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I don’t know if other diaspora kids have run into this issue but something I’ve been learning to make a distinction between is when someone Not Liking Certain Food is actually racist or they legit have issue with things like taste, texture, etc. The reason this is important is because it can bleed into ableism. Some people literally can’t eat certain foods, it’ll make them very sick, or they have negative sensory reactions to them.

For me it really comes down to nuance, but one of the main distinctions for Not Racist is if someone hates a food, but doesn’t stop other people from eating it.
Example: my partner is white and on the autistic spectrum. The texture of soy milk and other things are just awful to her, but she’ll encourage me to have those foods. We’ve reached an understanding that doesn’t sacrifice my culture for her sensory limits or vice versa.
(Keep in mind that some people have smell issues too though! Some smells like peanuts for people with severe allergies, can still cause bad reactions. So they may not want you to eat it around them, but ideally a cool friend won’t mind if you do it on your own time)

Of course, this doesn’t absolve them of responsibility either. I think regardless of someone’s dietary needs, they need to learn how casual language can hurt. Calling food disgusting or unsanitary is awful, and another distinction of Not Racist is if they’re open to conversations about editing their language. Some people do racist things ignorantly, but a malicious racist won’t listen or have a conversation about your experiences.

When making friends and getting into relationships, have talks about non-white foods and see what kind of language they use. Often it helps when they keep their distaste to a personal level
Example: “That food’s just not for me” or “I’m allergic to ____” or “Oh I personally can’t eat that”

The converse red flag is when they condemn all of it just because of their personal preferences/needs
Example: “That food’s disgusting” or “I don’t see how anyone could eat that” or “How can you stomach that shit?”

Food is a huge part of culture and it sucks getting into fights about the way our friends and partners talk about it, but sometimes we can get over-defensive and ruin relationships over small things that can be worked out with communication and good listening

@siberianxbreak wants to hang out with pony!

      ❝ You know. Shiryu’s not here, and Shun’s not here either. It only means we get to do ONE THING! ❞ Seiya’s lips turned into a wide smirk as he pulled the blond by his wrist, dragging here towards that sketchy place his husband detested. 

      ❝ What should we stuff our faces with first? KFC or McDonald’s?

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you're an EMT! wow! would you mind telling us what that's like?

I don’t mind talking about some parts! I think anyone who works in emergency medical services knows that there are something things you only share with other EMS people. That being said, I’m an EMT so I don’t do a lot of trauma! 

Here’s what I am willing to share!

  • My current partner is obsessed with the Little Drummer Boy song and won’t stop playing it. It’s been many moons. Someone save me.
  • I’m currently at a new job so I get hazed a bit, which, since it’s not sexist, I tolerate with grace. 
  • (I am not a tolerant person, vengeance will be mine.)
  • In this field you have to be able to sit quietly for long periods of time or else you will murder your partner. You guys are stuck together in an ambulance for hours at a time, waiting for a call, and that’s a bad place to fight.
  • Dispatch is scary and you should be nice to dispatch, they control your life.
  • Nurses do not like us, which is fair. They get insane case loads and here we are hauling in a dude who doesn’t know how to clean his medical stuff properly. Again.
  • I am currently sitting in an ambulance. My partner is eating cheese fries from some abominable Chicago restaurant (I’m from California, In-n-out is the only way). It is 10 in the morning.
  • Getting insurance information is the worst part of my job. 
  • If you don’t know what you’re doing/have never done something before, you have two options. One is to tell your partner that you’re inexperienced OUT OF EARSHOT of the patient, and let them take lead. Two is to poker face that shit out and get it done.
  • The above does not apply to medical equipment you are not familiar with. Bad things happen when you operate equipment without SOMEONE telling you how it works.
  • One time a patient straight up punched me in the head and I was…strangely pleased?
  • One time a patient got into the ambulance with a dixie cup full of spaghetti which she ate with her hands.
  • EMTs, for the most part, don’t judge. We really don’t care what happened to make a trip to the hospital necessary, just, like, tell us?
  • One time an older man had us take him to the hospital (we’re non-emergency so you have to call the company not 911) and a doctor yelled at me because I didn’t put the man on a backboard. He didn’t tell me he was experiencing back pain. 
  • I see a lot of dialysis patients. A lot. Frequent flyers are either your best friend or your worst enemy.
  • Spaghetti lady is my ARCH ENEMY
  • I oddly get a lot of people apologizing for their hygiene/smell. The people who apologize never smell that bad, trust me.
  • If your partner doesn’t know how man L/min for oxygen flow, DO NOT LET THEM TAKE POINT WITH THE PATIENT
  • Driving in Chicago sucks balls, why is this city a labyrinth of ice and one way streets.

