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John Watson: The Nonbeliever

John Watson and why he writes. Writers often write to heal the old wounds and bitter regrets that still haunt them, and in some ways this could show in their writing. 

Because sometimes we’re too afraid to say what we want to and we never get another chance to say them again. The poem is, again, completely my own. I’ll be trying this out some more, perhaps with other characters and pairings. Tagging others. @shag-me-senseless-watson @savedbyholmes @kateis-cakeis @love-in-mind-palace @redhead-at-221b @inevitably-johnlocked

More recaps of our D&D adventures

So the players decide to try and sell the weird Trade Bars they got after killing the ogres, so the Bard decides to do some research on their value. They turn out to be from a Netherise kingdom that died out a few centuries ago and so the bars’ value is no longer exchangeable. (kinda like if the U.S. government ended, U.S. bank notes would be worthless)

When the players got together at the tavern to figure out what to do next, they get confronted by a stranger in a travelling cloak and a backpack full of gear. He says how he heard they were trying to sell the Trade Bars and offers them a job to find and recover more treasure like it. The players decide to get confrontational and ask if the stranger knew where the treasure was, why he didn’t go get it himself? The stranger insists and pulls out a bag that he turns over, causing a cascade of platinum coins to fall out of it and keep pouring for a while to illustrate he’s willing to pay handsomely.

They players agree to help the stranger, but when he insists on a 50/50 split of the profits the players start to argue. After a moment of arguing, the stranger starts to grow and glow blue revealing that he was an Arcane. (an old 2nd edition race of merchants and traders who are known to be very powerful and resourceful, usually getting other people to do what they want by knowing everyone’s price) Since the players had already encountered Arcanes before, they decided it wasn’t worth arguing and settle with the original deal.

The Arcane leads the players through a magical gate on his wagon and points them in the direction of the dungeon the players would be delving into. Once the players find the dungeon’s entrance, they find a single door in the middle of a forest clearing not attached to anything. They try opening it but all it does is fall over to the ground and opens through the ground. The door led to a hallway going straight down. After inspecting the door and discovering nothing more than it being magical, the Monk decides to jump in and promptly gets dropped on his ass as the gravity shifts itself to the new angle. The other players walk in much more respectably.

In the dungeon, the players find a library that’s at a 90 degrees angle where the gravity doesn’t shift, requiring them to climb up on bookcases and desks. This is also where the Sorcerer finds out that the magic rope he got the session before was a Rope of Entanglement by accidentally tying up the Fighter. They also find an armory room with several suits of armor that all come to life and attack, causing a very cluttered combat as the room just barely fit everyone inside.

After the fight with the Animated Armors, the players decide to rest up in that room as there was only one entrance which meant it was easy to guard. On the Sorcerer’s turn at watch, he notices a small man sneak into the room. When he asked what the small man was doing, the small man tried casting a spell on him but the Sorcerer passed the save. The Sorcerer then woke up the others, figuring that if he tried casting a spell on him he likely wasn’t friendly. 

Turns out it was a Leprechaun, hunting for treasure to put in his pot of gold. The players ganged up on him, with the Leprechaun regularly teleporting about and making illusory doubles and all around being a pain for them. At the end, the Sorcerer decided to just blow up the entire room with a Fireball and nearly took out the Leprechaun and the other players. The Leprechaun decided he couldn’t survive much more fighting, so he offered the players a wish for his freedom. The players begrudgingly accept, using the wish to get a magical map that showed them everything around them as far as 300 feet in any direction.

All in all, the session was fun. I really enjoyed how the players interacted with the weird gravity in the dungeon and how much they raged at the little pest of a Leprechaun

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really random but I’d like to know; I offered @catplnt to stream myself editing pics and wondered if anyone else would be interested in watching? I’m not streaming today, maybe tomorrow since I’m not doing anything. And you can have a pick at what I edit whether it be my own CAS photos, my gameplay photos or even you guys’ images that you’ll like me to take a crack at!!

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