my dream truck

I’ve been mix-matching Haechan’s outfits from all five eras out of curiosity…….. And…. somewhat I had so much fun experimenting??? I kinda like it??

It turned out something like these:

(highkey liking the orange shirt one)

And some others look like these:

(i kinda laughed at the middle one??? what is dat?? superhero donghyuck??)

and because a certain somebody (*cough* @saddermachine​) like this one in particular, I kiiiinda finished the rough sketch into this:

Somehow I can imagine Donghyuck wearing some of these outfits??? Wdyt? LMAO I think I wanna make some more, really enjoyed making these tho ✨

After not doing anything forever because of no inspiration, here’s Scarlet Witch.


beating traffic now

invite me over to your house

my mom could never know

what you were teaching me

i quit the trumpet

you’d rather me play football

i wore the cleats you liked

i was everything you wanted

the coach of my dreams

truck parked outside of your job

i’m in and I’m out

you’re happy I’m not

i wish you were fired

i wish you were dead

you like when i beg

you like when i beg

i try not to cry right in front of you

you say that’s not for men 

i commend you for the most part

most break ups have a nice start

this was rough since the locker room

its only so much that a rock can do

its only so much

Birthday Hunt ~ A Daryl Dixon X Reader Smut

The Request: 1. It’s my birthday but Daryl has to go on a hunting trip so he takes me with him and we come up on a cabin. We spend the night in the cabin where he ties me up and teases me until I beg him to just f… me and he just as rough as the first night but I’m more used to it so I’m not as sore as the first night.

{Still not sure if I should put warnings but y'all know there is heavy smut 😂 plus a good ol’ fluffy moment too~ Now, let’s. Get. SMUTTY}

It was that time of the year again, Birthday time. Yours to be exact. But this time was different… A few years ago when the break out had started, birthdays were no longer something celebrated, considering everyone had to be and was focused on surviving. It doesn’t mean they didn’t try to celebrate or remember, because they did. Especially Daryl. You, being his one true love and partner, meant more then life to him. And your happiness just the same. Which brings us to your birthday. Last year he had wanted to surprise you. Whether that be gifts, a date, anything. But he had to leave to gather food. And this year to both your inconveniences Rick had asked Daryl the same thing, “We’re almost out of food, I need you to go on another huntin’ trip.” To which Daryl had to agree to. He would never let the group starve.

But this year would be different. When he looked across the room seeing your disappointed expression as he got ready to leave, he decided there was no way he was going to be without you this time. He called you over, to which you came. he invited you on his trip, and with his deep voice and big puppy eyes, how could you say no. So you quickly gathered your needed things and headed out with him.

Like the hunting trips before, you walked for what seemed like hours. And it probably had been. It was now turning dusk and you both knew you needed to find a safe place considering you wouldn’t be returning to the group tonight. Only having gotten a few squirrels, and you were most likely eating them tonight, there was no way he was returning without a deer, or at least any more supplies. Being the natural hunter and survivor he is, he instantly seems like he’s hot on the trail of something. Whether that be food or shelter.