I have a lot more (and I guess I didn’t really answer the question lol), but these are what I can think of right now! Thanks for the ask :)

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How about a companions react to Sole winning an eating contest against a group of super mutants and then going into a food coma? (Btw love your blog)

*flexes fingers* Yes. I’ve been wanting to get to this prompt for a while now because this is so something I’d pay all the money to see. Gold standard side story. I love you too <3

Ada: *nods* “Being able to eat a lot is an indicator of a healthy metabolism, of which I’m sure super mutants are lacking.”

Cait: “Well I dunno what kind of bat shit crap you were on when you thought about taking those super mutants on but-” *chortles* “-am I damn glad you don’t like to lose. Your- your face. Ha ha ha!” *continues to laugh as Sole groans from the pain of eating*

Codsworth: *prepares bucket for purging* *already has made medicine for tummy aches* “By jove, good show mum/sir! You sure showed those pesky super mutant brutes some pre-war competition, ho ho!”

Curie: “How is zis possible!? Logistically, the average human stomach should only be able to expand to about half of what a super mutant stomach can hold. I do not understand?!?!?!?!” *brain explodes*

Danse: “Ridiculous. Soldiers should not be wasting their time cavorting with the enemy. Instead of comparing something as insignificant as appetite, one should focus on perfection of muscle tone.” *Does Sole even lift bro?* *Danse lifts bro*

Deacon: “So you definitely wouldn’t like it if I just like… pushed your stomach right now?” *puts hand on Sole’s stomach* *Sole moans aggressively* “Okay, okay. So then like, you probably wouldn’t like it if I just like… ate this whole deathclaw steak in front of you either?” *starts eating meat* *Sole makes this face >:(*

Dogmeat: *jumps up on table to eat the unfinished portions from the super mutants*

Hancock: “Well I already knew this from experience but you certainly sure can fit a great many things in your mouth he he he.” *Thinks very dirty thoughts* *XXX* *NC-17* *NSFW*

Longfellow: “Hehehehehehehe. Well little lass/lassie, you sure know how to put it away. Songs will be sung about glory. By me. Hehehehe oh yo ho~” *makes up 5 new drunk songs about Sole’s black hole stomach*

MacCready: “Congratulations! What are you going to name it?” *rubs hand around Sole’s full belly. “I guess you beat the super mutants super stomach.” *Laughs for 10 minutes at his own dad joke*

Nick Valentine: “Kid I know you love winning and all but I’d rather not have to say my last partner died eating 217 fancy lad snack cakes just to prove a point to super mutants.” *Is secretly impressed* *Still goes dad mode on Sole*

Piper:  *Pulls out reporter glasses* “So, congrats and all by the way, how does it feel having the most voracious appetite in the Commonwealth?” *Writes a 5pg article on Sole*

Preston: “General, you know I’m glad you came into our lives and all that? Well sometimes you absolutely terrify me. Your jaw unhinged like a rad snake. I’m going to be seeing that in my nightmares.” *he does*

Strong: “WOOOOAH HUMAN CAN OUT-EAT SUPER MUTANTS! HUMAN IS THE BEST LEADER EVER!” *Waves his little fan club flags* *bows down to Sole*

X6-88: “While I do believe it was foolish to engage in extemporaneous proclivities, I am glad you showed those surface filth the capacity of a leader.” *X6 brags 10x more about Sole at the Institute* *A+ fanboy*


Maxson: “You know who can eat more than a super mutant? A synth.” *Proceeds to hunt down Sole and their witchcraft appetite*

Desdemona: *snorts* “I should have asked you to smuggle out synths in that huge stomach of yours.”

