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Moubray House yesterday.

Everyone knows about “John Knox’s ” House next door to the right, but Moubray house is one of the oldest in Edinburgh. It was built by Robert Moubray in 1477. It is also one of the oldest occupied residential buildings.  The frontage dates from around 1630 and it was restored by The Cockburn Society in 1910.

During the eighteenth century it was a tavern and a bookshop. Daniel Defoe who wrote Robinson Crusoe lived here when he edited the Edinburgh Courant.
It was bought by an American Lady, Debra Stonecipher about ten years ago and she spent time restoring many period features reflecting the fashions of interior design, from its Scottish Renaissance board-and-beam painted ceiling to its later plaster ceiling moulded with exotic fruits and flowers. 

Ms Stonecipher is handing the property over to Historic Scotland in the next 5 years or so and it is thought it will be opened to the public.

They fell in love slowly, to the breeze of the summer nights and the tune of a white rose outside an open window, and neither realised until it was almost too late. But in the end she was just a girl, and he was just a boy, and love wasn’t enough to keep them together. And so they were left with stars in their eyes and an ache in their hearts, neither quite realising what was missing; yet it was somehow everything.
—  j.f // the evening that our galaxy was created and destroyed • excerpts of stories I will never write