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There's plenty more where that came from :)
  • MC: *kisses top of Saeran's head*
  • Saeran: What is this?
  • MC: Affection. :)
  • Saeran: Disgusting.
  • Saeran:
  • Saeran: Do it again.

@pixelpirate7said:What would the bidders wear/do at a masquerade ball? What kind of mask would they wear? (I can see Luke wearing a hella fancy plague doctor mask)

I loved this request! I decided to make it a post instead since it’s very image-heavy. @catchthespade @maidofstars @bolt8826 you guys will love this


LGBT+ books: Radio Silence by Alice Oseman

“I think everyone’s a bit bored with boy-girl romances anyway,” he said. “I think the world’s had enough of those, to be honest.”


I have been blessed by a whole new level of cuteness overload