With or without success in finding food, you were much more happy to be spending your Birthday with him. On walks or hunting trips alone he would hold your hand, kissing it from time to time. Being alone with you made his shyness disappear, his insecurities, gone. He was happy, more relaxed. Or as relaxed as he could be considering walkers could be near at any moment. But with the worry of the world not on the top of your minds right now, it left time for peaceful conversations. Something that very rarely happens now a days. And Daryl, for once, was opening up about his past. Though it may have been the smallest happy moment he had shared with Merle in their childhood, {perhaps only} it still managed to put a small smile on his face. “So I come home from school, wasn’t expectin’ anything. Never really got shit on my birthday…Didn’t think that time it’d be any different. But I come home, open the door and, and there’s Merle,” he started to chuckle, his smile growing at the memory. “Sittin’ at the table, with a fuckin’ birthday cake and a gift next to it..He actually remembered that year…I think it was the first time he ever had..” his eyes glisten with tears, tears thanks to the joyful memories or tears of the painful remembrance of the loss of his brother, no one knows. You gently squeezed his hand, comforting him with a small soft smile to let him know you were still there, and listening with both ears. He smiled peacefully, for the first time, it was tears of joy. “So..I go over, and the cake says ‘Happy Fuckin’ Birthday, Baby Brother’. I was so damn confused, thought it was a prank or somethin’. Ya know that uh..Thing kids used to do, with the ballon and frosting” he chuckled slightly. {how Merle got the baker to write “fuckin” on it, the world may never know} You giggled, not wanting to interrupt his happy memory and story, you stayed quiet, but non the less you were quite enjoying this. Daryl rarely talked about Merle, and nearly never his past. So this, was the best birthday gift ever. “Was shocked it wasn’t. But then he gave me a present, never, Never would I have dreamed of him gettin’ me somethin’ for my birthday. It made my entire year to say the least. Not gonna lie, thought maybe it’d have a dead animal or somethin’ in it. Just something’ bad I thought.” And this is when you started to get concerned. His expression turned more of serious one. As if he were deep in thought. You went to speak up, to tell him that he didn’t have to continue if he didn’t want to. But then he opened his month to speak, his smiling returning with such great amount of joy remembering what was inside his decorative box, “I opened that box with caution, if it wasn’t dead then I thought for sure it was gonna jump out at me. But I was wrong. It was- Wait, let me explain..” he started to think deeply again, pulling back up even older memories to explain what he got. Or what he felt like he needed to explain to show how much of a big deal this was to him.

“So when I was little, ‘bout, eh…I’d say ‘bout 7 or 8,” he started. You stayed fully listening and completely indulged in his stories. “There was this toy grey pickup truck, it was my dream truck. The wheels actually turned and - oh! The best part was if ya reached inside, it was tight but if ya reached inside and pressed the little steering wheel, it would actually beep!” He explained with his hands, though he was hand gesturing to what he was talking about, it looked like he was fingering the air more then anything. Which caused you to giggle, and for him to smile. He was so happy and excited talking about this. And it seemed, as if for a split second, he had returned to that moment. Pure joy and excitement like a little kid would have on Christmas morning. “That was the best part, by far. All the kids had it. I wanted it more then anythin’. It was so damn cool! A-and he..Merle, he actually fuckin’ got it for me. Instantly best birthday ever. I was just so happy and so damn excited and lost in the moment I hugged him..Thought he was gonna shove me away or somethin’..But he didn’t…He just kinda chuckled and patted my back..I know it’s kinda stupid and all but I think that’s the best fuckin’ memory I got. Least with him” he chuckled, now becoming shy and embarrassed about how he nearly went on and on for an hour about a toy pickup truck he had gotten for his tenth birthday. It wouldn’t seem like a big deal to most people, but to him it meant everything. Especially back then. You didn’t think twice before stopping and pulling him into your arms for a big loving hug. He was surprised, but he returned the hug nonetheless. “Sorry..” he chuckled slightly in embarrassment. You giggled as you placed a gentle, soft loving kiss on his cheek, “Don’t be. I enjoyed it so much. Plus I have to admit, I kind of wish I would’ve gotten that for my birthday back then too, sounds pretty cool~” You grinned. He chuckled as he held you closer, nuzzling your shoulder slightly. This was like a whole new side to him. And to think you were the only one who was close enough to experience this part of him. It was for sure something to be proud of. “It was” he replied with a grin. You giggled once more as you slightly pulled away from the hug, gently cupping his cheeks with your hands, allowing your thumbs to gently rub away the bags underneath his eyes. he smiled softly and gently placed his forehead against yours. You softy brushed your nose against his, a way of showing affection. “You know, just being here with you, alone, this is the best birthday ever.” You smiled. It was the truth. Having this bonding moment with him, being so close and in his arms after what seemed like forever expecting nothing but a smile for a response, maybe a kiss. It was for sure a surprise when you got neither. But simply a chuckle, and a bold sentence. “Darlin’ we ain’t even started to celebrate yet.” You were caught off guard. So he was planning something? What was it exactly? Oh god it wasn’t birthday squirrel dinner was it? Hopefully he wouldn’t put a candle in it and have you blow it out…“Wh-What do you mean?” You stuttered out. He chucked as he placed a warm kiss on your forehead before pulling away from the hug, taking your hand back in his he spoke, “C'mon, if I’ve been seein’ things right there should be some place up here where I can show ya it ain’t somethin’ that can be put into words exactly.” His grin showed pure evil plans. And god, did you love it. Though you were confused, you loved this new mysterious side of him. Especially since it possibly included getting laid.

