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i made another child?…I know there are a lot of existing children for them already.

i designed her long ago and i really liked her design.she is a fell!palette x goth child and her name is nina.I have some of her personality down though I’m not sure if I should really provide her with a back story or something. i might redesign her next time.

i need to stop making more now.

Fell!palette belongs to @angexci Right?..

Goth belongs to @nekophy

So sorry for tagging both of you in this,feel free to ignore~

selfie! :DDDD

Life goal; sleep on Ashton, play w his hair, kiss his face and make him v happy all day ery day


The maids in the Earl Trancy’s manor all wear the same outfits as Hannah.

Alois was constantly reminded of his abuse simply by looking at her. 

I would suspect that Claude dressed her like this, perhaps on purpose to ensure distance between her and Alois, though I can’t say that with full confidence. 

Regardless I’m just kind of reeling right now omfg. 


A million circumstances had to occur for you to exist and every passing moment is a new possibility for a new adventure. If you are currently sad, don’t worry as things are more likely to get better than worse! School doesn’t last forever and circumstances can change in an incredible way over the course of a year. Don’t trust squirrels. Drink lots of water. Ask lots of questions. Keep good friends close. Don’t race a giraffe. It’s been great chatting with you. I wish I had more time. I’m going to return to sitting quietly now. Thanks for listening.”  [source][x]