my drunk kitchen




I did an exfoliant foot peel and turned my feel into BABY FEET. O_O

Is anybody else really scared for the day that Youtubers get too old to create silly content anymore. The day when Dan and Phil decide that they don’t want to be drawing cat whiskers on their faces at age 47 and act out chip and salsa fanfic. The day when Hannah decides she is too old to be getting drunk every week. When Grace realizes she can’t keep up with all the new trends. When Mamrie realized she doesn’t want to be know for making innuendos. The day when Shane can’t eat anymore terrible food because it’s starting to affect his health. I’m terrified for the day when youtubers start telling their viewers that this is their last video. I’m scared because I know it’s bound to happen. Although they will continue living and going through their own lives, it will be like losing a friend that I’ve spent years getting to know. I think of these youtubers as my friends, my crazy sisters, brothers, aunts, etc etc. and knowing that I will never get more videos of them will break my heart. They were the first generation of people on YouTube, when it was just an outlet for people to create whatever they wanted. And although there will continue to be new Youtubers, nobody will ever compare to this first group of people that legitimized the YouTube platform.

headcanon: Bitty’s first collab w/ Hannah Hart

So obviously after Jack and Eric come out publicly, Eric’s channel is going to explode. Hannah Hart would totally reach out and Bitty would be over the moon to accept. He is so excited that Jack pays for his flight to LA. 

They start with a “My Drunk Kitchen: Mini-Pie Edition”. After gushing over each other, a brief overview of the sport of hockey, and a hug for his coming-out bravery, Hannah brings out the booze of the day and Bitty is like “Wonderful! Where’s the rest of it?” This boy may look like a sweetheart and not be able to speak bro to save his life, but he has lived through at least 4 Epikegsters at this point. He can throw down as hard as any frat boy and frat boy alcohol tolerance is impressive. More booze is acquired. Things get slightly out of hand after Bitty over-drinks to catch up with Hannah.

The mini-pies are, of course, finished beautifully, but lay forgotten between drunk ranting in the thickest Georgia accent, pulling whoever is filming and anyone else in the house in to drink with them, and … dancing. As so as someone turns on Partition (at Eric’s slightly slurred request), he BREAKS IT DOWN. He worked hard for his hockey butt and he is going to twerk it like its 2010. Hannah is shocked and delighted. 

They agree that they are too drunk to do the video for Bitty’s channel, but they promised the fans a video that day. So after some quick editing the video is up. It goes viral over night. #Bittybooty is trending on twitter and there are so many GIFs. They wake up hungover to their phones going off like crazy. After breakfast (made by Bitty) and a hangover cure smoothie (made by Hannah), they decide to do a reaction video. 

Bitty goes through a very sweet, but very embarassing text from Mama Bittle, an even worse one from Bad Bob and some of the 30 all-caps texts from Shitty. Hannah shares Tyler Oaklely’s and the two other members of the Holy trinity’s take, then a text comes in from …. Jack Zimmerman. Eric goes bright red, Hannah falls out of her chair. The text is two words, “Peaches, eh?” 

Bitty’s blush becomes a GIF and Jack is dubbed “the smoothest and most Canadian motherfucker that ever lived” by the internet. Most of the Falconers hear about it from their tweenage children. There are many jokes and hard backslaps.