my dwarf problem

stupid d&d characters it’d be fun to make someday:

a stubborn dwarf fighter with the exact same backstory and personality as Scrooge McDuck, and then I wait for everybody else to realize


Nightwing imagine / as requested

N: “hey little smurf.”

Y/n: “what! your just a giant.”

N: “pshhh no I’m not. little cutie.”

Y/n: “ okay i get it I’m short.”

N: “Hey. Hey. Hey. Its not a bad thing-”

Y/n: “well maybe i want to be taller. I’m too small.”

N: “well i think your a beautiful short girl. Nothings wrong with you.”

Y/n: “thank you. I needed to hear that.”

N: “no problem my dwarf.”

Y/n: “oh come on.”

N: laughs