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Here's something funny- the dumbass actually snapped the pap in her snapchat from that day. You can quickly see him in the upper left hand corner after she pans from B's legs. At first I thought it could have been another person, but if you compare it to the pic of B and Fred on the swings, the person is standing in the exact same position as the pap would have been in. So basically they were just swinging in front of the pap nbd. instagram*com/p/BRT_Y9HB3PF/

oh my god 🤦🏻‍♀️

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y'know my thirsty ass needs kidge either 9 or 10?

The Miles Between Us

Keith sighed as he unlocked his apartment door, his hair and clothes soaked and sticking to his body. The rain had started falling so suddenly and he, being the dumbass he was, had left his umbrella at the cafe he worked in. 

He made a beeline for his bedroom, not even bothering to take a shower. He peeled his wet sweater off, chucking it to the corner of his room before hearing the familiar buzzing of his phone. Hope immediately filled his insides as he snatched his phone off the table, grinning as he saw who had sent him a message.

Know-It-All: skype call. today in less than five minutes or nothing.

Keith immediately opened his laptop and started calling her, her blurry face appearing not even five seconds later. Adjusting herself, Pidge plopped down on her chair and rested her hand on her chin, wrinkling her nose and eyeing Keith critically.

“You look like shit.”

Keith rolled his eyes, pulling a towel off his head and placing it pitifully on his shoulders so his clothes wouldn’t get wet. “Shut up. You don’t know my struggles.”

Pidge snorted, crossing her arms to imitate him. “Look at me; my name’s Keith. I’m sooo emo.”

Keith. sighed, shaking his head while Pidge smirked. “Why’d you want to call me anyways? We usually only talk through messages.”

Pidge waved a hand, shaking her head. “Is it wrong for me to want to talk to my best friend face to face every once in a while?”

Keith smiled slightly, his lips curling into that crooked smile that Pidge absolutely adored. “I guess not. How am I your best friend though? We’ve literally only known each other for two months.”

Pidge sighed, wistfully looking into the distance. “Ah yes, that fateful day when we met while playing that weird game that involved building a huge robot out of five lions. I forget it’s name. I remember you being annoying and only talking to Shiro, though.”

Keith snorted. “At least I wasn't’t the idiot who thought you were a guy.’

Pidge snorted. “Alright alright, that’s true.” Fondly smiling, she looked directly at Keith. “Has it really only been two month’s? I feel like we’ve known each other for years.”

Keith smiled. “Me too.”

“Is it sad that I’ve been saving up so I can fly over to Texas with you over the summer?”

Keith blinked. “I thought I was the crazy one that was saving up to visit you in New York.”

The two looked at each other before bursting out laughing, smiling at each other the entire time. Grinning, Pidge looked at Keith through the screen. 

“You’re pretty okay, Keith. I’m glad we met…Even if it was online and my brother was against it.”

“Was not!” came the call of Matt from in his room, Pidge rolling her eyes before focusing her attention on Keith again. 

“I have to finish some stuff up but we can call again tomorrow, yeah?”

Keith nodded, starting to rub the towel over his damp hair. “Yeah sure. See you, short half.”

Pidge stuck her middle finger out at him before laughing and ending the call, Keith staring into the black screen of his laptop with a fond smile on his face.

How could he have ever known that Katie ‘Pidge’ Holt would waltz into his life due to a brief interaction online? Growing up, he was taught by the school’s that he attended to never cal with strangers online. But he had found the best person online; the short half to his tall half. There was just something about her that made the words fall easily out his mouth, something that no one other than Shiro had been able to get him to do.

A small hope that he could one day meet Pidge grew larger by the day as his savings grew. He imagined finally being able to see if she was as short as he imagined her to be. But most importantly, he was excited to see how she was as a person; if she was as vivacious in real life like she was online.

And maybe, just maybe, he hoped that she would grow to see him as a potential partner in the future when they met. Just maybe.

Ehhhhh I feel like I kinda went off theme but here ya go! Sorry that it’s a day late. School has been kicking my ass this week. /: Hope you enjoy!

