my ears ;;

An actual interaction I had last night

Me: new rule. no more spongebob quotes in bed

Boy: :^) *opens mouth*


Boy: …

Boy: …yes Mrs.Puff

no one is allowed to talk to me unless it’s about harry showing up to zayns house in the middle of the night while it’s pouring rain, hair in his eyes and water own his cheeks that definitely isnt all rain, standing on zayns doorstep and feeling all the courage leak out of his body, fist half poised to knock but heart not strong enough, hovering in between two moments, stick between past and possibility, lamenting over what was and what could be, placing his hand very softly on the door, wishing he was able to say it out loud, but -

plunging forward, diving head first into the exact thing his head and heart are screaming “danger danger danger” about, banging on zayns door at two oclock in the morning, feeling like his heart is about to beat out of his chest, finally seeing zayn, really seeing him, after all this time, and saying all the things he should have said all that time ago, simply easy priceless things like

“i love you” and “i miss you” and “i really miss you” and 

“im sorry. im so sorry. ive never stopped being sorry.”

and it hurts so good to say it now, but harrys still fully prepared to have a door slammed in his face because “i wrote all those songs and that was supposed to work but it didnt work and i really miss you” sounded much better in his head than it did out loud

but zayn just opens the door wider, and tells him to take his shoes off, and gets harry a very fluffy towel, and lets harry sit on the couch even though his clothes are soaked, and rubs a smaller and fluffier towel through harrys hair which must look a mess, and says

“leave it to us to write songs instead of actually talking to each other…”

and harrys not sure whether his sniffles are from standing outside in the rain for twenty minutes, or from how at home he feels when he lays his head on zayn’s shoulder, but zayn offers to make harry a cup of tea, and harry just mumbles inconclusively

harry sniffles again and grabs zayn hand, no need for pretense anymore, harrys always been needy but he truly and genuinely has missed being indulged by zayn, has missed having someone who doesnt roll their eyes when harry wants a cuddle, someone who doesnt push him away when he gets so close that theyre breathing the same air

“did you like the song at least?”

zayn laughs, and harry missed that sound too, so genuine and bright and absent from harrys life for too long

“yeah the songs were good”

harry hums, and finds that comfortable nook in zayns shoulder that was made for him, and listens to the sound of the rain

concept: one time Osgood got a bit!very drunk at a UNIT christmas party and started dancing on a table bc it seemed like a good idea at the time until Kate coaxed her down and steered her towards the food table for water only to have Osgood loop her giant scarf around Kate’s neck and them end up psuedo!slow dancing in the corner of the room until Osgood gets a bit queazy and has to sprint to sick up in a pot plant while Kate holds back her hair and rubs her back. 

Then she get Osgood home safely and Osgood gets a bit *heart eyes* at Kate and Kate is a Very Good Lesbian and gets her water and puts her to bed and goes home alone.

The next morning Osgood wakes up w a splitting headache and a v fuzzy memory and only remembers dancing on the table while Kate remember all of it and now whenever the topic of Osgood dancing comes up Kate gets stern bc she still remembers Osgood pulling her close but she’s Not Allowed to have Warm Thoughts about her 2IC at work 

hence “Oh I could dance!”/”Please don’t” bc #bless