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Captain Swan AU Week  » Day 5 » Episode Season Rewrite » S7 » Missing Piece

They both felt like they did not belong in their own lives, and like their lives were missing something. It didn’t help that every now and then certain things or people would trigger strange dreams or memories of what seemed like a different life. 

When their paths crossed the first time, they both felt a connection, but neither said a thing. Next time they met, he was brought into the ER unconscious and beat up, and she was the doctor who treated him. Over the weeks he spent recovering they bonded, and in time revealed to each other how they felt something was wrong with the world the live in. They agreed to further investigate and get to the bottom of things together.  


THE SPACE BETWEEN STARS: Stranded across the galaxy, Shiro and Keith must survive the cold blooded creatures that lurk upon the planet they crash landed on. Pidge, Hunk and Lance find themselves caught up on a Galra infested planet of winged aliens, while Allura and Coran face coming to terms with their greatest hope and sorrow: Altea. // A rewriting, fix-it fic of season two, featuring families, backstories, aliens, loss, and love. (top left allura picture credit: x by @herrolddrawsthings)


moodboard for Ezra Wake from the New World by SebastianL @e-sebastian

Summary: There are men undeserving of second chances. Sometimes they receive them nonetheless.

One of the reasons I keep returning to this fic is Ezra. He’ll forever be one of my favorite fictional characters along with James Flint. 

I started this fic late one night and did not expect to be so utterly enthralled by this world. I do not recommend starting it late in the day because it is >100K words and you won’t want to stop reading. 

James has his own moodboard here