Sure enough you both soon came upon a cabin, looking abandoned but not too old, it was sure to work perfectly for shelter during this hunting trip. And whatever ‘surprises’ Daryl was planning, too. As you both got closer he raised his crossbow as did you with your gun. Though you both secretly had sinning on the brain doesn’t mean safety doesn’t come first, because it does. Especially with new places. He searched the trees making sure no traps were set up, and when there wasn’t, you both headed inside. Searching the place over like you had both done the outside. You cleared the small bathroom in the back left corner, nothing but a toilet and a sink, and a very small shower. Daryl checked the main room, nothing special. The kitchen was small, not even having a full size fridge but only a mini one. The bed was against the far right in the back, and the living room, or what used to be of it was in the middle. It was only an old couch now and a broken tv. “Clear.” You told him as you came out and lowered your gun. “Nothin’ out here either.” He replied as he put down his crossbow. Laying it against the couch then his duffle bag on the couch, he then went over to lock the door, making sure it was safe once again. You sighed in relief knowing you wouldn’t have to put up with walkers in the dark now “I’ll set up some candles and that lantern we brought” You said as you put your gun away and began taking off your backpack to get said things out. “Settin’ the mood for me, Darlin’? ” He said as he peaked through the blinds that covered the two medium size windows, the only two in the whole cabin. This definitely must’ve been the type of place to stay during hunting season, only days at a time. You paused slightly, then began digging through your bag, taking the candles out and beginning to place them around the open cabin room to give just enough light to dim the place, enough to walk around and see the figures of each of your bodies, soon to be close together. Perhaps that’s what you wish he’s planning at least. “Daryl sweetie are you planning something? Or am I dreaming again?” You decided to blatantly ask. He stood there silent for a few moments before returning to his duffle bag, digging through it to find something. You hummed to yourself as you put your back to him to light a few candles. But when you stood up you felt his body against yours, coming from behind his arm reached out and around you, holding a rope in it, he handed it to his other hand, so it was around your waist, giving it a gently tug to get a soft gasp out of you and to pull you closer, he kept one hand holding the rope tight, but not too tight, and the other came and gently caressed your hair back, exposing your neck to him. He leaned in closer, his hot breath rolling down your skin sending chills throughout your body as your breath hitches. Then, in a deep, growly voice he whispers in your ear, “What do you think?” You bit your lip. Oh god, he did have something planned.

{Lord almighty please forgive us for our wrongful doings and sins for there we love us some DARYL DICK 🍆🙌🙏🤣}

The next few moves were blurry in your memory, distracted by his deep voice and his subtle touches all over your body had sent you into a haze, a lusty, sauce craving haze. When your vision finally came back you realized your hands were tied together tightly and hung above your head on the wooden bed frame, through it wasn’t the head frame, it was the foot frame, you were laying backwards basically, on your back and your clothes were no longer apart of you. Your feet were tied to bedpost at the top, making you nearly sprawled out across the bed. You looked around the room for Daryl, but he was no where to be seen. You started to panic a bit, fearing if something had happened during your blank memories of moments ago. Maybe someone had shown up? Did Daryl do this to you or a stranger? But right when you went to call out for him, the bathroom door opened. And there he was. You went to sigh in relief but it was quickly caught in your throat seeing him, he was wearing a black silk robe. His chest slightly showing through the deep v cut it gave. His arms, oh honey his arms. Now the robe wasn’t tight, but it wasn’t loose either. For some odd unknown reason, with the dim lighting and robe giving his arms justice unlike other shirts, you were hoping he was just going to straight up take you, no teasing. Though the grin he held that was hiding underneath his long dirty hair, said otherwise. He had plans. And plans to tease.

