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(short and unedited oops)

We had been serious for five months exactly.

The moment I knew was when he was headed off to New York for a few days to promote his new single. He gave me a key to check up on his condo while he was gone, and never asked for it back.

I should have known it was mine to keep, though. It was on a white cold chain that he placed around my neck before we said our goodbyes at the airport. He took my face in his hands, kissed me throughly, and said, “Take care of yourself, and my condo,” he smirked and let me go, headed to the gate where his team stood, waiting to board the flight.

I couldn’t blame myself for being oblivious. Shawn knew I was a total trainwreck when it came to remembering where things were. I thought he put the key on a chain in case I put it down somewhere and forgot where. That had happened far too many times. My phone, the charm bracelet he bought me, every pair of shoes I’ve ever owned…the list was neverending.

I walked down the hall to the door of his condo. It had become a ritual of ours to dinner at each other’s places- whether one of us would cook or order takout. It was his turn, and I had told him I would get off of work early (perks of being a writer, I could finish my articles and edit where ever I pleased) so I would to head straight to his condo so we could cook dinner together.

I knew he probably had no intention of making anything, because Shawn was certainly not an iron chef. But since I knew my way around the kitchen, we were definitely making our own creation tonight. And maybe dessert in the bedroom.

I took the key from around my neck and unlocked the white door, turning the handle and entering the condo. It was slightly messy, but that was no surprise. Shawn always said he didn’t have time to clean up in the morning as he was always so rushed to get to the studio.

I rolled my eyes and giggled, riding myself of my coat. “Shawn?” I called, realizing that he didn’t appear at the sound of the door.

I furrowed my brow and walked along the expanse of the living room, waiting for a response. While doing so, I spotted his breakfast dishes on the vintage coffee table situated in front of the white L-shaped couch. I shook my head and smiled, walking towards the table to clear the dishes- two bowls, fruit and most likely cereal, and a coffee mug that still has some dregs in it, probably stone cold. I picked them up and headed to the kitchen and dumped them in the sink, getting ready to wash them when I caught sight of the post-it stuck to the faucet.

I plucked it from its position and read it out loud. “Dear Y/N, running late at the studio, so I’ll be late for dinner. I went to the grocery this morning so you can start cooking without me. I’ll be back around 6:00. Love, Shawn,”

I pouted deeply. Cooking was literally no fun without him. Who would I smear spaghetti sauce on? Who would blow flour in my hair as we made crepes for dessert? In the few times we made actual dessert, of course.

I blushed at the thought. No part of me felt like baking tonight, though. I fanned myself with the tiny slip of paper, sighing, suddenly hot and bothered, thinking of all the things we had done in this kitchen, in his bedroom, even in his bathroom.

Feeling my thoughts drift, I realized we had never done it in the living room. Probably because of the gigantic floor to ceiling window behind the couch. Yeah, that was never going to happen.

I balled up the note and threw it in the trashcan next to the island. I rolled up my sweater’s soft sleeves and turned the faucet on, making to wash the dishes, but my hands stopped as I was about to grab the cereal bowl. I smirked.

“Hm,” I hummed deviously, turning the water off, swiveling away from the sink, and folding my arms as my smirk deepened.

Shawn wouldn’t be home for another- I checked my watch- two hours. Slowly, I walked out of the kitchen and down the hall that led to his bedroom.

“Two hours, eh?” I mumbled as I opened his door, welcomed by his unmade bed, crumpled up towel on the floor, pyjamas thrown over his loveseat that was opposite his bed. My eyes drifted to the closet. “Alone in this huge condo, with nothing to do,” I said to myself, walking towards the two large white doors that led to his clothes.

You could clean.

Oh, please.

I ran straight for his closet, tearing the doors opening and shuffeling through his clothes that were neatly secured on hangers. Thee assortment of gray, black, with he occasional splash of red or blue. T-Shirts, dress shirts and sweaters all passed through my fingers.

My v neck sweater, skinny jeans and pumps were clinging to my skin and getting extremely unbearable, seen as how I had to walk up and down the office, then to his building. Unable to take it anymore, I pealed the items off my body, only in my underwear. I tossed them into the hamper and rummaged through the clothes again for something to wear. Shawn’s clothes were so comfortable. Whenever I snuggled up to him on his couch or his bed,  always felt like I was wearing what ever he wore- the fabric of his clothing was that transferable. Imagine what it would be like to actually wear it?

