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The city is found in a shallow valley and divided by its river. The construction is mostly in gold- and honey-colored stone, with red tile roofs. Alicante rises up the side of a steep hill on one side, and its houses pile atop one another. From the river, canals have been dug, of which the largest is Princewater Canal. Apart from its unusual demon towers, Alicante is a city of canals, since wells must be kept shallow to avoid piercing the adamas veins below the city.

He was staring down into the valley below as if he were staring into the grave of someone he had loved. In the valley were the ruins of the city. An old, old city that had once been built around a hill side. Heaps of rock were all that was left of the houses, and ash had settled over the streets and the jagged ruins of the building.Tumbled among the ruins, like discarded matchsticks, were broken pillars made of shining pale stone, incongruously beautiful in this ruined land. “Demon towers” she whispered. Jace nodded grimly.“I don’t know how,"he said,"but somehow this is Alicante”


Messi GOAT series | Lionel Messi scored a brace against Bayern, in Camp Nou, for the Champions League (14/15). His second goal exploded the internet, causing a influx of memes and vines featuring Leo destroying Boateng primarily, but also Neur and Xabi. To quote Kevin Williams, there are no words to make Leo’s “superhuman performance on this colossal stage make some sort of linguistic sense”. In the end, Pep was right: Messi can’t be stopped. [gif quotes from Gary Lineker and Rafael Hernández]