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The story about local Communist nonsense, as promised (Sorry it's late, my connectivity's been shit.) The dumbasses you were arguing with earlier who tried to claim that Animal Farm was just "anti-Communist propaganda for kids" makes me think of the actual Communist propaganda, targeted at children, that's sold at my local bookstore. It's called, creatively, "Communism for Kids" and it's an adorable children's fairy tale about how everyone is oppressed and miserable under capitalism (1/2)

Just when I think it’s working my computer decides to be an idiot again. I hope this is where I left off. The book then went on to talk about how the Revolution’s right around the corner, and all that jazz. It’s selling disturbingly well for a middle-class suburb- do these people not realize they’re not the proletariat so exalted by the book? is the book, the Amazon reviews are great if you like dark humor (2/2) -HN

Oh, wow. You really weren’t kidding about the comments.

There are others, too, but I have to admit, what really cracked me up was…

That is comedy gold.

The Bright Light Game

The bright light game was simple. All you had to do was draw a salt circle around a little homemade doll, usually nothing more than some cheap fabric stitched together in a vaguely human shape and filled with dry rice and a few strands of your hair, and recite the words of invitation.

Nearby spirits, play with me

Nearby spirits, come be free

Through this doll, escape the dark night

Through this doll, step into bright light

The doll would then vanish and, in its place, a spirit would appear. It would be bound to well lit areas, weakened by its inability to hide in shadows or darkness and the salt, and would be forced to answer questions for those who summoned it until they released it.

Nearby spirits, go away

Nearby spirits, enough today

From this doll, back into dark night

From this doll, leave the bright light

Poof, the spirit would be gone and the doll would be back.

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Don’t Owe You Anything

“Everyone gets to cast a single vote for best room. In the event of a tie for first place, we’ll poll everyone again with only the tied contestants as valid options. Understood?” Iida dropped his hand to the coffee table in the center of the UA commons. Nods met him from the couch, the chairs, and the few people who’d plopped onto the floor.

“It’ll be like the class president vote all over again,” Kaminari said. “Everyone’s gonna vote for themselves. Let’s do rankings.”

“That’s too complicated,” Uraraka answered. “The class president vote worked out!”

“Hardly. Iida got no votes.”

“Anyway!” Iida interrupted, hand extended. “We’ve already elected to do it this way. Everyone cast your ballot fairly, and we’ll have a winner. Stack them in the center here and I will tally them!”

Most others shrugged, setting their index card against the nearest hard surface and scribbling. Kaminari, with a begrudging moment of hesitation, followed suit. He tossed his into the center, followed by Iida’s, Yaoyorozu’s, Kirishima’s…

After thirty seconds, the students were left staring at an upside down pile of cards. A few impatient eyes moved to Iida, who hadn’t budged from his seat on the couch.

“What happened to ‘I’m going to tally them’?” Kaminari muttered, hand to his cheek. Iida flushed in response.

“How rude! I’m waiting for everyone to finish!”

“We are all finished!”

“Impossible. I only counted 19 cards in the pile.”

Fast glances were exchanged, quick mental headcounts. After a few seconds, Asui spoke, “…There are only 19 of us here.”

“Oh…” Iida answered. He snapped to attention, stiff and loud. “How imprudent of me as Class President to not take proper role call! I’ll go through alphabetically! Please acknowledge your name when it’s said.”

“I don’t think we need to do that. It’s pretty obvious who’s missing,” Todoroki said. He sat cross-legged on the floor, eyes moving across everyone. “How much unnecessary shouting have you heard in the last hour?”

A moment. Iida slammed his hand into his open palm. “Bakugou is missing!”

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Daddy Issues  (Tony Stark/Peter Quill x reader)

Request:  Avengers and GOTG Crossover can you do a Tony Stark/Peter Quill fic where you’re Tony’s daughter who ran away when you were 15 because he barely paid any attention to you and you were picked up by Ravagers after discovering you have the power of energy manipulation there you met Peter Quill who fell in love with you. When you’re like 25 and part of GOTG and engaged to Peter the Milano crashes on Earth and Tony is the only one who can help fix it you have to face him with Peter being protective

He probably didn’t even know you were gone.  That selfish jerk was up in his lab working on some stupid project that was bound to fail, and likely had no clue that you were now standing on the sidewalk outside, ready to run.  To you, it was just one more disappointment in a long line of parental failures; before Iron Man, and before the Avengers, he was at least a descent parent.  Was he a model father?  No, of course not, this was Tony Stark.  Before he decided to save the world, he at least took the time to do things with you, to teach you about the life around you, and he gave you the attention that you wanted from him as a father.  