Eventually, I decided on a crip white shirt- the one that accompanied the suit he wore to the Grammys earlier that year. I practically owned it- I ripped it off him after the ceremony and had to sew the buttons back on myself. It was mine. I picked out a pair of his black Nike socks as well from the drawer below the rack of shirts, and slipped them on my feet.

I threw the shirt over my body and buttoned it up from the bottom, stopping halfway. My lace undergarments peaked through the fabric as I walked out of his closet, closing the doors behind me.

As I exited his bedroom, I suddenly felt ambitious. From where I stood, I could see the living room. And suddenly, it was like The Nanny all over again as I slid across the waxed floors, screaming boisterously, Shawn’s socks aiding in the movement perfectly. I stopped right in front of his couch, spreading my arms out for balance, and just stood there, admiring what was outside that huge window. He had the perfect panoramic view of the toronto skyline, the CN tower standing out above all of them. I always thought of his first tattoo- now joined by many others- whenever I saw this sight. I smiled softly and plopped down face first on his couch, reaching for the remote. I aimed it at the TV and pressed the button, but that wasn’t what I turned on.

Noise suddenly blasted from his stereo system- the sound of ‘Shape Of You’ blaring loudly from the speakers that hung next the TV. I popped up from the couch and threw my hands in the air, the remote flying from my grasp. I began to dance around the condo, my hips swaying to the beat of this song that would never get old.

I found myself inventing new dance moves (or at least I thought I was) while I moved around the expanse of Shawn’s living space. I had a carefree smile on my face as I waved my hands around and occasionaly belted out lyrics. My tiny, cramped apartment would never allow any sort of outrageous movement like this, which is why I took advantage of the time I had to myself here.

I was shocked at the way I was acting, to be honest. I had never been this outgoing before. Granted I was alone and the only person I had to entertain was myself.

“GIRL YOU KNOW I WANT YOUR LOVE!” I shrieked as I bent down by the waist and popped back up, my hair flying around my face and tumbling over my shoulders as I continued to girate and sway to the music.

I danced for the duration of the song until it stopped. I panted heavily and walked back over to the couch, sitting on the edge of it. I piled my hair into a messy bun on top of my head as I got up again to get a drink of water, pausing the music player before another song could start.

Holding my glass in my hand as I tumbled it around, hearing the ice clink against it, I walked down the same hallway that led to his bedroom, venturing further down. It was almost like I had never been there before, the way the things I had seen many times prior surprised my all over again- such as the guitar shaped bookshelf and the replica of the Backstreet Boys’ star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

I came to his music room, where his guitars, keyboard and drumset lay. My fingers ran along the instruments aimlessly as I recalled all the occasions on which I had heard him play them. Every concert I had ever been to, he had shredded on these guitars like his life depended on it. And like he told me, it did. I smiled as I thought about how happy he was when he was on stage. And I couldn’t blame him. The guitar had the power to make you feel invincible.

Suddenly, I got a thought.

“I am on a roll today!” I exclaimed, gently picking his bass up. I searched around for his mini amp, and found it next to his desk. I grabbed it and ran back outside to the living room.

This shouldn’t have been too hard. Shawn had taught me how to play his bass before. It was basically the same thing- only I was doing it on my own.

Placing the strap across my body, I plugged it into the amp and gave it a hard strum, the sound echoing throughout the condo. I gasped and drew my hands away from it, eyes wide.

“Okay, I don’t remember you being that loud,” I said nervously, wondering how many people heard that. “Let’s try this again,” I muttered. Placing my fingers accordingly on the strings, playincg notes softly. I only strumed the ones I remembered from the song Shawn taught me, and it was obvious. The entire thing was detatched and awkward. Still, I was proud of myself. I was atrocious at anything artistic or musically talented. This was the best I could do on my own.

Eventually, I stopped whatever the hell I thought I was doing and just gave another powerful strum, racing my fingers across all the strings at once.

I would have done it again, but the door swung open and in walked Shawn, lips set in a straight line. He folded his arms at me, cocking  brow.

I giggled nervously, my heart rate speeding up. “Um…..hey babe! You’re back early!” I exclaimed, setting the bass down quickly and walking over to him, taking his stiff hands in mine and pecking his lips. “How was the studio?” I asked. I felt like I child who had been caught with her hand in the cookie jar. My face contorted awkwardly as I tried to lighten the mood.

“Good. I got a lot done. And uh, clearly you did too,” he said, his face no longer blunt, as a grin spread over his face.

I breathed out and smiled. That look he gave meant he wasn’t actually mad. “Yeah, I did,” I laughed, brushing my hair out of my face, his hand coming up to help me as he kissed me gently on the forehead.

