my dreams are torturing me

one time I had a dream that my mom sent me to this torture house where every time I died I respawned in the house, but when I escaped it and told the cops where I’d been trapped, I woke up laughing because I told them the house was called the “Marilyn Mansion” and I swear to god my subconscious made up this whole scenario for a stupid fucking pun

the other night i had a dream that i was hosting a dinner party… it was very legitimate there was a wooden dining table long enough to seat six and everything… anyway some guy brought his tiny dog along and after he was done he had some leftover cheese on his plate and said that his dog could eat it so he set the plate back on the table… and the dog came scurrying over… but i grabbed the plate and went “your dog is not eating at the table in my house!!!” and i slammed it on the floor then i woke up in a fit of distress. science side of tumblr what does this mean

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hi tray can u write a poem about still being in love with an ex boyfriend despite everything

“i woke up and my dream was about you. it was like the universe was torturing me to forever be in love with you even if you had already fallen in love with someone else and it’s hard and it only gets harder because i’m forever waiting on the day you let me hold you again.”

‘Iron Maiden’ Lyric Starters

- suggested by Anonymous

  • “[But] now it seems, I’m just a stranger to myself”
  • “[And] all the things I sometimes do, it isn’t me but someone else”
  • “Ain’t it funny how it is, you never miss it ‘til it’s gone away”
  • “Don’t waste your time always searching for those wasted years”
  • “Face up… make your stand”
  • “I got you on my mind”
  • “When you can’t find the words to say it’s hard to make it through another day”
  • “I sometimes feel a little strange; a little anxious when it’s dark”
  • “I have a constant fear that something’s always near”
  • “I have a phobia that someone’s always there”

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aaaaay lmao, gella wants to be cruel and challenge you! *rub hands* >:3 Prompt 17 SataIvlis! Now I will sit here while you struggle in dispaaair! haha, If you don't do it then you're a wimp! a wimp...a wimp...a...wimp *bad intend of a echo*

Here we go~ SatanIvlis + First Kiss

I’m still less cruel than Mogeko, am I not? Also, have a bonus-


Everyday I wonder if you’ll ever feel the same. I wish you do, but I know you don’t. I’d pinch myself thinking it was a dream, if my wish was true. You torture me without even knowing. 

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Do you like to day dream? If you do if what?

I’m constantly daydreaming. Not sure I like it most of the time as my brain likes to torture me 😂 dreaming of things that could of been different or of a perfect life that is impossible! And then sex… 😊

Mute Pt 2 - Isaac Lahey One Shot

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I had a lot of requests for a second part to this…its a long time in the making, enjoy :) xx

Read Part One Here

Stiles POV

Months passed and gradually things got better for her. She was eating and eventually came to school. It was a strange transition I could tell. I remember she used to eagerly wait by Roscoe every morning for Isaac to come by to walk her to class. Of course it made me gag watching my baby sister all lovey dovey with some guy. Now I just swing my arm around her shoulders and pull her into the building with me, trying to make her forget about waiting for him… waiting for someone that was long gone.
She was seeing her therapist again after much, much deliberation. Okay more like Dad and I forced her to go every week. Even though she was living amongst the rest of us again, she wouldn’t speak anymore. Not even to me, or Dad, or anyone. I may catch a word here or there, but forget trying to have a conversation with her or ask her about the whether.
Then the nightmares started. I guess I should’ve noticed them sooner especially considering that our bedrooms are right next to each other. It wasn’t until one night, I was going back into my room from getting a midnight snack did I hear the small whimpers coming from her bedroom.
“(Y/N)?” I knocked softly and listened closely. I heard more whimpering. Immediately my senses made me burst into her room and rush to her bedside. She was in a cold sweat and she was clawing the bed. “(Y/N)! Wake up!”
I turned on her bedside lamp and shook her until she woke. Her eyes snapped open and I could see the tears threatening to leak out. Her hands had a death grip on my shirt and she was shaking furiously. I brought her into my arms and rocked her back and forth like a child. One hand caressed her hair while the other held her securely to me.
I didn’t ask her about the contents of her nightmares and she never mentions them. The only time she acknowledges them are when I’m holding her at two in the morning after waking her up from another one.
“Hey? Stiles? Stiles!” My eyes snapped open immediately as I slide down the locker I was leaning against. Looking around frantically I realize I probably dozed off in the hallway. “You good man? Have you been getting enough sleep?” I nod nonchalantly at Scott.
“Yeah totally! Never been better!” I beam and knock on the locker next to me for reassurance. Scott just nods slowly.
“Alright if you say so.” The warning bell rings and we begin to make our way to class. “Hey man, look I hear tha-“ I zone Scott out almost immediately. I see (Y/N) down the hallway and I wave to her. She wearily waves back and I can tell she’s exhausted too. For now until her nightmares stop this is just going to have to be the way we do things.