Once he joined the Avengers, it began to change, and once they all moved into the tower, it became worse than ever.  He was too wrapped up in the business, and too focused on making the world safe rather than being a part of yours.  He didn’t completely ignore you, and he would be there when it was asked of him, but his lack of initiative to be there for you because it was right was enough to finally drive you away at the young age of only 15 years.

Your mother was an Inhuman; something that wasn’t known when you were born, and something that even your father didn’t know until you showed signs only recently.  You had the ability of energy manipulation, with the power to absorb, amplify, scatter and negate kinetic, radiant, and gravitational energies. You were meant to join the Avengers one day, but now you would never join a team that had so completely taken your father from you.

One thing that Tony had given you was a flair for the dramatic, and to be the center of attention in any room.  If you were walking away, you wanted him to give him a parting gift.  Looking up at the tower, you focused your mind on the reactor that illuminated it so brightly in the night sky.  Your eyes were fixated on the large A that hung above you; a symbol of all that you had come to despise.  You waited several minutes for the sidewalk around you to clear before you began to walk away, smiling to yourself as the tower went dark and the massive symbol dropped from its perch and crashed to the ground behind you.

~~~(Ten Years Later)~~~

“Hey, babe, have you seen my right shoe?”

“Which one?”

“The one that goes with the left one!”

You stuck your head out around the corner from the back of the ship, looking at your fiancé with confusion and exasperation, “I meant which shoes, dumbass.  Which pair of shoes are you wearing?”

“Oh, yeah, sorry,” he mumbled, “these!”  Peter stuck his foot in the air so that you could see what he was looking for, then waited in that position, expecting you to find it right away.

“You can put your foot down.”

With a huff, he lowered his foot and stood to join you.  He waited in the door of your shared quarters, watching you get dressed.  “I just want to look good, so I thought these would be the best.”

You turned around slowly, knowing that he never cared about what he was wearing enough to spend even a minute looking for anything.  “Look good for what, exactly?”  Stepping towards him, you gave him a skeptical look and poked him in the chest. “What are you up to, Quill?”

He opened his mouth and gasped as if he were completely shocked at your insinuation, “why would you think I’m up to something?  That’s just rude, (Y/N).  I’m very offended.”  

“Okay, now I’m sure you’re up to something.  You’re a terrible liar.”  You pushed him aside and hurried towards the front of the ship, stopping short when the view from the windows had changed drastically from when you last looked. The solar system had become all too familiar, and the planet directly ahead gave you an unnerving sense of dread. “No.  Pete, no.”

“Why not?”  You felt his hands on your shoulders but you shrugged him off.  “(Y/N), come on.  He’s your dad.  Don’t you think that he should know that your getting married?  Don’t you think that it’s time to put everything behind you and move on?”

“I thought you understood,” you whispered to yourself as much as to him.  “This isn’t something that’s up for discussion.”  Reaching down to reset the coordinates, you found the controls locked and Peter making no moves to help you.  “Unlock them.”


“It’s not up for discussion!”  Your anger began to boil over, and you could feel energy coursing through your body. If he wasn’t going to turn the ship around, then you would have to do it on your own.  Slamming your hand down on the control panel, you pushed as much power as you could into redirecting the craft and taking over its navigation system. It was draining you quickly, but you had to hurry anyway before he tried to interfere.

The ship began to shake as it turned, but not in the way you had expected.  You released your hand but it was too late; your surge of energy had destroyed the system and you were headed towards the Earth without a way to steer from your course.  Peter pushed you aside and threw himself into the pilot seat, trying to take control. After a few minutes of banging the panel and frantically pushing buttons, he finally sat back in defeat.

“Okay, well it looks like we’ll be making quite an entrance, (Y/N).  You’ve just guaranteed that we’re gonna visit daddy.”


It was all you could do to stay upright as the ship shuddered and slid into your landing.  Peter had originally plotted a landing near the tower, but your interference brought the ship to a halt in the hangar bay; it was the only way he could land without risking hurting you or someone inside. It was anything but a smooth arrival, skidding into the hanger, taking out a part of the front wall and sliding through to the back.  There was no way for you to make a subtle arrival now.

