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I know you are happy for the Klaroline endgame but don't think that it is sad that Caroline was the only vampire left? She will live for ever or at least get to live for a more extended time than humans do and she will see everyone she loves die. It has already started. Her father, her mother, her husband. She will outline her children too. How is that a good end for her?

How is it not?

Let me start by saying that despite JP’s obsession for turning TVD into a human soap this show was originally based into the vampire mythology. It is meant to deal with vampires and their existence. The pros and the cons and the darkness and the grandeur and the immortality. Ships and endgames aside Caroline Forbes ending up the only vampire in a show that is meant to be based on the vampire genre is an honor and a homage to everything this show once stood for. Every vampire of the show faced the same destiny you describe here. Damon, Stefan, Katherine, the Originals. And yet when their stories began and they were introduced to the audience everyone took in their story expecting to feel their age and get to know their ageless journey throughout the centuries. No one complained about their predicament. Everyone wanted to get more into it. Either their story was tragic, or intriguing, or dark, or hopeful. It was interesting because the very concept of immortality is an unachievable dream that intrigues humans. So many writers get to write for Vampires, Demons, Gods, Immortals, etc. Because their stories are enveloping every hope and aspiration and tragedy and epic emotion a human can have and dream of. The unreachable. The impossible. Even something to sent the human soul straight to damnation. All those elements hide greatness and misery in them. And Caroline Forbes was meant to endure and persevere and become a Vampire. She relished in her nature. She owned it. She accepted it and craved the perks that come with vampirism. She would not turn to a human if she had the chance. She never wanted or expressed that wish. For the simple reason that she likes been strong, ageless, fearless and she prefers who she is not to the girl she used to be.

On the other hand everything you describe in your ask are things that can happen in a human life too. So what happens then? You give up? You curse your life? You find no meaning to it? A person can outline others and can outlive even love and memories and things he or she never thought possible. Calamities and tragedy are part of life either that life is meant to carry on for a few decades or longer or less. It is what we do with our time and how we face the things that happen to us that make life worth it. It is even how we stand in the face of loss and loniliness. How we grieve. How we move on. How we hope. How we persevere and if there was one motto that Caroline Forbes ever had in that show was perseverance.

That does not take away the importance of the things you write in the ask. If anything they give more meaning to Caroline’s existence because facing these losses will make her live every day to the fullest. Will make her wiser. Will make her not lose track of time. Will make life have meaning.

Do you know who else also contemplated the very same thing you ask me here? How eternity would have no meaning? How it would suck? How it would be a source of depression. How it would take away and take away and leave no meaning?

Caroline Forbes did. In her birthday in season 3.

So much so that she did not want to celebrate her birthday and ended up giving a funeral to the human girl she buried behind.

And do you remember who exactly showed her that very same day that while life takes something from you it gives you something else back? That there is meaning to found in forever. Because truth is that loss will come and you contemplate giving up.

“ And I could let you… die. If that`s what you want. If you really believe your existence has no meaning.

I`ve thought about it myself once or twice over the centuries, truth be told.

And let us face it. Who doesn’t think of that in their lives? In our human lives fantasy aside have we never thought of that very same question? Of how to endure with loss? Of how to go on? Of how we can outlast the pain and not break? How to hold on to people that leave us behind or we lose them by death or any other reason? There is always a time even for the most optimistic people where they think that life has no meaning or ask themselves what is the meaning of it all.

So here Caroline’s immortality is a parallel to what we face in real life because art in its own way tries to give answers to such questions.

So what is the meaning of it all? How could Caroline ever move on and why should she want to? Why would that be good for her?

Because with the loss there is also the gain. Because life is not black or white. It has endless colors and twists.

Imagine that. Let it sink in. Life does not end with loss or with pain. This is why we are alive after all. There is whole world is out there still waiting. Genuine beauty. And music. And art. And more birthdays. More chances. More dreams. More potential. More possibilities.

A thousand more birthdays.

