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Amami’s theory of survival

I made this and I’ve actually never felt so proud of myself

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bts as studio ghibli films; ponyo // taehyung as sōsuke

You’re not dead, are you…?” Taehyung murmurs, concerned as he gently nudges the goldfish floating in the bucket. Its scales gleam bright red, fins kelp-soft against his fingers. The outdoor faucet drips, leaky, and Taehyung wonders briefly whether he should have gotten seawater instead. But at that moment, he feels movement flick across his skin and peers back down. The goldfish has awoken and is wriggling around. It swims a lap before poking its head above the water to peek at Taehyung. He grins in relief, then laughs outright when it spews a tiny arch of water at his hand.

HYUNG!” he shouts. He leaps to his feet with the bucket clutched against his chest, and in his excitement water sloshes over the plastic rim. “Come look at what I just found!


As far as everyone else is concerned, going to the Prime Minister and way beyond, Charles Augustus— are you tweeting? 


Well that’s what it looks like. 

Of course I’m not tweeting, why would I be tweeting?

So … apparently all the stages names for this HesoWars event are named after musicals ! 

EDIT: Thanks to @deadybones for the references corrections !

  1. Upside-down Side Story (West Side Story)
  2. The Dodge-ball lovers (EDIT: The Rochefort Lovers is the Japanese title of “Les Demoiselles de Rochefort” )
  3. Brief (Grease)
  4. Blues Brassieres (Blues Brothers)
  5. Ani (lit. mean big brother, Carrie ? EDIT: it’s probably Annie)
  6. Oh My Little Shop (The Little Pet Shop of Horrors crossed w/ Ozaki’s “Oh my little girl”)
  7. Muramura Rouge (muramura means aroused, Moulin Rouge)
  8. Fresh Spray (Hiyasu Spray, Hair Spray)
  9. LesLesLes Miserables (Les Miserables + Rerere no Ojisan)
  10. La La Lunch (La La Land)

Gif Meme :: Anonymous asked: Penny Dreadful + Favorite Platonic Relationship
↳ Vanessa Ives & Victor Frankenstein

“You are a beautiful monster. And there are those who could love you… and shall. Life awaits you.”


It’s Rey and Techie’s senior year and it’s THAT time of year. 

Ben and Armitage, their respective brothers and brothers-in-law, have started making bets. 

A soon-to-come fic set in the Big Brothers universe by @obsessions-and-dreams and me. Because there is never enough fluff in this world. Certainly not enough to stop us writing more! :)