“Pete, this isn’t going to go well, okay?  Just let me handle it.”  You reached down to take his hand to not only lead him from the ship and into the tower, but to calm the shaking in your own.  “I haven’t seen him for ten years, and I have no idea what kind of reception we’re going to get.  Especially considering the entrance we’ve made.”

“Yourfault” he coughed.

“Thanks,” you sneered, rolling your eyes.  You glanced out the window and saw him running towards you, with Steve in tow.  “Let me go first.  It’s just the two of them.”  You pulled your hand from his and stepped out into their view, unsure if they would actually recognize you after all this time.

“(Y/N)?” Tony whispered, his face immediately growing pale.  He took a few steps closer to get a better look, glancing over to Steve with wide eyes.  “(Y/N), where did you go?”  He stopped just a few feet from you, acting like he was unsure that you were real and even a bit scared to approach.

“Hey, dad.”

At the confirmation that it was you, he rushed forward and grabbed your shoulders, holding you at arms length and speaking with a much louder voice filled with more confidence, “where did you go?”

“Tony, calm down,” Steve said as he stepped in and put his hand on Tony’s shoulder.

“Back off, Cap!”

“Hey, hey, let go of her,” Peter barked out, joining you and quickly pulling you back and away from Tony’s grasp.  “I think we all need to take it down a bit, alright?”

“Who the hell are you?”

“I’m Peter Quill, your future son-in-law, that’s the hell who.”

You closed your eyes and groaned, awaiting the tirade that you were sure your father was about to start. “Oh my god…”

“This is some kind of joke right?” Tony laughed, thought his face was still angry, “it is, it’s some sick joke that I’m just supposed to laugh off and act like nothing happened.”

You turned to face Peter and began to push him back into the ship.  “I told you.”

“(Y/N), wait,” Steve called out to you, “just wait a minute.”  He grabbed Tony by the arm and pulled him away, despite his resistance to stay.  You watched the conversation between the two men; it was very animated, with Tony gesturing towards you and throwing his hands in the air several times.  After a few minutes, and with Steve appearing to take the upper hand, they both rejoined you and Peter at the ship.

“(Y/N),” Tony said quietly, not making eye contact with you, and looking like he had just been scolded by Steve.  “I’m sorry. Would you please come with me so that we can talk?”  His gaze moved from the floor to Peter, though only for a second, “Alone?”


“If you were feeling that way, then why didn’t you just talk to me?”

“I did talk to you, dad. You never listened.  You were too wrapped up in saving the world to hear me anyway.”

Tony leaned back in his chair, swiveling it slightly side to side as he looked at you.  You were so much older and so different than the last time he saw you, but he could still see a lot of himself.  It scared him how much of your mother that he saw as well; you had the same fight in you, and you took about as much of his crap as she had.

“I’m sorry that I was such a terrible father.  I can’t do anything about the past, and I can only apologize so many times.  So,” he sighed and leaned forward on the table, “how about you tell me about this Peter Quill guy.”

You weren’t sure if he was being genuine or not, or if he had motives in asking you, but you took the chance in trusting him for the first time in a very, very long time.  “I met him right after I was taken, he protected me, taught me, and now here we are.”

“And now here we are,” he agreed with a small smile crossing his lips.

“I didn’t mean to make that kind of entrance.  Is there a way that you might be able to get us back in the sky?  When we…are ready to?”

“Yeah, I can give her a kick.  But can you do something for me?”

You took a deep breath, a little nervous about what he was going to ask, “Sure, let’s have it.”

“When you get married, I’d like you do it here.  Let me do that for you?  I’m great at parties, if you remember,” he said with a quiet but nervous laugh.  “And maybe you both stay for a while after? Maybe stay for a while now?”

You visibly relaxed and realized that the fight was over.  “Well, we have this…team…that’s waiting for us to join up again, but we can stay for a couple of days.  And I’ll talk to Pete about the rest.”

He nodded and put his hand over yours, doing his best to be fatherly, “It’s a start.”

“It certainly is.”


