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West Virginia honky-tonk, 1991, pretty waitress,bunch of personal business between us after closing. And then i git, ‘cause Johnny Law’s breathing down my neck. Lacking a forwarding address, I never heard from her again.

What are you trying to tell me?


caitriona balfe + 2014 (insp.)

Never endless list of favourite characters: 2/??? L-elf Karlstein.

He is Dorssian’s one man army.

Happiness isn’t something you can split in halves.”

“There is nothing worse than the wishes of the talentless.”

“Laugh at me if you want.. but I love you, Lieselotte.”

“ are my friend, Tokishima Haruto!”

“You don’t even know my name yet, and you’re already trying to seduce me.”

Of Destruction and Rebirth, chapter two


I may or may not have faked my death on multiple occasions.
~ Neal Caffrey

trippitybippity  asked:

hi! i really love your lapidot; they have so much character :) i was wondering if you ever shared the lapidot lockscreen image you posted ten months ago. ya know, where peri's about to eat the lock? i've been looking for a lockscreen like that for forever. i really love it!

Thank you! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

I haven’t shared the original image for that here in Tumblr though. ^^; So here it is:


I’m not sure how to give Lapis her character. So for now, have some silly Lazuli.

It doesn’t have a ‘Masquarade Ball’ setting in exact. Honestly, I couldn’t think of anything for this prompt except for them PREPARING for the ball. But it’s still relevant to the prompt. So this is still valid, yes?