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The Great Ukulele Caper

Sorry my titles are cheesy lol 

So this was supposed to be cute and funny, but it got out of control, so prepare yourselves for the post-”Moving Forward” feels cuz here. they. are. That video wrecked me and I needed an outlet, okay? Okay. 

So here, and I am actually sorry. 

Also, this is my first time writing a fic with Thomas in it, so sorry if I get him all wrong or step on any toes. I don’t usually write him in, but I felt like maybe it was okay in this case? Either way, I did my best.

Summary: Thomas’s ukulele is missing, and the only place he hasn’t checked yet is the MindScape…

Characters: Thomas, Patton, Roman, Virgil, Logan (no pairings)

Word Count: 3,280 (my longest SS fic yet. oops.)

Warnings: “Fix You” by Coldplay is back, and I’m. Not. Sorry. It’s too #relevant to ignore, and I have a lot of emotions. Other than that, no real warnings that I can think of besides angst

Tags will be in the reblog because Tumblr hates me.

ALSO I’m SO sorry the Read More keeps disappearing!! I forget that every time I edit something on mobile, that vanishes. SO sorry to everyone who had to deal with that.  

He’d been searching all afternoon, but he just couldn’t find it anywhere. Not on the couch, in the couch, or under the couch. Not in his bed, on his bed, or under his bed. Not in the laundry room or the kitchen; he’d even checked the stairway! 

Thomas just couldn’t find his ukulele anywhere, so he mustered all the mental power he could spare and transported himself to the MindScape. 

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anonymous asked:

*slides in* u got any good/cute pynch fic recs besides the fantastic ones u wrote? 0u0

LISTEN IM SMILING SO MUCH THANK YOU THAT’S VERY SWEET OF YOU!! <3 I’m glad you liked my pynch stuff! Can I know which you liked best? Just so I know which style seemed to go well for you!

As for cute pynch fics!! Okay here we go~! (They’re mostly ao3 links, but there are a couple on tumblr and stuff, so you can reblog them if you want!)

Adapting by @sergeantjane

Gangsey, super cute, no spoilers for the last book and it’s not… just pynch either. It genuinely makes me laugh and is so sweet! I have read this multiple times because I love it so much and it always makes me smile!

miraculous by @softkings

Listen… it’s really cute and the kiss holy crap I… Look, I commented on that one and it’s at the very bottom if you really wanna know what I thought of it. It’s a brilliant fic, so sweet and the kiss took my breath away!

Something other than a dream by @lostgansey

There was something very sacred and soft about this fic. It’s relaxing, but it’s relaxing in the way that it feels uncanny. Like… you feel both at home and comfortable, and you feel like youre experiencing something so new. I guess, you feel like Ronan Lynch kissing Adam Parrish ;) (Also, not always fluff, but Estrella’s writing is very emotive so check that out but like… you will cry real tears if you are a sap like I am)

To Love (and be loved in return) by @grcywrn

I’m such a sucker for soulmate AUs okay, and I also just REALLY love it when characters realise just how worthy of love they are. Also, it’s really cool because it’s not just a romantic soulmate identifying mark either… guess you’ll have to read to find out ;) (Also whilst you’re there, I suggest reading Courtney’s other pynch stuff because they’re really cute too!!)

Playing dumb by @stubbornjerk​ (again :’) )

If you read Playing Cards which I recced earlier, you’re going to love this one too! Just trust me on it haha it’s BRILLIANT

Hershey’s and other kisses by @delcanlynch

The concept is exactly what you think it is, and it is just SO SO CUTE I swear I love it and it’s as toothrottingly sweet as hershey’s itself!

Something to celebrate (AO3 link) by klainderful (I can tag them for some reason)

Okay so this was NOT what I expected but it is one of the sweetest things and it is just… so deserving of all the love okay! And wow it’s just brilliant!

With Quiet words I’ll lead you in by @greywarenmagic

So this one was one of the first ones I’ve read and I often rec it because it’s just… it’s a great one to show just how pynch, at the end of the day, are just teenage boys messing around and it’s a bit more than just cute/fluff stuff (It’s still a brilliant ending and all dw!) but it is magical and lovely and you’ll be left with the feeling of something more and it is great. I love this one so much. Also it’s like 20k and who doesn’t love long fics? 

let’s get together before we get much older by @raetxt

probably one of the more well known pynch fics around, but it is just wonderful and so emotive and also it’s just like… everything you could have ever asked for in this kind of AU. Captures them perfectly and I love it! There are just SO many feelings in this and I’m aslfdkgjlkj

Ad Meliora by @ncahczerny

I actually haven’t actually finished this, because I think I had exams (I’m on the penultimate chapter) but this was that fic that I got really excited about each time I saw there was an update! It’s honestly just so great with all the gangsey in it and it’s complete and multichaptered and everything is wonderful what more could you ask for? Nothing, honestly.

