. It was something that Real Madrid was looking for for many, many years so us winning… it was a fantastic moment. The players were so happy, the fans,… the atmosphere in the stadium and the streets (in Madrid). It was unbelievable. Remember when we won against Manchester United, it was kind of similar but in Madrid (we celebrated with) a lot more people.

Interviewer: Do you think it will be a better season for United with Louis Van Gaal in charge?
Cristiano: For sure. He’s a fantastic coach. Managing Holland, he showed all the time that his team played unbelievable. They played good football. And I hope, to be honest, I hope that Manchester can come back, and return to the Manchester the people know. Playing strong football, scoring a lot of goals. I’m looking forward to that. I think Manchester this year will do much better than recent years.

Interviewer: But nobody can replace Alex Ferguson.
Cristiano Of course. I was with Alex the day of the Champions League. He’s been there for twenty years in the club, he’s won everything. He’s a Sir there in England, so. But I think Van Gaal is going to do a fantastic job. He’s an experienced manager and I think he’s going to do well (for Manchester).

Interviewer: Are you still in contact with some of the guys?
Cristiano: Yeah, some players, of course. I keep in touch because, you know, I had a great relationship with everybody while I was there. Not just the players, but the entire staff. They were like my second family there, so… I don’t forget when people treat me good. When people treat me good, I don’t forget. So I appreciate them a lot. I love Manchester so *turns to address Paddy Crerand* to be back, you never know. You never know, you never know. In football you never know. I never close doors. Of course I’m happy at Real Madrid, it’s my home, it’s my club but Manchester treated me unbelievably (well), so you never know. (X)