I’m legitimately praying for my family. I am more scared than ever that one of these dumbass cops is going to harass and kill my family simply for the color of their skin. It’s time we as a race realize we gotta stand up for ourselves. NOBODY ELSE is going to help us. Y'all we have been pushed into a corner and they killing our people EVERY DAMN DAY! For what reason? Please tell me y'all opinions I want y'all to know how I feel and I rarely do this but this has to stop. The only people left for us to call on is our own. STAND THE FUCK UP. (Reblog with your opinion.)


Casey Jones Art Appreciation

Fun things to note:

  • Pic #3: Lil bby hockey Casey. TEEENY TINY lil guy between the two big blue monsters sayin’ ‘Hey!’
  • Pic #4: 'DCompose’, the spine reads 'Destruction, Terror + Mayhem’, pretty sure the whited-out corner reads 'don’t look’, 16 is his jersey number
  • Pic #5: Jersey number again, sketches of his gear, pucks flingin’ off that viking’s rippling abs, skull puck
  • Pic #6: he forgot to colour in April’s left sleeve. Good goin’, dumbass

My favourite drawing, though, is his little itty bitty monster truck with his jersey number on the flag

Michael Blurb! First Date (fluffy SMUT)

He was really mysterious. She was bubbly. They were a weird pair. But he liked her. So he asked her out on a date. She agreed, thinking he was just a lonely guy who was ‘scene’ and just weird.
“Why did you agree to go on a with him? Like he is creepy as fuck!” Your best friend, Lola (first name that came to mind hah. You can change it) laughed as she was sitting on your bed. “Hey look, I didn’t ask you to come here to judge my date, just help me pick some clothes.” You rolled your eyes, getting annoyed because you did want to give him a chance. “Okay fine just wear those leggings and a hoodie, the one with the yellow guy on the corner.” She laid back, texting someone. “The yellow Guy’s name is Pikachu dumbass.” You mumbled, throwing the thin hoodie on over my Tanktop. She tied her hair up in a tall ponytail, curling the loose hair to look like She actually tried, and got her leggings on. “Okay thank you for your help Lola but I just realized the time, bye.” She stood in her mirror, getting animal hair off of her hoodie as her friend rolled her eyes, said a goodbye and left your house. Michael Clifford was your neighbour. His grandmother left it for him as she passed and your house was a gift from your dad. So it wasn’t a hassle for him to reach her house. She saw him walking across the grass, into her yard as she got a better look at him.
Coloured hair.
Nice shoes.
It’s not like he was going to kill her.
When she heard the knock on the door she realized he was here. Running downstairs, she opened the door. “Hey!” She smiled warmly at the mysterious boy, as she moved aside to let him in. “Uh hey.” He stepped inside, and she closed the door. “I’ll just be a minute, I have to make sure Von, my kitten has everything he needs.” She smiled, motioning for him to follow her. “You have a kitten?” He asked, intrigued. “Yeah! 5 months old. A cute orange and white one.” She found him, and picked him up to let Michael hold. His eyes lit up and the smile he had, was marvellous. “Oh my goodness he’s the cutest thing!” Michael squealed, playing with it’s paws. Y/n giggled, making sure his food dish was full. “Yeah Von is pretty cute.” She decided to ignore the fact that he squealed as he was completely embarrassed now, putting the cat down he cleared his throat. “Ready to go?” He asked, fixing his hair. “Yeah I’m ready.” She smiled at him, walking back to the door.
~ He brought her to an arcade. It really showed off his cute side. He complimented my sweater, basically gushing about it as we were playing ski ball. “Okay I’ll count the tickets we have, and you keep breaking the machines.” Y/n was having an amazing time, the took a whole bunch of selfies, the accidentally broke a couple of games and tickets just came flying out, and they were opening up to eachother. When Michael came back to her, she was at the machine that counted your tickets. 5678 tickets. They both looked at the prizes from afar and decided on a game plan. “Okay so if we go up there and say we only have 5500 which is short less than 10 tickets we can act all cute to the old lady and she will give us the big stuffed bear that they engrave for you.” Michael said, thinking. “Oh and then we can buy Candy with the rest!” Y/n chirped in and he nodded. They had three little slips that said your ticket numbers, y/n had broke a few tickets off so the slips were 5500 and exactly 178. It worked out perfectly. She stuffed the lower numbered one in Michaels pocket, and she grabbed his hands. “What are you doing?” Michael asked, confused. “We have to look like a couple, remember? Now play along.” She smiled, turning against him, wrapping his hands around her waist. In his eyes,he was mesmerized at this