Because life does not end with loss and misfortune. You do not get to sacrifice your life in the name of loss or lost love or broken dreams. Life moves on. With endless possibilities ahead. With optimism. You grit your teeth and you move on until you can smile again. Life continues with pain and loss and tragedy and laughter and love and joy. Because every turn gives you something and it is in your hand to take that something and make something out of it. Something for you. And this is why people still dream of immortality and want to live longer and crave stories of ageless creatures. And admire those tragically and gloriously beautiful stories. Because life goes on and is full of wonder. And people can only wish to be able to be bigger than life. With everything that includes.

Time is unrelenting and brings change and with it society and culture and life itself alters and people want to be there to see it. To experience it. To live it. Because people reading history and get fascinated by it and then dream of the future. And Caroline Forbes will be there to live all that. Maybe she will outlive some people and maybe she will carry their memories with her but she won’t outlive everyone. Because she will get to meet more people. She has endless possibilities ahead. To love again. To laugh again. To be an extrovert. To be an introvert. To find more questions and answers. Endless horizons ahead and this is why Klaroline and the idea of a vampire Caroline Forbes was always so alluring to begin with and enchanted so many people. Because it held the promise of eternal. The promise of however long it takes. The promise of genuine beauty. Because it was brilliant and ugly and the truth and the lie and it was about brutal honesty and manipulation and rage and soothing silence and it was challenging and unpredictable. Just life is.

And how important is to actually be able to grasp that? And by that I mean life. To have nothing more to do than ask? Because this is what life is. It is your choice. It is as good as you let it. Because you need to want to live it. You need to want to ask. All you have to do is ask. And then take it step by step. Let me say it again. Life does not end with loss or grief. Emotion is not finite. Relationships come and go. Love can be replenished or be found in so many places even unexpected ones. Hope does not end. Meaning is always in different things all the time if you only open your eyes. Pain does not last forever no matter how cruel and unforgiving it seems at first. You fight back and you live. And all you have to do is ask.

And this is one of the many reasons why I personally like Klaroline so much and why their endgame was so important for me. Because of this very message that you sent me. Because Klaroline began with the very same core of question you put in that ask. Their very first defining scene was about what you ask me here and it answers your question perfectly. And that was why I was so moved by Klaroline chemistry and potential aside. Because of the promise of endurance. Because it was a promise of how Caroline could live and become greater than life and …loss. This is how it all began. And this is how Caroline will move on because this has been her origin story and not the end. It is only the beginning. But that is the beginning of another story.

So you tell me anon? How is that good for Caroline? Or for anyone for that matter? How is it good for anyone to actually live their life? To find meaning in that kind of existence?

Maybe simply by living. And that is a good thing.

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if you're taking requests; gallya and 38 please :)

“That dress is all wrong,” Illya said sullenly sitting back in his chair and folding his arms over his chest.

Beside him, Napoleon flicked a look at him from the corner of his eye then tilted his head as he looked back at their partner who was flitting about the room acting like a blushing bride to be, along with the daughter of a particularly important mark. They were at some sort of wedding expo, something from personal nightmares, but he was enduring.

“I think she looks quite pretty.”

“That dress is far too… fluffy,” Illya said. “She would not want to wear anything that would get in her way such as this.”

“But, in theory, it is her wedding day,” Napoleon said. “Surely her focus isn’t going to be how fast she can run.”

“It doesn’t matter, she is far too practical and she prefers comfort.” There was a moment of silence from the man beside him as they watched Gaby huff a stray bit of hair out of her face, managing to plaster a smile back on just as the mark ‘s attention returned to her. “Besides she is lost in all that tulle. She needs to be framed in silk – something in an a-line. And not white either, cream, with a slit on the side for a peek of leg. It is a crime to hide her legs.”

“Wow,” Napoleon said, biting back on a wide grin. “You’ve thought about this, haven’t you?”

Illya went very still for a moment and then shifted in his seat before mumbling something about these things being obvious to anyone who knew fashion.

Across the room, Gaby shoves at her full skirt with annoyance.

