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“Pretty, pretty please don’t you ever, ever feel like you’re less than f**kin’ perfect.”


Ellie’s Haikyuu!! Pokémon AU (Elite Four / Gym Leaders)
He had obtained the Forestfloor badge from Sugawara, Fairylight badge from Tadashi, Deepblue badge from Asahi, Thunderspark badge from Nishinoya, Flameburn badge from Ennoshita, Dragonbreath badge from Kiyoko, Darkshadow badge from Michimiya and the Fightskill badge from the Tanaka siblings. He had defeated the Elite Four: Oikawa, Kuroo, Bokuto and Ushijima. Now Hinata stood there with shaky legs, ready to challenge Sawamura Daichi, the current Pokémon Champion. His glory was only dimmed by the boy standing next to him. Kageyama, who had the same goal in mind. The two rivals walk to challenge the Champion, only to be pulled into a battle between region’s strongest Pokemon trainers and Team Rocket, led by Terushima and his grunts. Hinata had agreed he could sacrifice his dignity should he lose but he never thought he could end up sacrificing his life as well.