my dreams of yesterday

Do you remember the day you moved in?
You threw a party,
more interested in
your friends
than in your
new roommates.
I decided that I hated you.

You shook my hand
and I faltered.
You asked me about
my pride flag
and I snapped at you,

We sat in our
You were the only
in this gaggle of girls.
I was there
to keep you up to speed.

It took me a while
to speak to you alone.
You asked me why
I couldn’t stop smiling.
Boys used to tell me
I had a
ugly smile.

Remember when we
rearranged the magnets
on the fridge
into a crossword of
our names.
We were both smiling

You put a
bike lock
on my cupboard
so I hid all your
cutlery and plates
under my bed.
A ceramic dream.

We got lost
somewhere between
yesterday and now.
Long laughter
and coy glances
and dumb smiles
and the weight of
our silence.

I was sad and
drunk and
lonely and
I almost told you
I loved you.
You laughed at me
and told me
to go to bed.

I met someone
and I told you
about her and
you didn’t say
and you still don’t.

I say hi
now and then.
We small talk about
our crappy flat
or university.
I see you
but I still miss you.

—  Hugo - s.d.

Venus, evening star & Moon

and the first dream of 2017


I don’t remember what kind of first dream I had yesterday.
But my daughter says “You were laughing” …(>_<)

Later that day the hobbits held a meeting of their own in Bilbo’s room. Merry and Pippin were indignant when they heard that Sam had crept into the Council, and had been chosen as Frodo’s companion.
‘It’s most unfair,’ said Pippin. 'Instead of throwing him out, and clapping him in chains, Elrond goes and rewards him for his cheek!’
'Rewards!’ said Frodo. 'I can’t imagine a more severe punishment. You are not thinking what you are saying: condemned to go on this hopeless journey, a reward? Yesterday I dreamed that my task was done, and I could rest here, a long while, perhaps for good.’
'I don’t wonder,’ said Merry, 'and I wish you could. But we are envying Sam, not you. If you have to go, then it will be a punishment for any of us to be left behind, even in Rivendell. We have come a long way with you and been through some stiff times. We want to go on.’
—  The Ring Goes South - The Fellowship of the Ring
Gone (Tony x Reader) (1/4)

Originally posted by carpelunam

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Summary: Reader is Tony’s wife, everything was perfect in their lives, but then something happens to the Reader

The warm breath sent shivers down my spine. I was awake, thinking about the last night. Tony and I had an argument yesterday. He was the man of my dreams, but sometimes he could be a pain in the ass. I was still angry at him, but we never spent a night apart since we got married, even before.

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Fever dreams

Inspired by my 102.7 fever yesterday.

“Cisco?” Caitlin balanced the container of soup in the crook of her arm as she fished out her key to his apartment and let herself in. “Are you feeling any better?”

The only response was a loud series of gagging coughs from the bathroom, so that was probably a no. Caitlin poured the soup into a pot and set it to reheating on the stove, then started digging through the cupboard for the tea she knew like liked best when he was sick. Only two packets left, she’d have to get more and bring it by.

The soup simmering and water for the tea heating, she knocked gently on the open bathroom door. “Cisco? Do you need help getting back to bed?”

“My legs’r being mean.” Cisco’s hair was still tied back from the previous evening, when he’d sent a garbled text to her and she’d found him with a fever of 102.8. “Stupid legs. Walking’s nope.”

Caitlin took that as “yes, please.” Stepping inside, she paused.

“Um, Cisco,” she said warily, reaching for her phone. “Why is King Shark in your bath tub?”

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realizing there won’t be a NCT life season with Dream team…