“D-Daryl what are you-” You were then cut off by his finger tracing over your lips, he bent down, so his head was near yours at the edge of the bed and said, “Shh. Don’t speak sweetheart. Not till I tell ya otherwise.” He stood up and walked to the side of the bed. You stayed silent, but watching his every move like a hawk. He gently cupped your cheek with his one hand, gently rubbing it with his thumb as he looked at you with adoration. You melted into his touch, you closed your eyes and enjoyed his warm touch until you felt him start to trace his way down. Caressing your neck, to your collarbone and to your breasts. He his other hand joined and he began to kneed them, squeezing softly and even pitching your nipple slightly to get it hardened for him. You moaned and leaned into his touch. He watched carefully “So…What is it ya want for your birthday this year, Sweetheart?” He asked softly. You thought for a second, though you knew what you truly wanted. “Y-You. I want you. L-Like last time, last time we 'did it’.” You moan out. He bites his lip and nods slightly, understanding your wish. His hair falls in front of his face as he looks down at your sensitive parts, already preparing yourself to be loved by him once more. But heck, the way he looks right now. Black silk robe, his big hands kneading your breasts like dough as his dirty long hair slays in front of his face, his ocean blue eyes staring down at your privates, readying to welcome him in. This, was a gift itself. “If that’s what ya want Darlin’…But quick lil’ a warnin’, I won’t be goin’ easy.” His one hand leaves your breast and begins to rub down your bare form, causing a low whimper from you, already kissing the squeezes. “You better not.” You reply. This, seems to spark a deeper need to tease in him. He rubs right over your lips that cover your excitement {the flap flaps} and you fidget, hoping to get some friction but instead all you get is a tease. His hand continues the trail, all the way down to your ankle, then up the red rope that holds it in place. The same rope that would litter your body in lovely red marks by morning. It wasn’t painfully tight, it was just for sure going to hold you in place. “I won’t. But, if it’s me thatcha want, your gonna have to beg, sweetheart.” He sits besides you on the bed. Looking into your eyes showing he meant lusty business. You growl lightly. Was he really playing this game? Jesus, Dixon.

The next ten or so minutes was filled with delicate, teasing touches and rubs. His hands traced around the spots you wanted them, but never touched. He would groan, grunt and moan out your name, and how beautiful you look all tied down for him. Even without any true action, he had you squirming underneath his touch, asking for more, panting and moaning. But still, he hadn’t heard what he wanted to yet. Finally, you had enough. “Are you going to fuck me or just stare?” He stopped tracing, he stopped the teasing. Or at least so you thought. “You ain’t beggin’ yet.” He stated. You rolled your eyes and went to say the first witty comeback that came to your head, but were soon caught off by his sudden actions. He reached and slightly loosened the rope around your ankles, giving you some leverage to bend your legs slightly, but mostly to lift them higher. Then he climbed on top, sitting on his knees between your widely spread legs before gently pushing them up just so they rested on his shoulders. While making steamy dark eye contact with you he undid the tie in his robe. Rolling has shoulders enough so it slid off, slowly, gracefully. his length was revealed in all it’s glory. Thick, girthy deliciousness so close, yet so, so far away. You bit your lip at the sight, sweating in excitement you wiggled your hips to try to get closer, but the ropes forbid you from doing so. He gripped your hips with both hands, holding you tightly and in place as he grinds forward. His full erection sliding up your folds, separating them and covering himself in your juices. You kept yourself slightly tamed, until his tip pushed against your clit, and then the sensation of his precum mixing with your own juices, it sent you into a moaning mess. “D-Daryl, please” you moaned out. He grunted to himself loving the feeling as well. “Please what, sweetheart?” He asked as if he were innocent. Though he was very far from it. You groaned. He then slightly lifted you up with one hand, his other reaching underneath you and smacking your ass, ending it in a fine grope as he pulls away and grinds harder, faster. Sending his tip pushing against your clit even rougher. You arched your back as far as you could, then gave in. “Pl-Please! F-Fuck m-me!!” You scream out, not being able to take it anymore. His grin was devilish, he knows what he’s done. And he’s damn well proud of it. Most importantly, he got what he wanted. And you were about to get what you wanted too.

