my dwawings


a Howl’s Moving Castle piece I did in 2010. i took a lot of photos of this while in the process of painting it and had these posted on my (now abandoned) livejournal, thought i’d revive them and make them into gifs. click on each photo for description and steps. 

media used: watercolor, Copic markers, ballpoint pens, chalk pastel dust, and white ink. paper: vellum bristol. || you can purchase a print of this piece here at my Society6 shop!

now that i’m a bit better at making gifs i thought i’d take these ancient progress shots i posted on livejournal years ago and turn them into step-by-step animation thingies. since i don’t use LJ anymore i wanted to have these old WIPs saved on my blog. i’ll be queueing a couple more gif posts like this :o

this is a copic marker + watercolor legend of zelda piece i did in 2008. kinda hard to believe i took these photos 6 years ago, some of the copics seen here still have ink left in them after all this time


i had never taken any photos of these while in the process of painting them, and i’m a bit sad about that because these turned out to be some of my pieces that i’m most proud of!  (´,_ゝ`) i guess this post is more or less intended to fill that void! there’s just something really nice about taking wip shots of real media artworks and seeing how they’ve evolved from pencil sketches to fully painted pieces, it’s my weakness.  

anyway enjoy the space alien babe x goth girl canon!lesbians. scans of each individual piece are here: Kanaya | Grimdark Rose | Kanaya + Rose smooching