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tomania (tom holland series) (IV)

a/n: this is the last part! I hope you all liked it as much as I liked writing it. I was in a really bad place emotionally and I couldn’t write at all but writing these imagines and this series really helped me.

thank you again for all the support! means the world to me!

also, please feel free to send me requests and prompts. I’ll be more than happy writing for y’all.

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tomania (tom holland series)







“I think this is the part where you kiss me.”

Tom joked, not being able to believe what he had just heard. Retta scoffed.

“You wish.”

Oh, but he did. And so did she.

“Besides, I only kiss strangers-less emotional attachment that way.”

“I can be emotionally unattached.”

She raised her eyebrows in amusement. But really, she could feel her heart pitter-patter with the sound of excitement.



“Okay. If you’re so emotionally unattached, tell me what my favourite chocolate is.”

Tom looked at her, confused. How the hell was knowing that a test of emotional unattachment?

He looked towards his hands and then back at her once more.

“That’s a trick question. You don’t have one. Because you don’t like chocolate.”

Retta watched shocked. She really hadn’t expected him to answer the way he had. Maybe because no one had answered that questioned correctly or maybe because she really wanted him to be emotionally unattached. Because that would mean she could……he could…..they could……

Suddenly, something jingled near the door. They scampered to their feet quickly. Retta gestured for them to jump out the window but Tom gestured for them to hide. She shook her head from side to side and then grabbed him by the front of the shirt. She practically pushed him out the window. When he landed, he looked to his right to see her waving her hands around wildly.


“You have to get out of here. We can’t keep running forever.”

He knew she was right. Retta was sad that they hadn’t spent much time together, especially after everything that had been admitted. But it was important no one from the press knew he was here. It could mean hell for the both of them.


Someone screamed. And then all hell broke loose. Again.

Retta grabbed his arm and tugged him behind her to the only place that was so obvious no one could think to look for them there. Could they?

They ran past half asleep zombie students so tired they could barely look up, let alone spot them. Retta pushed him inside and shut the door. She grabbed the bag he had brought and pushed it against him.



His voice had softened and it made something inside her crack.

“It’s not safe for you here.”

Tom licked his lips, knowing full that it was now or never. He knew it was only a matter of time before a fan found him. It was only a matter of time before his agent sent security to come get him. It was only a matter of time before he had to leave her once more and hope and pray that could meet.

“I’ll always feel safe with you, Ret.”

And before the words had even crossed the distance between them, Tom was kissing her. His hands cupped her face like she was the most precious thing in the world. Retta on the other hand, couldn’t believe it-she couldn’t believe what was happening, she couldn’t believe what she was feeling and she sure as hell couldn’t believe that the one thing she had wanted for as long as she could remember, was happening.

Their lips parted, kiss deepening. Tom’s hands slid down the side of her body-hungry to touch, desperate to remember. Retta wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him lower. She wanted to kiss him till she couldn’t breathe. She wanted to make this moment, this moment that could be taken away from them any moment, to last as long as possible.

Tom pulled her closer-closer than he thought she could be. His hot breath fanned her face, tingling her nerve endings, making them so heightened, she thought she would explode. His fingers touched the skin near the hem of her jumper and she moaned, dragging her fingernails down the back of his head.

She had always wondered what his hair would feel like and now that she did, she never wanted to touch anything else. Their bodies rocked against each other as Tom bit on her bottom lip and slowly dragged his tongue over it. Instinctively, Retta pushed him against the wall. His back slammed hard against the material but he didn’t care.

They were hot. They felt heady with unholy thoughts. And most of all, they wanted more-more and more and more and more.

Loud ringing blasted out suddenly, making them cringe and stop. Retta was panting. She could feel sweat dripping down her back. She could feel the pounding of her heart. She could feel warmth pooling down between her legs. It was the first time she had ever had such an animalistic, such an intense reaction, to kissing someone.  


Tom said breathlessly. He barely recognised the voice coming out of his mouth. He sounded so…….turned on. He felt that way too-his bulge straining so hard against his jeans he thought the material would tear. But it wasn’t just physical. He looked at her and he felt something he really couldn’t describe. It was more than need or love or lust. It was more than all of it combined. It was as if the atoms in his body wanted to be with hers.

Running a hand through his hair, he muttered a few affirmative before tucking his phone back into his pocket again.

“They’re here.”

Retta’s heart dropped. She shrugged, trying not to let the hurt show. She didn’t even understand why she was hurt in the first place. It’s not like Tom was her boyfriend. It’s not like she loved him.


She picked up the bag and handed it to him.

“Until next time then, movie star.”

This time the nickname sounded bitter in her mouth. Tom pressed his lips into a thin line, still tasting her, still feeling her on them and nodded quietly. When he turned around to leave, Retta shocked the both of them by doing something she hadn’t before-something that scared her shitless.