Father: “M-Mother/F-Father? I’ve lived for 60+ years and I’ve never seen anything more disturbing in my life.” *Understands why he is always hungry now*

Glory: *Groans next to Sole as they cannot do anything else.* She competed in the contest too. Both of them actually beat the super mutants but Sole still won. Everyone was scared of them from there forth.

Can a Relationship Survive When One Partner Is More ‘Spiritually Evolved?’

As souls, we come to Earth to have a human experience, each one of us seeking to learn different lessons and meet different people. We are all on different paths, and for those of you in relationships, you may notice that your own path differs from that of your partner’s. Do you feel more spiritually evolved than your partner? And if so, what does that mean?

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Theo’s Raspberry Sugar-Free Ice Cream of Love

My partner only eats sugar-free things, so when it comes to ice cream, we don’t normally get to indulge. However he happened to have a Cuisine Art ice cream maker so we decided to take a leap and make our own.

Since things have been going well for us (we are coming up on 7 months! Hurray!) I decided to add some magical oomph to our ice cream, filling us both with love, tenderness, wisdom in our relationship and patience.

So if you have an ice cream maker and want to make a love ice cream, here is what we did. I’m sure you can make this as a love spell to bring love to you as well! You’re going to fill your ice cream with intention. I firmly believe in positive affirmations. You can just speak them if you don’t want to rhyme. Use phrases like “I decree”, “I command”, “I affirm”, etc. to state your will of intent.


1 cup of fresh raspberries (love and patience)
1 cup of organic whole milk (nurture, protection and prosperity)
2 cups of organic heavy cream (nurture, protection and prosperity)
2 Tbsps of vanilla extract (love, peace and sensuality)
3 Whole Eggs (love, creation and fertility or new beginnings)
2 Egg Yolk (love, creation and fertility or new beginnings)
½ cup maple syrup (love, wisdom in decisions, spiritual healing)


(Make sure your ice cream maker is prepped and ready. Some require a bowl to be frozen for 24 hours before use.)

1. In a pot add 1 cup milk, 1 cup heavy cream, maple syrup and vanilla extract. Stir gently clockwise (to bring good energies towards you) and say thrice times:

With these ingredients I command love and wisdom fills our hearts. Milk, Cream, Maple, Vanilla. Mix together and do your part.

Heat on medium heat until the milk starts to scald. This is when little bubbles start to form around the edges. Do not let it boil. It will ruin the milk.

2. While the milk mix is heating, crack the eggs into a small bowl or measuring cup. You want 3 whole eggs and 2 egg yolks. Discard the egg whites or save it for another dish (like scrambled eggs or something). Mix the eggs and say:

I crack open love, creation and fertility. Stirring, stirring I affirm it will be.

3. Once the milk is scalded, remove from heat and add about ¼ cup into the egg mixture. Stir the egg and ¼ cup of scalded milk in a clockwise motion until combined. After this has combined, gently pour the egg mixture into the pot while stirring constantly and say thrice times:

I affirm and decree the power of love fills thee.

As you do this, visualize a pink cosmic light filling the pot, bringing with it deep, true and divine love.

4. Put the milk and egg mixture back on the heat. Keep stirring the milk gently until it starts to thicken. This is making a custard. The custard will begin to coat on the spoon. It will take about 2-3 minutes.

5. Once thickened, turn off the heat and set aside.

6. In a blender, add the 1 cup raspberries and 1 cup heavy cream. Blend until smooth.

7. Add the custard into the blender and begin blending until smooth. You can say another affirmation if you want. (This will have the raspberry seeds in it. If you want, you can strain this through cheese cloth to remove the seeds.)