He left you tied up, his thumb came and rubbed your clit, pushing it up like his tip had done moments ago, giving it a pleasureful pinch as he slides into you, stretching you out like he has done before. Daryl was still Daryl, and you were still you. But this time, there was more heat. More burning passion. Perhaps it was your birthday wish coming true or you two just have fallen deeper in love over the past few weeks. By feel if it, it was for sure both.

He groans softly as he fully enters himself inside you and you moan in enjoyment. He starts slow, half for a tease and half so you can get comfortable. But god knows that won’t last long. And soon, he couldn’t contain himself, he pulled nearly out to the tip, gripped your hips as he slammed himself back inside you, going deeper then before. You both moaned out and you tugged on your restraints even more then you had during the teasing, which was a lot. And so on he rode you rough and he rode you fast. Both of you becoming moaning messes, slurring each other’s names out in mix of lust and passion. Then suddenly he came to a halt. Panting heavily as he reached over you, {Perfect view of those arms now FUCK!} and unties your hands, then behind him and unties your feet. You quickly sit up as fast as you can and swing your arms around him, holding him close as you panted. But before your breath was fully caught he began to work on jamming his thick cock back fully inside you. You were practically bouncing in his lap, your breasts rubbing against his chest as he held you close by your ass, squeezing and even slapping you there from time to time.

After making sweet saucy love in a sitting up position for quite some time, and his speed increasing, you began to feel a familiar feeling build up from deep inside, and you knew your high this time was going to be something out of this world. Perfect, because that’s what he’s always aiming for. He leaned forward until you fell back down onto your back, he pulled out and flipped you over. Both almost completely drained of energy, until doggy style began to take place. Then you were both instantly recharged. Who needs lungs full of air anyways?

He slid slowly into your other hole, like last time, he went with caution, never waiting to cause you any pain. Your safe word was Arrow, and he was expecting to hear it considering his size being so big and you being so small and tight in that region he was expecting to cause pain, but all he got was moans. Ones that sent him into a crazy stir of poundings and slappings. You wanted rough, and he gave it to you. Sliding in and out, deep, passionately, aggressively but not with anger, only with full intentions to satisfy you both.

Just when you thought you were over the edge he reached underneath you and rubbing your clit as he kept pounding into your ass. You arched back against him, trying your hardest to push yourself back further into him. Though he filled you to the brim, you wanted him to push farther, and he definitely did. His two fingers slid inside of your empty aching for more deep wet temple. Though it was just his fingers, he made you feel so full, everywhere, at once. And then he started rubbing your clit with his thumb as his fingers kept going at a faster pace then ever before. You screamed out his name, and he moaned yours deeply.




Your skin smacking against each other’s.

As you were on the edge of blasting off to the moon along with him, he hit a certain spot, it sent shivers, it put all your hairs straight up, his thrust stuttered, feeling the new found wave of pleasure himself, too. His fingers found your g-spot at the same time, all at once. It was like a tornado of orgasms. You both screaming and moaning so loud you weren’t even sure if you were making any sound anymore. All you both knew is you felt bliss.

Pure bliss. p>

He pulled out and came load after load onto your ass, panting so heavily he didn’t even know where he had came. You collapsed as soon as he pulled put, and soon, he collapsed besides you. It felt like years before your breath had returned to normal, but while you both waited you held each other close, closer then ever before. Your head on his chest and his arms tightly around you in his protectively loving embrace, his one hand in your hair as he gently brushed it, helping calm you both back down to normal. Luckily you weren’t as sore as last time, meaning you could peacefully rest in his arms without discomfort this time.

