my edit evan peters


It’s Spider-man’s premiere. Tom’s smiling for the cameras and waving at fans and interviewers.

He’s walking on the red carpet when an interviewer from E! News approaches him

“Hi Tom! How are you tonight?”

“Hey, how are you? I’m fine, thanks”

“There’s a lot of people here tonight, are you excited about seeing your movie for the first time?” She asks, bringing the microphone closer to him

“I am, yes, I’m a bit nervous though because there’s a lot of important people from the industry here, like… Cate Blanchett is here, so are Matt Damon, Kate Winslet… They’re all incredible actors and they’re going to be seeing my work today so I’m kinda freaking out about it” he laughs, taking a deep breath after saying the whole thing without a pause.

“I saw Y/N earlier at the red carpet, have you met her?

He blinked at the interviewer for a few seconds, processing what he just heard

“Sorry, who?”

“Y/N… You know, from the X-men movies” She said, almost believing he didn’t know who you were

“Oh my god. Oh my god oh my god oh my god” He started running his hands trough his hair histerically, giving little jumps on his spot “I’m sorry, it’s just.. Oh my god! Is Y/N really here? I can’t believe it!” He said, covering his mouth with his hands and waiting for the interviewer to tell him she wasn’t joking

“Yes, she said she was really excited about watching the movie because spiderman is her favorite superhero. And I’m starting to think you might be excited too about seeing her?” She teased him

“Oh dear god you have no idea! I’m a huge fan, I’ve been following her carreer since she started, she’s an amazing actress and I want to work with her one day, and befriend her and marry her” he blushed because he didn’t mean to say that last part. It was a joke he had with his friends and now it had slipped out on in international television, making him look like a weirdo.

He heard laughing from behind him and turned around, his heart stopping at the sight of you there, standing in a red dress, smiling at him. You had heard him

“Well, I’ll give you my answer depending on if you do my favorite hero justice”. Tom turned an even darker, brighter shade of red, if that was possible.


The Marauders: A Netflix original series based on J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter series (Coming February 2018)

Before Harry Potter and his lighting scar, his father James lived his life pining after a certain redhead girl and creating a map of mystery. Join this band of mischiefs as they navigate the struggles they are faced with and discover unimaginable things.