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I am prepared to wait for the dreamy boy and the electricity boy to kiss

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I was looking for a response, and in the thumbnail this sort of looked like them (it doesn’t really when it’s full sized), but like… Arthur is a water witch and he would be so offended that his friends are making out in his turf.  He would KNOW.  The water would tell him.  He would stand around in his bathrobe and flip flops and shake his head and Daphne would have to talk down his delicate sensibilities. 

“Why the water though?” 

“It doesn’t matter where-”

“The water, Daphne!”

“Arthur, go to bed.”

Painting Brighton // Joe Sugg

Word Count- 933

Request- could you do one with joe where the reader is drawing on the beach in brighton and joe notices and compliments her and they start talking and she tells him she’s also from london but she came here because she wanted to draw the ocean and they take a walk on the beach and they don’t notice that it’s already evening but he doesn’t want to stop talking to her so he asks her out?

A/N- I’m writing again. Not every day, but more often. At least i’ll try. im still working through some things so bear with me. also i suck at titles sorry


Your focus remained on the canvas as the sounds of Brighton flowed around you. You heard the calls of seagulls, the rushing of waves, the passing of cars, the chatter of people; but your eyes stayed on the brush that dragged along the linen. You grabbed a different brush and dabbed it into the yellow paint. You swirled the brush in a sloppy circle as your eyes darted from the actual sun to the replicate one on the canvas. Luckily, it was a somewhat of a cloudy day, so looking at the sun wasn’t too harsh.

As you grabbed the brush that would recreate the clouds, you heard a voice.

“That’s amazing,” you turned and looked at the lean boy behind you.

“Thank you,” you smiled.

“Is it a hobby or a profession?” he asked as he stepped closer.

“Just for fun,” you turned back and began on the clouds.

“Well, you could definitely make some money off these,” he said, you could hear the smile in his voice.

“You think?” you smirked.

“Yeah,” he chuckled. “I can already see your name on all the billboards in London!”

“You don’t know my name,” you stated.

“Why don’t you tell me then,” he eyed you as you sat down your pallet.

“I’m Y/n,” you smiled, sticking out your hand.

“Joe. Joe Sugg,” he shook your hand. You took note at how your hands fit together.

“So, Joe.” You chuckled as you noticed your little rhyme. “What do you do for a living?”

He sat down on the pebbles and looked up at you, “I’m a YouTuber.”

“Ahh, I see,” you smirked, picking up your pallet. “You’re one of those kind of people.”

“Oi!” he defended. “Don’t knock it ’til ya try it.”

You pointed your brush at him, “Don’t tell me want to do Mr. I have weapons.”

He scoffed, “Please, paint isn’t a weapon.”

“Oh really? Let’s see how good it looks on your white shirt then,” you lunged at him.

“Hey!” he jumped away. “Woah!”

You stopped but he continued to run.

After he was about 10 feet away, he turned back towards you.

“Well are you coming?” he flashed you a big smile.

“Coming where?” you asked.

“With me, of course!”


“C’mon Y/n! You’re wasting the night away.” He sighed.

“Its noon,” you laughed.

“Just come on!” he held out his hand.

You looked back at your art tools, “What the hell.”

You walked over to him and took his hand.


You two spent the next 20 minutes walking down the beach and talking.

“I grew up in a small village, but I wanted the experience of living in a big city. SO I moved to London,” he explained as you two walked past a small family.

“No way!” you gasped.

“What?” he looked over at you.

“I live in London too!” you smiled.

“Small world,” he chuckled.

“So what brings you to Brighton?” you asked, swinging your hand.

“Sister,” he said. “I come down every now and then to see her and her boyfriend.”

“And to film videos?” you added.

“That too,” he chuckled. “How about you? What brought you, the mysterious artist, to Brighton?”

“You think I’m mysterious?” you looked over at him.

“A little,” he smiled. “But you didn’t answer my question.”

“Well, if I answer it I won’t be mysterious anymore!” you giggled.

“Fine,” he sighed dramatically.

“But seriously, I came for this.” You motioned around you two. “The ocean. I actually didn’t go to a beach until I was about 15.”

“What? That’s crazy,” he said.

