my dumb character

im not saying nina taught sonny to read, but that is what she tells people


since the adventure zone finale is tomorrow i thought i’d post all my doodles so far. most of these are me trying to figure out my headcanons (ive drawn so many fucking taakos adfghsg) i love them all so much tho

EDIT: Now with color!! :D 

Just in case I don’t do anything with these, I’m posting them here 

This is what I’ve been doodling for the past few days, I grabbed a few dancing videos, paused them and sketched 

I wanna add some color to these, or clean them up, and add even more, we’ll see if I actually do that xD

season 1 garnet: serious and attentive, is the one person who makes sure the team doesn’t lose focus

season 4 garnet: *draws herself for no reason because she likes herself*

season 1 peridot: constantly studying her surroundings and even had something to record and make observations

season 4 peridot: *can’t even recognize that navy was tricking her*


Kravitz (taz) aesthetic