And just as you were about to fall asleep in his arms, you heard that soft, loving deep voice that belonged to your lover say “Happy Birthday, Darlin’. And by the way, thanks for joinnin’ me on this trip.” You giggled softly and exhaustedly, “Thank you, babe. And anytime, I like hunting more when it’s like this.” You grinned into his chest. He chuckled, the happy smile reappearing on his face. “So..How 'bout havin’ this as an annual birthday hunt?” You couldn’t hold back a laugh, and he joined you, holding you closer as you both gave into the need for rest.

“Sounds like a plan, Babe.”

💫~“Birthday Hunt”~

{This was requested by: sugar-and-cyanide-love . Written by: Me!}

Okay so this took so long to finally get up, but now that it is, I can say I’m quite proud of the way it turned out! Shout out to the requester {Name Above} for this request, I really enjoyed writing it and it helped me get my writing back on track. Also, my deepest apologies for the wait. ~ 💫

Red String of Fate

An invisible red thread connects those destined to be lovers, regardless of time, place or circumstances. The thread may stretch or shrink, but never break.

Night Changes// Matthew Espinosa Imagine

*I hope to make this relatively long so enjoy!*

*Matt’s POV*

“You really don’t expect to go on your one year anniversary date dressed like that?” Y/N’s mother, Judy, asks Y/N rudely. “I told you, I’m going in this” Y/N states sternly. Her watermelon skirt sits just under her breasts and stops just above her knees, her white singlet tucked in the skirt and her black vans tightly sitting over her white socks.

“Do you want him to break up with you?” Judy snaps, “that’s the plan” Y/N mumbles as she brushes her hair. “Thank you, Matthew for taking us out tonight, if only Y/N was as considerate as you” Judy says. I smile a fake smile, “Y/N is a wonderful girl and I know Jason’s lucky to have her” I reply sweetly, I see Y/N smile at me from the corner of my eye.

“More like Y/N’s lucky” she mumbles, my smile drops as my brown eyes travel over to Y/N whom is sat in front of a mirror applying pink lip crayon to her lips. “Hey don’t worry, you look amazing” I whisper in her ear when I walk behind her, she smiles at me through the mirror.

“Thank you, Mr Espinosa” she giggles, “well, Mrs Y/L/N, your chariot awaits” I say poshly. She giggles, taking my hand in hers and walking towards the car. Y/N sits in the front while Judy and George- Y/N’s father- sit in the back. When we pull up to the restaurant I hop out of the car to say goodbye to Y/N.

“Well, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow” I say awkwardly, she smiles at me, “I can’t wait” she replies. But her smile quickly fades as she looks at something behind me, I slowly turn around and gasp when I see Anthony- Y/N’s boyfriend- making out with a blonde girl in front of his car.

“Oh my god!” Y/N gasps, Anthony pulls away from the girl and smirks. “Jealous I see” he says smugly, “not jealous, slightly betrayed, but not surprised” she replies. Anthony lights a cigarette and places it between his lips.

“I’m not surprised he cheated on you, especially when you look like a whore in that dress” Judy hisses. “Mother! You’re so suppose to be on my side” Y/N says in shock. “Oh please, how can I when you’re making such a scene” Judy snaps. “Judy-” George starts, “no, don’t worry Dad, all I am is a fat, ugly whore” Y/N says, tears forming in her eyes.

“Come on, let’s get you out of here” I say, placing my hands on her shoulders. “You can’t take her away” Judy snaps, “she definitely deserves to get away from you, what sort of mother let’s get daughter believe she’s a whore?” I ask angrily. “A right one” she growls, “come on” I state, taking Y/N to the car. She hops in the passenger side and I get into the drivers seat.

“Don’t listen to them, Y/N. You’re perfect just the way you are” I tell her, and I mean every word of it. “No, I’m not” she mumbles, looking at her hands, I place my hand under her chin and lift her head up so she looks at me. “Don’t let some judgemental bitch change your opinion on yourself. You are amazing and anyone would be lucky to date you” I tell her seriously, she smiles.