“At least you didn’t burn the place down,” he chuckled.

“Don’t mistake me for you, Mendes,” I scolded jokingly, poking him in his bicep as he wrapped his arms around my tightly, one hand running across the small of my back while the other gripped my bum.

“How funny. I decide to come home from the studio early because I felt bad for leaving you alone to cook. Speaking of which, did you even start? Or were you too busy attempting to shred on my bass?” he asked, cocking a brow at me once again.

I blushed guiltily, then scoffed. “For your information I’m way better at that than you’ll ever be,” I teased as we swayed back and forth.

He only laughed and shook his head, pressing his lips to my head again, not saying anything.

For a while we just stood there, staring out the large window wordlessly. A few minutes later, when I was practically in a trance from Shawn’s hold, he spoke up and brought me back to the world.

“Y/N, baby, why are you wearing my shirt?” he asked, not looking at me, keeping his nose buried in my hair.

“My clothes were getting uncomfortable,” I said simply. No need to sugarcoat it.

“Mmm…acceptable excuse,” he said.

“This shirt’s comfy. Even though you have a terrible sense of dress,” I joked, laughing into his chest.

He snorted. “Oh, you know you love me,” he bragged, pulling back from our embrace to look me in the eye.

I smiled and placed my hands on his chest, smiling up at him. “Of course I do,” I muttered, leaving wet, mess kisses on his neck, causing a groan to escape the back of his throat.

“How about you show me how much you love me,” he didn’t ask, it was more of a demand.

I complied, grabbing his shirt and pushing him forcefully onto the couch. Once he laid flat, I climbed onto of him and pressed my lips to his, running my fingers through his hair, until they settled at his nape. My knees settled on either side of him as our kiss intensified.

I broke it, just for a second, and whispered, “Gladly,”

Hope you enjoyed  😘

Out (L.H.)

A/N: pretty angsty I must say and in no way am I trying to romanticize cheating but this is FICTION so I can write what I want

Warning: mention of anxiety attack and cheating is involved

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“I don’t get why I had to leave the party,” Luke grumbled when we walked into the hotel room.
I followed behind him, a bit more slowly due to the fact that my heels were pinching my feet in the most painful way  imaginable and I had a huge migraine. “I told you that you didn’t have to. I was fine on getting back by myself.”
He threw his leather jacket onto the little sofa in the corner of the room. “Yeah, then the other guys started bashing me for not going with you.”
I took off my heels and pinched the bridge of my nose as the throbbing in my head increased the more Luke yelled. “I didn’t ask for that. I told them that it was fine. Don’t take this out on me.”
He spun around quickly as his eyes screamed out anger. “Don’t take it out on you? Y/N, you’re the whole reason why I had to leave such a good party early in the first place!”
I pushed past him and walked over to my opened suitcase to change out of this uncomfortable dress and into some nice cotton shorts with a shirt. “Again, I didn’t ask to have a migraine and didn’t tell you to leave. Stop trying to make me seem like the bad guy here.”
I walked into the bathroom and shut the door as I started to change.
“What? So I’m the bad guy?” Luke yelled from the opposite side.
I finished changing and opened the door once more, walking back into the room. “I didn’t say that.”
“But it’s what you implied.”
I threw my dress onto my suitcase and glared at him. “I’m not trying to put the blame on either of us, Luke. I just wanted to come back and sleep because my head is killing me, but you’re only making it worse with all of your screaming.” I walked back into the bathroom to remove my makeup and wash my face.
“Then you shouldn’t have made me leave the party!” He shouted back, clearly not understanding that I wanted to drop the subject and just sleep.
I emerged from the bathroom makeup free and buried myself in the comforter of the bed. “Again. I didn’t make you leave. Go back if you want. I’m not forcing you to stay.”
Luke huffed when he saw that I wasn’t putting up much more of a fight. “Fine. I will.” He grabbed his jacket again and headed for the door. “I don’t even know why I left in the first place.” Then the door slammed shut.

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5 things you’ll find in my bag:
Wallet, phone charger, house keys, car keys and a pack of gum.

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:
Drumset, bed (best place on earth), me, guitars and ducktape (don’t ask)

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:
Travel around the world, date someone (i’m pathetic…), work as a bartender, sing in front of a crowd (without freaking out) and speak Japanese.  

5 things that make me happy:
Oh god, uhm… my friends, my family, music, puppies and outer space.

5 things I’m currently into:
Wynonna Earp, my drums (i’m loving learning how to play…), Bechloe, chess (i’ve been playing a lot of it recently) and fanfiction (reading it, not writing).

