my dumb playlist


| everything is going wrong, but we’re so happy |
playlist full of songs that make you feel like you’re in a movie ;

l i s t e n // unedited image source
eerie crests playlist

@eeriecrests this is the playlist I created!!

I’m sorry that it is comprised of about 80% jukebox the ghost songs, but the feeling I get when listening to them is the same feeling I get when reading your comic and aaaaaahhh it’s just a perfect fit!

I hope you enjoy! I will almost definitely be adding more songs in the future, so be sure to check in every once and a while

Thank you! 💙

Do you ever just hear a song in an OTP playlist

And even though, logically, you know that song is PERFECT for that OTP

You can’t support it

Because it belongs to


✧ if we only live once, i wanna live with you ✧

fine by me - andy grammer // i’d lie - taylor swift // sugar - maroon 5 // kiss me kiss me - 5sos // something i need - one republic // girls chase boys - ingrid michaelson // just say it - the mowgli’s // somebody to you - the vamps //  i want crazy - hunter hayes // by my side - david choi // we could happen - aj rafael // recklessly - hot chelle rae // keep me crazy - chis wallace 

first playlist i ever made now on 8tracks 
hope you like it c: 

i’m the queen of nothing, i’m the king of the world | rulers make bad lovers. better put your kingdom up for sale | the world is ours: a fili/sigrid fanmix (listen)

1. gold dust woman - fleetwood mac | 2. king of the world - first aid kit | 3. brighter than the sun - colbie calliat | 4. 156 - mew | 5. take a chance on me - rough silk | 6. magic man - heart | 7. young folks - the kooks | 8. mountain sound - of monsters and men | 9. wouldn’t it be nice - beach boys | 10. i will buy you a new life - everclear | 11. the world is ours - catcall | 12. nightcall - london grammar | 13. sister golden hair - andrew mcmahon