“I know!” you agreed.

“Have you drawn it before?” he asked.

“No, I just got into a drawing about a year or two ago actually,” you nodded, recalling the memories.

“Really? What got you into art?”

“I actually hated art growing up, but then in college I was sitting on the grass and was too bored to study. So I started sketching my dream wedding dress,” you chuckled. “Ever since, it’s been my safe haven.”

“You’re really good at it,” he looked over at you again, taking in every inch of your face.

“Thanks,” you met his eyes, then the sky behind him. “Holy crap. What time is it?”

He grabbed his phone with his free hand it clicked it on.

“Uh, about half past 9,” he looked up at you and chuckled.

“Crap,” you looked around. “Where are we?”

“I’m sure if we keep walking we’ll find your art stuff.”

“I just hope it wasn’t stolen,” you whispered.

He rubbed the back of your hand, “hey, don’t stress. If anything was stolen, I’ll buy it.”

“You don’t have to do that,” you sighed.

“I mean, I am the reason you left it.”

“But I don’t regret it,” you looked at him through your lashes.

He looked ahead and smiled, “There it is.”

“Oh thank god!” you untangled your hand from his and ran over to your set up. You began packing it up, making sure nothing was stolen.

A few moments later he appeared behind your canvas.

“Listen,” he started. “I really like you and I hope you like me too.”

“I do,” you interrupted.

“So would you like to go on a date when we get back to London?”

You grabbed a piece of paper from your bag, “I’ll be back next Monday.”

He took the paper that had your number scribbled on it and smiled.

“Can’t wait,” he smiled as he walked towards the town.

You looked at your half painted canvas.

Who knew the sea wasn’t the only good thing about visiting Brighton.

Not A Perfect World: a Nurse Offstill fanfic

In which my OC Nurse Offstill and Harold have a private talk in her office. 

A lot of students came to her office in tears, because of some pain or another. If it wasn’t a skinned knee, it was a classmate’s mean remark. A nosebleed, or Principal Krupp’s severity. A splinter or a broken heart over a bad grade. Nurse Offstill considered it her duty and her privilege to cure all of it, and cure it all she did, with her supplies, her equipment, her secret stash of biscuits that she shared only with the kids, and her sympathetic ear. The students at Jerome Horwitz Elementary came to her for care and support for almost everything. 

Well, it had been almost everything, until the day Harold Hutchins stepped into her office, looking deeply distressed. 

Without a word, Nurse Offstill put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door and closed it so that they could be alone and uninterrupted. She knew that look on his face. It was the look kids made when there was something eating them alive, a woe or a guilty secret they had to share before it led to their mental breakdown. Throughout her career as a pediatric nurse she’d heard more confessions than a priest. And, like a priest, she considered the confessions to be sacred and never shared them. 

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Okay, first of all…


But then again, I finally made this dress! It only took me… few years… I actually wanted to make something like this when I graduated for myself but eww, no, I’m not worthy to wear something pretty like a flower dress. Plus think how much it would have costed to make one in human size!

Anyway, I’m glad that I made this! One sewing dream achieved! Now I need to make my wedding dress… But as a side note: I have to say that I’m so proud that how well that ombre effect turned out with just coffee!

Plus I think that Leia deserved to have this one. Poor thing is the first doll that I’ve had for a full year! But to be honest, I hope that I won’t ever do anything as Mahou Shoujo as this is, lol : D


(Also I felt kinda guilty that I had not sewed anything proper for nearly a year so… Now I can feel more relaxed and not do anything productive in weeks…)

Wedding obsessed

Not even engaged and Ive had this obsession over my future wedding. I keep having dreams about dresses, and cost of the wedding, and him asking me to marry him and all sorts of shit. I’ve been obsessed with looking on Pinterest at wedding stuff, venues.. flowers.. dresses.. decor.. tent rental. It came out of no where.. now I’m obsessed with like.. semi planning a wedding I’m not even engaged for yet. I was legit going to call a couple venue places today and ask for pricing and then I had to talk myself down 😂 wtf is wrong with me.