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Avec cette fameuse blague du 31 décembre. Quand le mec doit te voir la semaine d'après, le 31 décembre il te dit: “Et dis donc…à l'année prochaine!” Et l'autre en général il comprend pas, il dit: “Ah bon on se voit pas mardi?”  Il essaye de la refaire et en général quand il veut refaire une blague, ça foire. Il voit passer une copine: “Hey, Isa, hey…. à mardi!”


“Mistakes are nothing more than opportunities to learn, grow, and better our future. It’s so easy to beat ourselves up for mistakes we’ve made in the past. Mistakes are part of being human and they are part of being alive. Our mistakes are blessings and opportunities to keep learning and expanding. But even when you learn from your mistakes don’t expect to never make another. You will and that’s okay.”


“It’s the times we are tested in life when we really have the choice to rise to the occasion. When you do, you are all the better for taking on the challenge and letting yourself grow into the strongest character you can be. Don’t underestimate yourself when handed a tough situation. Be proud of your strength”


“I met Demi when she was ten years old at a local showcase in Dallas. The vocal coach Linda Septien performed these great showcases of music to their students and several of them were made while I was playing with other artists. I made friends with Demi and her family and so I used to go to his house and play music. She was always very talented, and I was lucky that when she was invited to the opening of the first tour of the Jonas Brothers in 2008, she called me and offered me the position of guitarist. Within 36 hours, I left my job, I took a flight to Los Angeles and I’ve been with her ever since. It was a total whirlwind.” Mike Manning