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retrospectre928  asked:

How long have you been drawing? How long had you been drawing digitally when you had started your FRLG Nuzlocke comic? (Which is super fantastic~)

Aww, thank you!  I’m glad you liked it!  ; w ;

I’ve always drawn– my family was always really supportive of me even when I was young (like 2/3 years old).  They would spend their money on art supplies for me even though we could barely afford food sometimes (even with the help of foodstamps).  My uncle did editorial cartoons and my mom and grandma both did a lot of craftwork-type stuff and my dad loved photography– so the love and support for a young artist was always there (luckily for me).

(Some early art for your amusement.  You can even see a neopets drawing ghosted on that one page awww yeah)

I had gotten a copy of Photoshop 7 on a computer with no internet access way back in 2004.  I had NO CLUE how to work it and so I was wildly trying stuff out at random and not succeeding very much… 

(Look at that sweet, sweet merciful god what is her anatomy doing)

until I got THIS book:

Yes, it’s one of THOSE books.

This one wasn’t that bad, actually– the big thing though was that while it was put together by Ben Krefta, it had a whole bunch of different artists showing how THEY drew manga-styled stuff.

It was actually a pretty influential book– it pointed out stuff that I didn’t think about at the time– like how belts were a 3-D object and should be drawn like that and how a basic skeleton form could keep my characters proportional.

Buit the big thing was that this book briefly explained how to use photoshop for drawing and taught LAYERS.

(Layers layers layers!!)

(My anatomy improved hahaha oh god look at those legs though jesus)

That’s what really helped me out.  Once I got layers, it was smooth-sailing from there.

(older to newer stuff)