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brotp: Jim Lake Jr. & Toby Domzalski

“Last week, we went for tacos. I paid, you said, ‘Next time on me’. You’re gonna get this letter back unopened after the fight. When you get back, we’ll get tacos.”

“Tacos sound good.”

@caejosay Joseph gets overly cocky about his Hamon skills after beating the Hell Tower™ and does this. 

Suzie takes a picture and ten seconds later there’s an almighty crash, splashing noises, a very loud ‘HOLY SHIT’ and one very damp Caesar with murder in his eyes.

(based on this photo)

Jim and Toby are those two mentally ill kids that make morbid jokes to cope confirmed

Family Attire

If you didn’t know it, I love writing about Dick and Damian while they were Batman and Robin together. So when I get an idea I write it. Please enjoy my favorite Dynamic Duo as they go on a shopping trip.

Words: 1,400

Warnings: None

Damian scowled at the hand-me-downs laying on his bed. Pennyworth had placed them there the same way he had most days since Damian had arrived. It was Damian’s own fault for bringing little more than the clothes he and Mother had packed when they’d come to Gotham to help Father. Not that it had done any good in the end. Father was gone, and Damian was alone. Left with a legacy he was lucky to be a part of.

He was grateful to Grayson for taking him in, grateful to learn more about his Father and his work, but that didn’t stop him from missing home, his Mother, and having clothes that were all his own. Pennyworth had promised him a wardrobe soon, he’d been measured and orders had been placed. They had even contacted his mother and requested some of his things be sent over.

The promise did nothing to ease the pit in his stomach. He missed his thobes, soft loose fitting pants, and even his old workout clothes. That wasn’t to say he’d never worn jeans or a t-shirt before, he simply preferred his traditional clothing. It was comfortable, familiar, and something to hold onto in the flurry of changes surrounding him.

He entered the kitchen wearing Pennyworth’s selection, and one of Grayson’s hoodies. It was too big for him, but Damian didn’t care. It was big and warm and he’d chosen it himself. Alfred raised an eyebrow at him but didn’t comment. Grayson did.

Damian was learning that the oldest of his father’s adopted children always commented, even when none was required. He was still trying to decide how he felt about it. The constant chatter was new to him and strangely disarming. It made him wonder if it was something Grayson used as a technique. He doubted it, but kept the idea in his mind in case it proved to be true.

“I’ve been thinking.” Dick said, as he leaned back in his chair to look him over. “I know Alfie’s ordered you some stuff, but what do you say about a shopping trip?”

Damian narrowed his eyes at his brother. “That sounds like something Cain or Brown would suggest.”

“Trust me, I’m much more fun to shop with.” Dick grinned at him before continuing. “Tim’s old stuff can’t be fitting you too well, and I know Alfred’s tastes. I’m sure he’s ordered you a perfectly respectable wardrobe, but—” He paused his speech to give an apologetic look at Alfred before continuing, “I think it’s about time you got to pick out something you want.”

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