my ears ;;


I fell into drarry hell so I had to draw this, i’ve been reading fanfics non-stop (God bless @capiturecs that masterlist is 👌!!!) i’m weak for characters that bicker/fight like a married couple, I specially love the fics where they are adults working together or in differents departments in the ministry but they still have to have interaction with each other because… of reasons… when their ‘bickering’ turn into blatant flirting i’m :))


DAY6 “Hi Hello” M/V

SuperPreT me vs 6 years on T

I remember when I got my hair bleached/dye that day…I showed the lady a photo of Naruto ._. 

My hair refuses to style like that maybe because T made my hair more coarse and thicker? 

My jaw line looks a little more square but the beard helps it outline it out more. 

My beard is almost at my hair line and my moustache is just a bit short of my beard but I hope to have them all in harmony one day.