She grabbed his arm and pulled him back, almost knocking the both of them down.

Then she kissed him so hard, she honest to God thought she would explode.

After a moment, she pulled back and opened her eyes to look into his-both so brown, so beautiful.

And it dawned on her that the person who was hit with the most ‘tomania’ was undoubtedly, her.

“That was……..”

“I know.”

She said quietly, pecking his lips slowly once. By that point, Tom was seriously questioning if that mars bar had any drugs in them or not. Because this couldn’t have happened. He could not have just made out with his best friend-the best friend he’s known forever-several times. He seriously couldn’t have heard her say she felt the same. He seriously couldn’t have. This shit only happened in fairy-tales. This shit was a cliché.

“Can I call you?”

He asked, hesitantly.

“You can call me your girlfriend, yeah.”

She teased, making Tom smile so big she thought his face was going to break.

Someone knocked on the door and they realized their moment, for the time being at least, was over.

“Bye, Tom.”

Retta said, holding out the door for him. Thankfully, there weren’t too many people and most of them were blocked by the two huge men wearing black security shirts.

He turned back one last time to kiss Retta gently-trying to sear the feel of her to his memory.

“I’ll call you later, babe.”


Then, he was leaving. She hated that he had to. But it was a quite a sight, wasn’t it? Her ‘boyfriend’ did have a spectacular ass-in the right pair of jeans, of course.

Closing the door, her fingers brushed against her lips. Her mind wandered from Tom to Tom and back again when she realized she hadn’t even revised for her exam the next day.

“Shit! Fucking…..Tom….ugh!”

Sheith Summer Week Day 1: Sea / Sky

“and we’ll meet in the inbetween” - anonymous

Shiro is a raven shapeshifter and Keith is a merman.

  • Shiro lost his arm in a fight with some cat shifters, but was saved by the witch Allura, who nursed him back to health. The two became friends and are now roommates living in a small, sea-side town–Allura working for the local apothecary while taking classes at the local magical school and Shiro working at a tattoo parlor.
  • Shiro’s raven form is missing half of his right wing, has a scar across his beak, and a white patch of feathers at the back of his neck, reflecting Shiro’s human side.
  • Shiro also has wings tattooed on his back and arms.
  • Shiro sometimes likes to go to the beach and just relax in his raven form. Since he can’t fly anymore, he’s more vulnerable in that form, but it would be more difficult for any predators to sneak up on him at the beach, where there aren’t any hiding places, so it’s where he’s most comfortable shifting these days, other than in his own home.
  • Keith is a merman who doesn’t have a family to travel with, and so has had to survive on his own, often hugging the shore for safety. He eventually finds a nice stretch of beach that isn’t frequented much by land-folk, and so he feels comfortable sunbathing there and breaching the water’s surface. (Land-folk always ask questions when they realize he’s alone, and he hates having to explain that he doesn’t have a family.)
  • Keith meets the local apothecary, Coran, who asks him for help collecting certain types of shells and sea life that he needs for various potions and spells. In exchange, he offers Keith deep sea fish that can’t be found by merfolk that hug the shoreline. (And they’re very tasty.)
  • Shiro and Keith meet when Shiro, in his raven form, investigates the sea shells, oysters, and other sea life that he finds lined up on a rock one day and Keith comes back and tries to shoo him away. Keith doesn’t realize that Shiro is a shifter, at first, and Shiro doesn’t tell him for a while, just enjoying letting Keith talk at him about his life.
  • Keith finds out Shiro isn’t just a raven when Coran comes to exchange goods with Keith at the old pier and recognizes Shiro as his apprentice’s roommate. Keith is, understandably, angry and hurt, since he shared a lot of very personal things with Shiro under the pretense that he was just a bird, not a person.
  • Shiro ends up going to the pier day after day, in human form, and talking to the water, never knowing if Keith is even listening. He sits at the end of the pier, and he talks about all of his own secrets and fears and embarrassing stories. For a whole week, he gets no indication that Keith is even listening, but he keeps coming, nonetheless. One day, though, as Shiro is leaving, he notices a shell that has been placed on one of the pier’s posts. 
  • Shiro comes back the next day, and while he’s talking Keith shows up and pulls himself out of the water to sit next to Shiro.
  • Shiro thanks him for the shell and apologizes for not being upfront with Keith. Keith accepts his apology, and then promptly pushes Shiro into the water. 
  • The two end up hanging out as much as possible, becoming closer and closer as time goes on. Sometimes, Shiro will join Keith in the ocean. Other times, they’ll just sit on the end of the pier and talk for hours, or Shiro will sit in his raven form and watch over the shells that Keith brings back from the sea floor.
  • When they kiss, it’s something that feels completely inevitable. They’re incredibly different, a creature of the sky and a creature of the sea, but they meet each other where they are, and it’s enough.

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