“Now come on, let’s go get ice cream” I say, she nods. After we’ve gotten our ice cream, we start driving to no where in particular, but we enjoy each others company. “Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?” I blurt, “almost everyday, which is really sweet, Matt” Y/N replies sending butterflies to my stomach.

“Well, I try” I say in a girly voice, Y/N starts to giggle. Her voice sounds like heaven and she is honestly the most perfect human being to ever walk the planet and she doesn’t even know it. “Y/N can I tell you something?” I ask, my tone creepily seriously, my eyes leave the road for a second to look at her reaction.

She smiles at me, “shoot” she replies, I stare at the road and take in a deep breath. Here goes nothing, here is when I tell her I have feelings for her. But a honk hits me out of my day dream like a truck, literally and that’s when the truck hits us, but more importantly, the truck hit us on Y/N’s side.


My eyes flutter open and I immediately sit up. “Sir you need to lay down” the nurse instructs, “no, where’s Y/N? Is she okay?” I ask, my voice filled with worried and panic. “She hasn’t woken up, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t going to” she replies soothingly, laying me back down.

“When can I see her?” I ask, she places a wet cloth on my head to cool me down. “When you wake up next, so I recommend you get some sleep” she smiles I nod and close my eyes. “Thank you” I mumble as my eyes close and I fall into a deep sleep.

When I wake up next, the nurse helps me up and takes me to Y/N’s room. The waiting room is empty except for a young girl and an old man. “Has Y/N’s parents showed up yet?” I ask her as we stop at the room Y/N’s in. “No one has and I doubt that anyone will show up because we have contacted her family and its been four days since the accident” she explains.

Poor Y/N, “you are allowed no more than 20 minutes so use it wisely, some people say people in comas can hear what your saying so if you want to tell her something important, tell her now” she instructs, I nod and take a deep breath, walking into the room.

The sound of the heart monitor fills the room, I close the door behind me and look at Y/N. Her eyes are closed, she looks so peaceful and perfect, like an angel.

“Y/N” I say quietly, sitting on the chair that is situated next to the bed. I hold her hand and rub soft circles on her palm. “I’m so sorry” I sniffle, tears welling into me eyes. “This isn’t fair, you should be surround by your friends and family and I’m the only one here” I sob.

“Y/N, if you can hear me, come back to me because I love you more than words can express and when you wake up we can run away and be together. You won’t have to deal with judgemental parents and ignorant friendships, I promise if you wake up I will be all you need and make you feel beautiful” I tell her, a smile on my face and tears roll down my cheeks.

“This is all my fault, we should have just gone back to my house and I would have told you how much I love you there and we could be happy together and we could be having a date at the park right now. I’m so sorry” I sob. I look at her and wipe my tears away.

“If you can hear me, wake up, please. You may not think you belong and matter but you are so fucking important to me. You’re going to get married and have beautiful children, whether that be with me or someone else. I’m never going to give up on you, I promise”.


“She’s awake!” A nurse yells, causing me to shoot awake. I look towards Y/N’s room and stand up. A nurse runs out, “Matthew, she wants to see you” she smiles. I haven’t left for two weeks, thankfully the nurses liked my presence and let me shower hear.

I run into Y/N’s room and smile at the sight of her. “Matt!” She says happily, a smile plastered on her face. I run over to her and hug her tightly, “thank god you’re okay” I mumble into her neck.

“Is it true, did you say all those things to me or was I just dreaming?” She asks. “I actually said it, I love you so much Y/N” I smile, tears fill her eyes and she smiles. “As soon as I get out, I’ll get my things and we’ll run away, just like you said” she says.

“Are you saying you love me too?” I ask, “of course! You always tell me how beautiful I am and you whisper sweet nothings into my ear when I’m sad. You’re perfect, how could I not love you?” she asks.

“I know this is not romantic and not ideal but I can’t wait anymore, Y/F/N, will you be my girlfriend?” I ask. “Of course, now let’s get out of here and start our life so you can be mine and I can be yours”.

*not even kidding I am fan girling over how cute this is. Did I fuck with anyone’s emotions?*