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the absolute idiocy of alissa alice green ~ jack and liss

Jack spent a lot of time sprawled out on her couch, her feet tucked into his lap as he burned his way through dozens of thick novels and she heckled first-time homebuyers on HGTV. He spent a lot of time in her kitchen narrowly avoiding burning fried eggs as she sat on the counter painting her toenails and sticking her tongue out when he said the shade she picked looked like earwax or mucus or some other bodily fluid. He spent a lot of time spamming her texts with links to really specific Star Wars memes and obscure vines and making fun of Cora until Cora complained to Liss like she had some way of controlling him Cora hadn’t yet discovered. Generally, he spent a lot of time being the most pleasant nuisance in Liss’s life while she strove to be the same to him.