Your POV:

My throat burned as I sprinted through the forest. I tripped over loose twigs and roots that were hidden beneath the foggy terrain. It was almost impossible to see as I bolted through quicker at the sound of a growl behind me.
“(Y/N),” he growled and I heard him snapping closer. His feet were pacing behind me almost teasing me. I know he can run faster and I know he’s purposely trailing behind me. He loves the cat-and-mouse game. It was only a matter of time before-“I’m getting bored, sweetie.”
Before I can react I’m being shoved face first into the ground, my face and body making a harsh impact with the dirt. I groan, feeling multiple scrapes across my face, arms, and legs. He chuckles behind me in a menacing way. I try to crawl away from him, but a moment later his foot comes down onto my hand with a loud crack. I cry out as he digs his heel deeper making tears spring from my eyes. He just laughs louder.
“Oh (Y/N), you make it too easy. Then again you are just human.” I try to crawl away again, mainly using my non-broken hand to bring me forward. He takes slow steps beside me as I try to get away. I know in the end, it’ll all be futile. He always wins. “Sweetheart, I appreciate the effort, but we both know there’s no use.”
In a second he has me flipped onto my back and looking up at his piercing yellow eyes. Next he’s straddling my hips, preventing me from moving another inch. I cry out as his claws dig across my arms slowly, creating multiple gashes. I whimper as his head ducks down and I feel his fangs graze my neck.
“Isaac, please.” I feel him smirk against my neck and next his fangs digging into my neck as I scream.

I bolt awake to Stiles furiously shaking me. I sit upright in a cold sweat and my throat sore from screaming in my sleep. Stiles quickly wraps me in his arms and pulls me close as I cry into his body.
“Shhh…(Y/N) I’m here, I’m here,” he coos. I can’t close my eyes or else I see his eyes again, boring down into me as he kills me over and over again. Sometimes in my dreams, it would be a vicious cycle of Isaac killing me again and again. Sometimes he was more lenient and did the deed quick. Sometimes he took his time and put meaning into every slash he left on my body. Sometimes he would even hurt Stiles, Dad, or even Mom and make me watch. A lot of the time, my dreams were a replay of Isaac leaving me again, but he would go into the arms of a beautiful stranger or Allison. It didn’t matter what I was thinking about when I went to sleep because I knew dream Isaac would be waiting for me.
I’m not sure what’s worse, my dreams where Isaac tortures me or my reality where I know he won’t be there when I wake up.


I’m laying
Staring at imperfections in the ceiling
You behind my eyelids
Stoping me from sleeping
I’m having trouble breathing
Suffocating my mind
Gravity is getting stronger
The night keeps feeling longer
All could haves and would bes
Haunting my non existent dreams
It seems as though you
Want to torture me with your memory
They say close your eyes
Close your mind
But when I stop thinking
My brain likes to scream
Of all the things I try to hide
Of all the darkness in my mind
Lost amongst a constellation of our last conversation
And all the mistakes in relation
To how I feel about you
There are no monsters under my bed
They all made home inside my head
There’s nothing left to do
I toss, I turn, I roll
Insomnia takes control
Wraps it’s hands around my neck
Chokes confessions on my bed
Nowhere to hide
Not even my nightmares are safe
Dangle dream catchers in front of my face
Replace the words with lyrics, lines, verses
Nothing helps me to forget
Why can’t I just sleep
I grip my fist around my sheet
The sun rises
My heavy eyelids
Another day with no sleep


You know those dreams where you know you’re dreaming? Well, the one I was having wasn’t one of those. I literally felt like it was the most real thing I’ve ever experienced. I didn’t know it was a dream until I was being pulled out of it by my mom shaking me awake. I wanted to punch myself in the face when I realized what she’d woken me from. Even closing my eyes, I could still freshly see the images in my mind. I wanted so badly to go back there & finish it. See where it was going, what was going to happen, why I was being tortured by 12 incredibly hot guys. I liked it. Because it was a dream & not actually happening. The pain from the torture was more pleasurable that anything, which made me slightly worry for my sanity. Maybe I’m just a masochist secretly. 

