my dumb artist problems

((hey can i just say i really fuckin’ love and appreciate y’all–))

A doodle of Jody in an oversized knitted sweater for Laura.

Pawlikethebears amazing runner 4 cosplay has influenced my vision of Jody so much, without even me realizing it. It’s not that terribly obvious in this picture, but I took a look at some dumb doodles from way back..

and went waiiiiiitaminute-!

Luckily for me, Laura is awesome-sauce and doesn’t mind me accidentally plagiarizing her flawless facial structure. Which you know, is just awesome for pieces like this.

But this situation makes some other stuff I’ve doodled really, kinda-


….I call this one, “Ode To Fili’s Hair”. Because I legitimately drew this for the sole purpose of drawing Fili’s hair. (●♡∀♡)

So here’s a quick sketchy sketch of Fili, without braids, just lettin’ it all loose safsadffafd! I of course love his braids, but I just wanted to draw his hair all swooshy and glorious and magical. Whatever does he do with so much hair? o(≧∇≦o)

I drew a dumb little Fili on the bottom because there was some space at the bottom of the paper, but I omitted it because it looked dumb lol.