girl. She was perfect in almost every way. Michael nodded and then she walked up to the counter and started talking to the very old lady. Then she did something with her fingers behind her back, He realized heshould go in now. Walking up, wrapping his arms around her waist like she showed me, He kissed her cheek. “Hey baby girl. What’s the holdup?” He smiled, looking at the old lady. “Oh.. Sorry Mikey i know we have to prepare for your grandmothers funeral I just wanted to get you a present, for thanking you for acting so happy around me because you know how I get with death.” She quickly wiped her eyes with her sleeve, sniffling. “Oh dear.. Take the bear, I’ll get the date engraved on it for you.” She nodded, handing it to a man to engrave it quickly. Once we got the bear Michael told y/n to wait in the car. Michael got all the candy he could, and also the pair of cheap plastic handcuffs. “My nephew.” He said about the handcuffs, laughing.
Once in the car, they were hysterical. “I can’t believe that worked!” She laughed, as they pulled up to their houses. He smiled at her and shut the car off. It was an awkward silence. She didn’t want the night to be over, he didn’t either. They say in an awkward silence for a while. “Do you want to come in?” “So I guess I should leave-” they both said at the same time. “Oh sorry what were you saying?” Michael asked, a little nervous. “I.. Oh UHM just if you wanted to come in.” Y/n laughed a small laugh, nervously. They were being all awkward again. “Uh yeah for sure I’ll come In.” He nodded, unbuckling his seatbelt. You opened your door, stepping out.
Once inside they were sitting on y/n’s couch, beside eachother. “Hey Michael… Uhhm remember what you said to me when I didn’t want to do that dancing game?” She sat up a bit, siting on his lap more. “I said live a little.” He said slowly, in almost a whisper. “This is me living a little.” She whispered, slowly pressing her lips to his in a quick motion so he didn’t have a great a chance of getting away. But he didn’t have to because he was glad she kissed him. He didn’t want it to end so he softly put one hand on her cheek, the other on her waist. She slightly repositioned herself, in a position where she was straddling him. Then she started giggling. When she giggled he started to also. “Why the fuck are you giggling?!” He was laughing now, against her lips. She was now undoing the buttons on his jean jacket, the ones that were buttoned. “I can’t take it seriously! Us! We are just so awkward together!” She managed to take his jacket off, holding it in her arms. “I feel something in your pocket and j know your wallet is in my kitchen.” She looked at the boy with the eyebrow piercing mischievously. “Oh those? I got some cheap ass handcuffs at that arcade because they were green.” He laughed a bit,throwing his jacket after taking it from her. “Okay now let me me fucking he cool and make out with you.” He laughed,pulling her closer. She smirked, as they were kissing again, as her nails were clawing down his chest. She yearned a few moans from him but what really got him moving was this, y/n started palming him over his boxers, having her hand down his pants. After his reaction she stopped,got up and smiled. “I have a realllllly early day tomorrow so if you want to continue this I think we need another date.” She smiled innocently, picking Michaels Jacket up. He looked really mischievous. But smiled. “I guess you’re right.” He just walked up to y/n, and kissed her on the forehead. “Till next time.” He said, before heading out of her door.


Title: Odds Are (We’re Gonna Be Alright)

Pairing: Michael/Gavin

Word Count: ~2,600

Rated: PG-13

Summary: Michael is really going to miss 636

A/N: Named for the Barenaked Ladies song “Odds Are”. This is completely self-indulgent. Basically my own sad feelings about the new office as expressed by Michael. Obviously a lot of artistic license was taken with the new office layout as I have no idea what it’s going to look like. Also this is so cheesy omg



It was just a building, Michael reminded himself as he forcibly directed the car past the usual turning, so ingrained in his psyche that he his hand had been halfway to the turning signal before he remembered. And not even that great a building. It had been impractical and cramped. A labyrinth of rooms that connected at odd places, a building in two halves that meant you had to cross the car park if you wanted to use the microwave. The AH office was an overcrowded mess of machines and bodies that reached alarming temperatures in the warm weather and meant you couldn’t walk two steps with treading on something or someone. Half the team had even been in a separate location, several doors down. And yet. It had been home.

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