my dvd arrived!

So my Fantastic Beasts DVD arrived yesterday, so my Dad saw it for the first time. I thought I’d show you some of the questions/confusion that arose during the film.

After Tina spoke to Newt for the first time: “Is he the wizard that all the newspapers were going on about?”
Me: “No, that was a dark wizard.”
Dad: “Well I thought they might have been wrong and didn’t know he was good.”

Me: -proceeds to have to call Grindelwald “Dumbledore’s boyfriend” because Dad keeps forgetting who he is-

Dad: -refers to Niffler as “that platypus thing”-

Dad: “So that black thing that’s going around destroying everything came from his case?”
Me: “No, it’s only the demiguise left, which is the invisible one.”
Dad: “… But he does have one.”


Dad: “Is he there to capture that black thing (the obscurus)? Is that why he’s in New York?”
Me: “No, he’s there to take the Thunderbird home, he just said that.”
Dad: “Well I thought he might have been there to do that as well.”

and then, my favourite, after all that

“She (Modesty) definitely wasn’t going to be the obscurus because it was way too fucking obvious. It’s so obvious it’s never going to be them, they just put it in to catch out the fucking idiots.”


Our groups members are each an individual
I think it’s wonderful in itself that we were able to gather
In Exo K there are many older members
Also Exo M’s Chen, Xiumin,
Then there’s Tao and Lay
Their feelings are profound
Very fragile, also gentle
There’s a lot of consideration
We really are wonderful comrades


So much has happened this past year. You were the lead in a movie, you did a solo concert tour, you performed at a music festival, your movie was shown all over the world, and my personal highlight, you gave your very first performance abroad! And in the Netherlands of all places! I never imagined I’d be able to see you in my home country. Thank you for that unforgettable experience. I hope next year will bring even more amazing things.

Happy birthday ♥