accidents by @lady-gryffindor

This is ridiculously cute okay. Not even ridiculous but it has one of my favourite kind of tropes in there and it’s GREAT and I smiled SO much when I first read it, and then I read it again and it really cheered me up when I read it! loveeee it lots~! Please please read this it’s an AU and it’s short and sweet and perfect~


since you’ve been gone, see what you have become by @eggsac

okay technically not primarily pynch but LISTEN THIS IS A BLESSING TO THE FANDOM BUT IT HAS SPOILERS FOR THE LAST BOOK but basically it is declan lynch and a certain magical child. And I love Declan Lynch with all my heart okay…


asldkfjaslkdfj there are MORE but I can’t find them rn I have such a disorganised AO3 I stg and I like so many things but I’ve yet to queue them I am terrible like that. And keep in mind this is like… only really fluffy ones I can think of, because there are other great angst and hurt/comfort-y ones out there too and adventures and ahhhh!!

But I hope this is a good list for now and I’m sorry that this took a while!!

Happy reading! <3

This prompt is going to be my demise. I’ve deleted the old one and reposted from scratch. This is the third time I rewrite this bloody headcanon (that’s how much i love it.)

I want a fic where Jack gets a wish, does he find a genie? Does he save a faerie? Don’t care, fic magic, he gets one wish and he wishes to fix what he considers the biggest mistake of his life.

Jack wakes up in a penthouse in Las Vegas. He’s in a timeline where he got picked first in the draft and went to play with the Aces. He still has the memories of both lives, so at first he’s excited. He’s playing with a great team, he’s one of the best players in the league, he has won the Stanley Cup not once, but twice, etc.

Then slowly he realizes his life is pretty empty outside of hockey. All his teammates are just that, teammates. His friends from Samwell don’t know him. The relationship with his family is sort of meh, like he talks occasionally with his parents and sees them on holidays, but without the wakeup call his parents never bothered to go past his everything is fine exterior, nor do they encourage him to open up, so he feels he is talking to strangers.

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Tokens! Tokens! Tokens!

At my LGS, many players pool their tokens and basic lands in the center of the table during drafts. Anyone who needs them for their decks is welcome to them. This is not required or even expected - your cards are always your cards - but many people do it. The piles get picked through as players move from table to table duelling, but inevitably at the end of the night there are tokens and basics that get dinged up or thrown in the trash with the tip cards and wrappers. Most of the competitive players feel that tokens have no real value.

However, some of them really do, and crazy people like me even pay for them. I paid $2 for a Dark Ascension vampire token to complete the set. It’s actually fairly common for tokens like vampires, angels, and dragons to sell for between $1 and $2. Even beast tokens can go for up to $1, and the elemental token from Dragon’s Maze is sold for up to $6 online! Currently, the vampire and bird tokens from Khans are both sold at over $1, which is more than what many rares go for! So love your tokens. Value your tokens. And if tokens are going to be thrown out, save them! Because wouldn’t you save a pile of quarters from being dumped in the trash?

In honour of tokens, let me share some of my favourites with you.

Who doesn’t love zombies? This zombie wins for ‘most badass dude’ among zombies. He looks like he’s got that lingering spark of sentience and could easily be a major villain out of some Heavy Metal story.

And do you know what zombie hero rides? These infernal nightmare elementals that shoot fire out of their noses. Yeah, 5/5 seems about right for this level of awesomeness. Really love the art on this card!


This zombie is also awesome because he’s kept on a leash to guard somebody’s necropolis clubhouse. Not sure if he needs the sword, considering he’s got zombie strength and a pair of smashing club-hands (smashing meant in the literal sense as well as the stereotypically British sense). As my high school math teacher used to say, “This one’s steel to make you squeal, and this one’s lead to make you dead.”


This claims to be a goblin, but it’s clearly some kind of hybrid beast that’s had 4th edition D&D templates slathered over it, making it an infernal half-goblin half-dinosaur construct. That makes it about 200% awesome. It may say 1/1, but this thing eats other goblins for breakfast and craps them out its ribcage.


This thing is creepy. It’s not just a rat… it’s like a wererat or something, or a young Master Splinter. It’s that weird introspective look in its eyes. How can it remain so calm when its nose is creating that unbearable tangent with the frame border!?


This germ token is adorable. It’s like Gollum, sitting alone telling riddles in the dark. Forever alone. We doesn’t need them anyway, does we precious? *Equips Batterskull*  


Speaking of adorable tokens, how is this little squealer a 2/2 again? Hilarious! When I was first getting into Theros, I was building a UW heroic deck and wanted to use Curse of the Swine but didn’t have any boar tokens. My girlfriend went to the store and kindly bought me some. And by some I mean all of them. I hope that someday I have a reason to use 12 boar tokens.


There are so many more awesome tokens, but I don’t want this to go on forever, so let’s finish with a set of unofficial bear tokens I stumbled across recently, though I believe they’re a couple of years old. An article on MTG Realm credits the artist as 'hinga dinga durgen’, though the link to the artist’s Tumblr no longer works. These tokens are absolutely amazing!