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Asexuality doesn’t mean you must’ve been born with less hormones or that you are picky and heartless. It doesn’t mean you can’t feel pleasure from sex.

Being asexual does not mean you condemn people who have sex. It doesn’t mean you can’t have sexual drive or that you can’t masturbate.

Identifying yourself as asexual should not be seen as a barrier that will stop you from having partners. You may have sexual intimacy sometimes, or it just won’t happen. Whatever makes you feel comfortable in that relationship.

You can become asexual because of experience, just as much as you can become one because you thought you fit in. You may even not find yourself fitting anymore later in life.

Most of all, orientation is not a choice.

Imagine Jimin getting cold in the middle of the night.

And obviously, the only solution is to steal one of Yoongi’s sweatshirts to use as a blanket, since he has the largest collection in the dorm. And Jimin may or may not like the way they smell like Yoongi too, but that’s a secret.

Jimin keeps it up for a while, until at the end of winter he realizes that he’s got nearly all of Yoongi’s sweatshirts piled up in a big nest on his bed and he’s even wearing one and there’s no way Yoongi hasn’t noticed what’s going on by now.

And so he sneakily tries putting them back in Yoongi’s closet in the middle of the night, but right when he’s got them all in his arms Yoongi shows up and makes Jimin put them back on his bed, and then he pulls Jimin down and buries his nose in Jimin’s hair and mumbles, “I knew what you were doing all along.”