5 things on my to do list:
Finish goddamn college, get a job, work towards becoming a musician perhaps(?), move out of the country and try not to get crazy.

I’mma tag these humans: @whatmakesyouahero, @maga-bm, @moviesoccupymylife, @shepaholic, @mrs-bartowski and whoever else wants in on this, I wanna get to know you cuz you seem cool..

adilia-the-kouhai  asked:

Elise plays violin. Leon plays the flute and Camilla plays piano. Takumi is good with both clarinet and trumpet. Hinoka has a guitar. Sakura plays sax and RYOUMA SHREDDING IT ON A RECORDER. IMAGINE THE FAM FINDING OUT MARX HAS A DRUMSET.



marx giving the rhythm on his drums and screaming at everyone for not keeping up

leon and takumi have a contest on who can squeak louder

neighbours report them several times

HER AMAZING VOICE (Andy Biersack Imagine)
{Requested by anon :3}

You were pretty much having a bad day today, school was hell, teachers gave you shit, parents were being unfair, and classes were just becomming harder and harder.
After arguing with your parents you locked yourself in your bedroom and just sighed as you plopped yourself on your bed.
“Fuck my life…” you muttered then sat back up. You glanced to your right and saw your song book. Some of the lyrics were created by you, they were beautifully written of course, but most of the lyrics in the book were by your all time favorite band Black Veil Brides.
You flipped through the pages and stopped at the song Lost It All. You loved that song so much and sang it whenever you were feeling down.

“Then I lost it all, dead and broken my, back’s against the wall, cut me open Im, just trying to breathe just trying to figure it out, because I built these walls to watch them crumble down…” You sang, you had a really nice voice, you were told by several people that your voice was beautiful and angelic, but of course you never believed them. Sure you sang a lot, singing was honestly your passion, but you never thought that you were any good. Not as good as someone like Hayley Williams for example.
As you continued to sing the song, right when you were about to finish your parents came in barking at you about your attitude.
“Oh my gosh can you guys just leave me alone?!”
“No! Young lady your attitude is getting out of control!”
You didnt wanna hear anymore bullshit so you just grabbed your song book, put it in your pocket and stormed out of your room and then out of your house.

You ran as far away as possible, away from your parents, away from your house, away from your neighborhood in general. You were very far away now, your cell phone was already vibrating like crazy with text messages and calls but there was no way you wanted to talk to anybody right now.
You stopped walking because your feet were hurting and you wanted to catch your breath from all that running. You leaned against the wall of what looked like a studio building, you heard some music blasting up in there, sounded like the kind of music that you loved listening to.
It made you smile for the first time today.
It made you feel really good inside. You grabbed your song book out of your pocket and began to sing your heart out to the rythmn of the of music you were hearing inside.

You were going all out with your voice, like if nobody was watching you at all. Your voice and music mingled so well, it was absolutely the perfect blend.
And little did you know, inside the place, was your favorite band.
Black Veil Brides were rehearsing their set list for their next concert. Andy was very tired from singing so much, in the middle of the song Heart of Fire, he sighed and suddenly stopped his magnificent voice.
“Dude whats up?” CC asked standing up from his drumset.
“Nothing my throat is hurting.” He replied.
“Well we have to keep practicing these songs man.” Said Jinxx.

“And we will, I just need to take a break I really need a cigarette, take five.” He tells everyone and steps outside the building.
As he came outside he grabbed the pack of cigerettes from his pocket, sticked one in his mouth, lit it up and took a huge puff of smoke.
He grabbed the stick from in between his fingers then blew out some more smoke.
You were only inches away from him on the other side of the wall. You flipped through another page of the song book and sang the same song as before, which was of course, Lost it All.
Andy was about to place the cigerette back in between his perfectly shaped lips until he heard your voice from a distance. “Whaa?…” he muttered completely shocked and amazed by how beautiful you were sounding.
“I believe, that we aaaall fall down sometimes!!”
You sang. He followed the sound of your nice vocals until he found you.
He smiled, very impressed, it was almost unreal to him.
“Hey!!” He yelled smiling. You flinched and glanced at him, your eyes went super wide and you felt like you were gonna have a heart attack. You even pinched yourself to see if you were dreaming. Were you really looking at the lead singer of BVB, the band that youve always dreamed of meeting?