My mom threw me a horribly familiar look that said I needed to get up for the day. According to my phone, it was 11am. Three whole hours earlier than I was usually getting up. My mom never liked my sleeping/living schedule. Staying up until 5am, waking up at 2pm on a good day. I liked it. It meant I could get more done at night, when my brain was the most active. I preferred the night time so much more. Maybe because people could see my dark circles & paleness more during the day. My dad always said the sun was scared of me. There’s a reason for that. It’s because I hate it. But day light was useful for putting makeup on decently so I guess the sun isn’t the worst thing in the universe… 

Once my brain decided to get back on track, I was thinking about the dream again. I waited until my mom was gone though, because I did not need those eyes on me while I was thinking about such a detailed, somewhat sexual, torture dream. I just preferred to keep that awkward experience to myself. The funny part about the dream was that, the ones you’d expect to be doing the torture, weren’t doing it at all. It was the three that always seemed the most innocent in my eyes. I guess that should teach me not to believe what I see. But honestly, I never expected them to be so good at sexually torturing someone… Oh, did I mention the sexual part? Yeah, it was sexual. There was some straight up twisted shit happening to me that I was oddly okay with. But like I said, only in my dreams. That does not appeal to me in real life at all. 

I was in full vegetable mode thinking about it when the cute popping sound from my computer made me jump. I didn’t remember turning my computer on, but there it was. The notification that said I had a chat was blinking & I checked the time quickly, just to make sure it wasn’t him. It was too early for that. I opened the chat, thinking it was one of my friends, & to my utter surprise, it was him. He’d been on for an hour again, but hadn’t sent me anything until now. I was starting to think he was cheating on me with another fan… but then that sounded way too ridiculous & stalker-ish so I put that thought out of my head immediately. I waited a little bit to click on the chat, not wanting to seem desperate, even though I totally was. 

ByunFanboy: I dreamed about you last night

ByunFanboy: Not in a sexual way.

ByunFanboy: Well, there was shower sex

ByunFanboy: But it was really nice aside from that.

Oh my god. Was he doing this to me on purpose now? Did he formulate some kind of sick plan to get me all hot & bothered just because it turned him on knowing that I was being tortured? My dream actually makes sense now. They are sexually torturing me by being alive. It’s all so obvious. They’re twisted.

ToothyChanyeol: I had another dream about you. 

ToothyChanyeol: But it wasn’t sexual.

ByunFanboy: You forgot to finish that message

ByunFanboy: “it wasn’t sexual, except for…”

ToothyChanyeol: Shut up. 

ByunFanboy: I thought of something to help you today. 

ToothyChanyeol: Tell me~

ByunFanboy: You can usually spot me right away. 

ToothyChanyeol: …WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? 


ByunFanboy: That’s all you get :P

ToothyChanyeol: Well fuck… 

ByunFanboy: I mean, I could just not help you anymore if that’s easier~

ToothyChanyeol: You’re not helping as it is.

ByunFanboy: I’m sorry. <3

ToothyChanyeol: Don’t suck up to me with your little heart

ByunFanboy: But I’m giving it to you <3 

ByunFanboy: Accept my love 

ToothyChanyeol: Stop it. 

ByunFanboy: No :P

ToothyChanyeol: It would make my life a lot less stressful if you could just tell me who you are. Or if I could just even see part of your face. I would know right away. 

ByunFanboy: That’s a little creepy. Even if it was just my ear?

ToothyChanyeol: Especially if it was your ear.

ByunFanboy: Should I be scared or flattered by that?

ToothyChanyeol: Probably both :P

ByunFanboy: I’ve got to go… but I’ll try to help you a little more before I do.

ByunFanboy: I don’t have a title. 

He logged off before I could chew his ear off for the second very vague clue. But… it actually helped me a little bit. I’d pretty confidently eliminated two members from the list of possibilities. Maybe more if I thought about it really hard. It was getting more interesting to hear what he’d share but frustrating at the same time because the things he’d tell me made almost no sense. I know he had to be secretive but would it hurt to just say “I’m the oldest/youngest”? No, I don’t think so. Although, yes, if he said either of those things, I would know immediately who it was. The hints he gave me ate at my brain while I looked at my blank computer screen trying to work it all out. I needed to think of more things to ask to move it along faster. I was getting too impatient.

A/N: The next part will be a little more of them talking than anything, so be ready for that. There will be a bigger hint in the next one too. xo