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It always gives me chills when Murphy drops the snarky, more comical side of his character and shows a more mature, more stand-up version of who he really is. First time we really saw that side was when Jaha sacrificed two people, and now, with Raven, who’s also willing to sacrifice *innocent* lives.


Outlander  → 1.03 The Way Out 

“Medicine and caring for the people of the clan Mackenzie seemed the most logical way for me to earn their trust. But in order to do that without raising suspicion, I would have to find a way to apply 20th century medicine using only the methods and equipment available in the 18th. Alongside the jars of pigeons’ blood, ant eggs, and powdered human skull, whose, I wondered, there were a number of herbs and extractions in Beaton’s collection that might actually be helpful.”