8. Once it is blended, put the blend in the refrigerator and let chill. This can take a few hours. You want it to be cold so your ice cream maker can churn it into ice cream.

9. After the ice cream base is chilled, follow your manufacturer’s instructions to make the ice cream! While it is churning say:

Churning, churning, churning milk into ice cream. Love, wisdom and prosperity. I bless this with you now, so make it be.

If after the machine is done and it is more of a soft-serve ice cream consistency, put it in a freezer safe tupperware and let it freeze for a little while to firm up.

Enjoy! We surely did! 

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My 5 year old struggles a lot with food because he has sensory issues. I worry that he has such a very restricted diet. Can I ask what you and any followers might suggest on supporting him around trying new food, so he eats a wider/healthier range? He won't try new things at all after his first school (we moved him) bullied him over his food issues. I try to be flexible but he can't live on McDonalds! It's also hard for me to know what is his autism, & what is his being a 5 year old kid.

2) At the moment I say he doesn’t have to try anything, but he does have to smell it to see if it smells like something he might like. He will do that now, which is progress and I am hopeful trying will follow. It’s just hard, as a NT, to know how best to support him. I won’t force him, obviously, but I worry about his health.

Honestly, as both someone who was once a food-sensitive 5 year old and who has parented a 5 year old, I’d say just drop the whole thing for a while. Eat a wide variety of foods yourself. Make a variety of foods available to him where he can access them himself when he chooses. Serve things “family style” so everyone can take what they want without any comment. Express enjoyment to other adults about what you’re eating. If your son tries something new, don’t reward him or even comment on it, just keep making it available to him as a choice.

I’m sure this all sounds counter-intuitive, but I hated it with a passion when my parents commented on my food preferences or eating habits. It was a frequent thing and it embarrassed me. And bizarrely, the more attention they paid to my eating, the less likely I was to try anything new or do anything they suggested because the positive attention they then showered me with was too intense and avoiding that was a bigger incentive than any interest I might have had in trying new foods. 

My eating habits finally expanded significantly when I met my partner, who eats everything. He never commented on my restricted eating habits but he did buy/order/cook a variety of things and I eventually got curious and started nibbling off his plate. If he’d commented on that in any way, I’m sure I would have skittered right back into my eating cave but he was oblivious to it.  

With my own daughter, I never insisted that she try foods or eat anything in particular. If she wanted chicken nuggets 7 nights a week for a month, that’s what I cooked. Eventually she would get tired of them and try something different. Like you said, a big part of it is probably that he’s 5 and kids that age pretty much all have narrow food preferences. Autism can make that more extreme, but there’s a real danger in making too much of a big deal about food at every meal. 

So that’s my answer though it’s probably not the one you were hoping for. 

upcoming lines on OUAT:
  • Emma: I may not be perfect but I'm always open about how I feel
  • Henry: I may not be perfect but I never run away from home and I always do what the adults tell me
  • Regina: I may not be perfect but I do not tear out people's hearts or blame them for my mistakes
  • Hook: I may not be perfect but I don't go seeking revenge on people and I do not have a temper
  • Rumple: I may not be perfect but I don't manipulate people or lie or lock up my wife
  • Zelena: I may not be perfect but I don't envy other people for what they have
  • Neal: I may not be perfect but I don't let other people go to jail for my crimes
  • Belle: I may not be perfect but I'm very careful about whom I trust
  • Ruby: I may not be perfect but I don't eat my romantic partners
  • Snow: I may not be perfect but I always keep people's secrets if they confide in me
  • Charming: I may not be perfect but I don't buy used strollers and say they're brand new
  • Granny: I may not be perfect but I don't threaten people with a crossbow
  • Leroy: I may not be perfect but I don't interrupt people's romantic moments by running down the street yelling at the top of my voice