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4/20 edits of my precious april boys. ❤ 

Though this post I want to wish a happy birthday to the man I love with the whole of my heart, to the man I cherish, support and appreciate the most, to the man that makes my life worth living, I want to wish our dearest Luhan a happy birthday. 

It’s hard to gather up my words together dear my little deer, because I want to wish you all the best things one can come up with. I wish you happiness, success, health and love. You deserve all the best in life, and you know why? Because your existence can make so many peoples’ lives happy and bright. If I could I’d give you the whole world, I’d give you a forever for your angelic smile to shine. I’d give you everything you deserve for your beautiful heart. I’d give you everything you have ever wished for. I’d give everything to my wonderful bloom in a beautiful garden.  

You’ve grown in front of my eyes, darling and all of those years we’ve walked together will always remain in my mind. Xiao Lu, I promise to walk by your side on your long path of life. I’ll always be there my little deer, always by your side. 

Happy birthday my little deer, my little petal. Thank you for brightening my life.