It took you five minutes of silence to realize that in fact you are standing in front of Andy Biersack.
“Uuuh you okay?” he asked breaking the shocking silence. You couldnt answer at all, its like your voice immediately left you as soon as you caught sight of him.
He became a little worried about you and started taking steps a little closer towards you.
“Shit…” you whispered, and for some reason, you decided to run away.
“Hey wait up!!” Andy yelled running after you, you figured he was faster than you, because in no time he was already very close to you.
He grabbed your arm and turned you around to make you look at him. He was even more beautiful in person to you.
He chuckled and smiled at you before talking,
“Why did you run away Im not gonna hurt you.”
“I-I know its just that…I mean…dude its you!” you finally managed to say.

He laughed once more, “Im guessing youre a fan of us.”
“Fuck yes I am! youre music is awesome!!”
“Well thank you I really appreciate that.” He sweetly replied.
“Well um…what made you approach I mean wow..I cant believe this is actaully happening.” you asked.
“Your voice, I couldnt help but overhear you singing one of our songs, you really have an amazing voice you know?” He says.
You blushed really hard, you heard people compliment your voice before but to hear that from THE Andy Biersack, you pinched yourself once more, this time you squeezed your soft skin harder. “Ow!”
“Woah, why did you do that?” He questioned.
“Im sorry I couldve sworn that I was dreaming.” you responded.
Andy cracked up once more, his laughter made you blush even more. “Whats your name?”
“Nice to meet you (Y/N) Im Andy.”
“I know, can I have a hug?”
“Of course you can.” He says giving you a sweet hug, he smelled so damn sexy to you.

“Andy?! andy where are you?!” CC called out.
“Oh my God is that CC?…” you asked yourself.
“Over here!!” Andy yelled back.
CC came and found the two of you and you went more into shock, this time you slapped yourself.
“Oooh!!” they both said making painful expressions.
“Please stop doing that to yourself.” Andy begged.
Moments later you joined the guys in the little rehearsal room. You were having so much fun rocking out, your parents kept blowing up your cell phone but you had texted them saying that youre okay and that youll be home soon.
All of your favorite songs from them were being played. And you harmonized with each and every one of them.

Andy told everyone to stop for a moment and you all became confused.
“Hey (Y/N), come up here and sing with me.” He tells you.
You froze, “W-what?!” You said.
“You heard me come up here.” He says once more.
The rest of the guys were cheering you on and telling you to go up stage as well.
You hesitated but slowly you stood up from your chair and went up stage. Jake handed you a mic and you smiled nervously.
“Well (Y/N) what song would you like to sing?”
“Do I really have a choice?”
They all shook their heads and you took a deep breath, “Well one of my favorite songs right is Goodbye Agony.” You tell them.
“You heard her guys, lets do this!” Andy yelled.
The song started and as it went on, Andy told you to sing the second verse.
You didnt want to at first but he insisted.
You sang the second verse and as you saw everyone cheering for you, you shyness went away and you sang just like you sang by yourself. Everyone was so impressed and blown away, clapping for you when the song was over.
Andy came over and gave you another hug, and put you in shock once again when he said these words..
“Gentlemen, say hello to Black Veil Brides’ no co singer.”

Your hands went over your mouths and the guys came over and congradulated you with hugs and high fives.
“Oh my God…” was all you could say, this day just kept getting better and better.
Months passed and it was finally time for your first ever concert with the guys. You were back stage all dolled up and ready, but you couldnt help but feel super nervous. You never sang in front of a huge crowd before.
“Hey (Y/N) lets go we’re up.” Said Andy walking up to you.
“I cant do this…”
“I cant do this Andy, what if the fans dont even like me?”
He sat next to you and placed an arm around your shoulder. “Theyll love you, youre just nervous, you really do have a beautiful voice, you are gonna blow that crowd away.”
“You think so?”
“I know so, and I know the perfect song to sing together.” He says helping you up and pulling you on stage with him. The crowd went crazy when you guys came on.

Andy introduced you and the BVB army welcomed you with lots of love, you really appreciated that.
“Alright we are going to sing the song Im sure youre all familiar with, and this one is especially for our new singer (Y/N).”
The song he discovered you singing played.
You smiled so big and began to sing it.
The crowd was cheering for you, screaming your name and grabbing your hand whenever you extended it.
When the song was over the guys came over you all held hands bowing down.
You looked around the audience once more, seemed like you already had a lot of fans.
A tear of joy escaped from your eye, and more happy tears followed after that. Back then you were a little insecure of everything about yourself, but now, you gained so much confidence, you felt like nothing and no one can stop you. Thanks to Andy, CC, Jake, Jinxx and Ashley, who supported and were there for you from day one. You were different now, you were a whole new person..
A person whose dreams came true.

(Hope this was written well haha :3)