This is everything I ask to see. Seriously. Nothing more.
No kiss, no sex, no romantic stuff…just them calmly saying they love each other. Something that is natural and true.
This is all I ever wanted.


A Girl...

I don’t want just a friend
I want a girlfriend
Not only a girlfriend, but a partner
Not only a partner, but a wife
Not only a wife, but a rider
I need a girl that has no problem
Giving me as much attention
That I give her
I need a girl that will have no problem
Acknowledging my wrongs and rights and will still love me
A girl who will put me in my place
Be silly in my space
Unconditionally support my faith
A girl who’s quick to notice how I can be upset and still make me smile
A girl who hasn’t yet walked out on me cause she knows what’s that is like
A girl who isn’t hesitant on her feelings, but can say “This is how you truly make me feel.”
Wake up to my phone blown up by just her cause she was worried
Good morning/good night texts acknowledging my feelings
When we get into an argument she ends it with something cute
A girl that can bug me, literally open my phone and see her name
Is the most important feeling to falling in love, but scared to be hurt all over again. 💔😔

I’ve always imagined Harry with a specific girl. It doesn’t matter if she is tall or short, thin or fat, sexy or cute, pale or tanned, blonde, brunette or ginger. But I’ve always wanted Harry to be in a relationship with a normal girl. My dream girl for Harry would probably be a girl with a degree is psychology, very smart, able to hold a conversation and sometimes even have an ‘argument’ with Harry and he would be amazed of how much she knows and her passion and her sarcastic comebacks and how good she is at playing with his mind, driving him insane. She would understand Harry completely and he could talk to her for hours and hours and want more of her.
On the other side that girl would be kind of a loner cuz she focuses more on her books and not her social life and Harry would introduce her to his family and friends. He would make her do stupid stuff like get drunk and dance in the rain ect ect. They would complete each other and the most important they would understand each other. I think Harry would like a girl who has her own opinions, weird and original ones, opinions that no one has and that would catch his attention and she would not be afraid to say her opinion out loud in a room with 500 people even though no one would share the same opinion as her. She would be nice and smart, but not cocky, she would be modest and that would be Harrys favourite part I believe. And they would be a pair of dorks when they were alone, fighting with pillows, running around the house, trying to bake a cake but ending up terribly. my favourite part would be the part that Harry would say proudly this is my girlfriend, while holding her hand, his eyes sparkling from love and how proud he is of her and she would blush a lot. And the way he would look at her when she is not paying attention, oh god.
Mark my words. Harry has never fallen in love so far and his relarionships have been like 3 months long, but someday he will fall in love, but he will fall hard and will not let her go cuz he would be absolutely crazy about her. Literaly.
This is my dream!

I need to write this because it´s burning inside of me and I just want to scream it to the world because I´m so happy about having realized this about myself finally: I have been interested in drawing and art ever since I can remember, and at the age of 8 I decided I was going to be an artist, somehow, when I grew up. But I never really defined my dream in a concrete way, and it sort of just flew around out there in the pheriphery as a vague definition like “something with art… something with comics perhaps…. something with cartoons perhaps…”.
but now! NOW I finally KNOW! And it´s like my whole life has come crashing down on me and I suddenly realize everything about myself, my goals and everything …. is just… crystal clear!

I want to be a concept artist! My dream is to be a concept artist, working with developing characters, backgrounds, design and illustration for animated works, cartoons, games, movies and perhaps even developing comics in some kind of big company like Nickelodeon, Dreamworks, Bandai, Nintendo, Toei or Kyoto animation or perhaps even Disney. Nothing makes me as happy as drawing, and no compliment is as important to me as the ones I recieve on the basis of my creations, so I know that THIS is what I am passionate about, this is what I want to do with my life!

Now, you might say “but you study japanese language?” well, the initial idea was to pursue a further education within arts and design in a japanese university after finishing my japanese language education, but as I further develop my skills and interests, I think a just as well considered option is definitely going to America. All I know is that I really, REALLY want to go on to study animation and concept art when I am finished with what I´m doing right now. I don´t really care where, as long as I can reach my dreams.

And if you say “phhhft, you will never be able to do anything like this! Do you know how hard it is to reach that far?” I will say to you “if there was no possibility of reaching a career as a concept artist, there wouldn´t be a job with that title, so SOMEONE has to reach it, now don´t they?” And that might just as well be me, right? I am beyond thinking “rationally and realistically” because why limit yourself? As long as you have the opportunity to study and reach your dreams, why not go for it? And art has the luxurious option of being ever in development and extremely easily accessible, so you technically won´t need a higher education, even though it certainly will help!

Now that I have FINALLY realized that THIS is what I want to do with the whole rest of my life, I honestly can´t WAIT to get started! I just want to explode because I´m so pumped about this, you have no idea!
I just really needed to write this post because this is very important to me, and it has been an important self-realization on my part so I think it deserved a post.
Thanks for reading <3