my edit:little witch academia

Diana and her...Butler?

I’m just spit ballin here, but I’m pretty sure the person that took Dianna to see Chariot, was her butler. Well I think he’s a butler at least… since he appears to be in more of a servile garb than a typical suit. ((Also I’m certain she came with this man since he’s dressed better than everyone else and is sitting directly beside her–meaning in someway he’s related to the Cavendish family.))

From Diana’s words about how witches see Chariot and the fact that she hides her own feelings, it feels fair to say that these are likely the beliefs her parents hold as well. If this is true, then they are probably the ones who conditioned Diana into who she is today. (( Or I could totally be off and they’re dead or something, who knows ))

Despite this, I find it sweet that her butler may have been the only person in her life that let her have the wonder/happiness a child deserves.

So smile on little Diana! Smile for the Diana who can’t anymore…