my ears just omg my ears


I’ve never seen a band that put on shows like these guys do. The amount of energy and love in the room is phenomenal, and it never changes with each different venue they play in. I could never get sick of going to their shows.

Twenty One Pilots | Glasgow 02 | 4/11/15 | show #5.

so my table is right next to M’s desk so whenever he gets up he walks past me. he usually tries to do something to mess with me like tapping on the opposite shoulder of where he’s standing or flip my hair or something like that. but yesterday he was walking past me and he just traced my ear and jaw? like he kind of gently tugged my ear and then ran his fingers along my jaw as he sat back down. i smiled and looked at him and said “what was that?”

he replied “sorry that was weird.” but i told him i didn’t really mind and he looked down and smirked. idk what that means omg but it was cute lmao

So ok..

we’ve seen drawings of Marinette dressed as Sailor Moon, Adrien dress as Tuxedo Mask, and I know there is one of Usagi somewhere as Ladybug but is there one of Mamoru dressed as Chat Noir? If not, someone needs to get on that. Do you realize how perfect that’d be? We already know he’s a cat lover. Just imagine how happy he’d be with Chat’s ears and tail. 😂

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Am I the only one that finds it extremely attractive when BTS are performing and they just take out their ear piece

HONESTLY , YOU VOICED OUT MY INNER THOUGHTS FOR MONTHS NOW !!! I watched that one fancam of bs&t were jungkook was wearing low v cut and he was fixing his ear piece. THAT WAS THE HOTTEST THING I SAW IN MY ENTIRE LIFE . EVEN tho jeon gave up on moving his hips along “peaches and cream ” ,the way he was fixing his ear piece was omg dgshsjak

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I wanted Galra!Keith and ended up drawing him both tiny clinging to lance’s head and big. I also kept his teeth less pointy since I figured he’s half human. Also they are cats and I miss my roommate’s cat. I just really wanted to draw the ears man. Or if you want to be like me you can imagine it is their love child and it’s dressed like his papa/mama. Omg someone should write me this;;;; I’m probably going to color this on my computer because, while I am critical of my art, I like the tiny keith too much to leave him uncolored. The smoky ring thing around them is because I didn’t want to draw to the edges;;; I also imagine if you touch their ears when they aren’t paying attention they do this

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I almost get teary whenever I see your Spiritassassin art; they're both so sweet and in-character, and your colour choices and grasp of anatomy are amazing! And I love that you always include Baze's large ears, cos others sometimes try to minimize them, but they're the best! And then I followed and realized that I love basically everything you post, so that's awesome too. Always excited just to see your icon on my dash :D

awww ;;;A;;; OMG this is so nice thank you ,,!!!! i love baze’s….. large ears. jiang wen is SO HANDSOME I DIE.. and his ears are.. guh i love em. hghhehe im really happy u like my blog thank u ..!! 

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Make sure to keep up with your sea salt soaks for your industrial. After 3 years mine decided it didn't want to be in my body anymore and pushed itself out of my ear. My ear wasn't a good candidate for it to begin with but not doing salt soaks for long enough when I got it pierced and just ignoring when it would flare up instead of doing a soak probably led to its demise. Good luck and hope you feel better!

Omg this is great advice thank you friend

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literally there's no "I liked your movie!" bc by the time you even remember to tell him that (and it's definitely NOT immediate that you would remember because he literally comes right up to you when he's ready. also, he is TALL) you're already being looked over for signs of rebellion. my little brother wore his bb8 ears in and kylo didn't even say anything. he didn't even BEND DOWN. he literally just glowered down, took the ears off, and threw them on the ground. we LOVED it

Omg! Lmao!!!!! Tell me more anon! This is the best. I would wear my reylo funko pop shirt. Also I would have my kids dress as Kylo and Rey. I will have to plan a trip once Star Wars land opens.


// After a year of living on the Rampion and traveling the world, Cress and Thorne are even more in love than ever before. / A series of one-shots full of fluff and kisses between my OTP. //

Fanfic by @regolithheart

Cress gathered her things and quietly tip-toed towards the bathroom. She stopped for a moment just outside the captain’s quarters and pressed her ear against the door. The cool metal kissed the shell of her ear and sent a shiver down her spine. She bit her lip to keep from yelping and tried again, this time more careful to avoid pressing her skin against the cold metal.

On the other side of the door, she could hear the faint sound of snoring and she smiled to herself as she pictured Thorne sprawled out, hair ruffled, his blanket bunched up at his feet and threatening to fall off the bed completely. She placed a soft kiss onto her index finger and then pressed it against the metal door between them before tiptoeing away.

Read more on FFN and Ao3.

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then, you have to send this to ten of your favorite followers. (non-negotiable, positivity is cool~)

JKHAJDH THANK U JKDJS im one of ur favorite followers lksjdkj. .. wh at THANK U

  1. my hair (i have this big curl on the right side today?? im so impressed kdsjdl)
  2. my long legs (which i shaved for the first time in forever. … BLESS)
  3. my freckles/moles (i have like 900 new ones on my arms what is happening)
  4. my ears (u know those flaps around the edge that u can open? idk mine like. ..  dont do that omg theyre like fake pockets they look like u can open them but u cant?? theyre like. .. melded to the rest of my ear lmao ALSO one of my hears is rlly pointy)
  5. my soft skin (it doesnt matter how badly i treat it.. .. im just rlly like. literally. physically soft…  i dont get it)

kdjshkd sorry for the late reply and thank u so so much!!


Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. Without change, something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must a w a k e n.

Just had a client that started kissing and nibbling around my ears, like okay that’s fine and normal, but then he literally ? put his whole mouth around my ear??? He bit my entire ear and like, it didn’t hurt anything, but so much heavy breathing right in my ear and saliva and omg whyyyy?? I had to suppress shudders ugh and then he did it to the other ear too just fucken. put the whole ear in his mouth?!

no dude, dude what to heck r u doin bud that is not sexy, like at all


“my wife would turn that on its side and put a succulent in it. you know how they do these days? they put succulents in everything! i’ll buy those shoes for her and you know what? you just want to have a succulent.”
“my wife did one in my ear one night, succulent right in the ear.”
“you don’t have to water them much!” | GMM #922 [x]

엘 오 븨 이 (Jungkook)

LOL Sorry this came out of nowhere, but might as well post a fluffy scenario rather than another scenario ranting about the sadness in my life AHAHA


**BTW this is kinda really short lol**

***OMG just imagine Jimin being you AAHAHAH***


Pausing, you blink as you pop one earbud out of your ear before squinting when you don’t hear anything.

It must have just been a figment of your imagination, playing dirty tricks on your ears thinking that you just heard your best friend calling your name, so you shrug it off. 

Speaking of your best friend, your heart begins to patter quickly against your will and a pink hue flushes your cheeks as you smile at the thought of him. Then again, your smile slowly fading into frown, it wasn’t going to happen - after you’ve come to accept your feelings for your friend, he was never going to like you back especially with his career and school overflowing his schedule that left little time for him to hang out with you anymore. 

Shaking your head, you continue walking without a care and raise the volume of your music to block out the world again. 

However, the calls of your name gradually becomes louder and more prominent, footsteps pounding into the pavement behind you.

Before you can turn around and reassure yourself whether or not a ghost is messing with you or your best friend is really the one calling out your name like some psycho, arms are yanking you ever so roughly back into a hard chest and your feet are no longer touching the ground. 

Fingers press into your sides gently as the arms constrict around your waist and bounce you up and down and spin you around until you feel dizzy and your whole world is spinning. Despite the dizziness, you are fully aware of who your attacker is and the realization makes your already pinked cheeks bloom into a bright scarlet. 

Heart pounding out of your chest as he continues to spin and bounce you around like some child, you manage to choke out, “J-jungkook! P-put me down!”

He doesn’t oblige to your dismay, and you know exactly what he’s waiting for when he’s chuckling into your ear mischievously.

“Ugh- Oppa put me down, please!”

Once your feet touch the ground once again, you’re tempted to get down on your knees and start kissing the pavement like it depends on your life. About to turn around and glare at your best friend, he’s already pulled you back against his chest once more with his arms tightened around your middle again. He buries his face in the crook of your neck, his nose nuzzling the exposed skin as your breath hitches and it’s suddenly as if you forgot how to breathe.

“J-jungkook wha–”

Don’t turn around,” He interrupts hastily, his suddenly shaky and nervous voice making you silent and blinking owlishly in confusion.

“What’s up with you?” you ask timidly this time, cautious in case something is really wrong with him, “Something happen with the others?”

He shakes his head, still nestled in the crook of your neck as he sighs and the exhale of his breath makes you shiver. 

You manage to wiggle and finally turn in his hold, facing Jungkook with a pout, “What’s the problem then?”

It takes him a brief second, searching your face for some kind of reassurance, before he takes you by surprise and is lifting you up the air with a big bunny smile lighting up his handsome features, his eyes arched into those adorable crescents you love so dearly.

You. You’re my problem.”

He spins you around once before slowly lowering you until your foreheads touch. Chuckling at the way your eyes cross to look at him before settling on staring at your feet and the way your cheeks heat up in embarrassment, he leans up to sweetly kiss the tip of your nose.

“I just realized I love you, and I feel damn happy about it!”

Extended Ending:

Face turning beet red, you stammer out, “P-put me down idiot!”

“I’ll take it that you love me too!” he grinned as he set you down.

“And what if I say I don’t?” you pout, crossing your arms over your chest.

He makes a blank face before he’s wriggling his fingers over your sides, knowing that you’re ticklish.

“A-alright! I-I-I love you too! Now stop you asshole!”

Have you guys seen the picture-meme-txt-msg-idkwhatthefucktocallit-thingy for this idea lol. ‘cause that’s where I got the inspiration from. 

Ask box open for free hugs (requests) ^^ i don’t bite i swear


so today i met halsey AND SHES SO TINY AND SWEET OH MY GOODNESS okay so the first two pictures are of me giving her starburst and heR FACE WAS PRICELESS omg and then she was like “what do you wanna do” like picture wise and i was like well you met my friend yesterday and she did cat ears so let’s just hug so those pictures of me cheesing it while hugging her were those!! then she let go and was like “now let’s do cat ears” which I wasn’t prepared for so that’s why im laughing in those cat ear pictures while she looks like a goddess!! and then i hugged her saying i loved her and it was nice to meet her and she was like “I LOVE YOU TOO IT WAS SO NICE TO MEET YOU” and i am so happy rn