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I see you all’s werewolf McCrees, and I raise you a were-shisa Hanzo !! (since i rarely see any beast AUs for him ://)

for the AU for mine, basically Hanzo’s this beast that lurks around the now abandoned ruins of Shimada palace protecting his brothers grave, and the whole were-shisa thing is a punishment for murdering him. as for his dragon ability he can summon it by roaring. a tiny mccree is there to measure how big the blue boy is hueh

thanks to @katzbj  for the extra tips~

♥Guess I was just on a roll today with drawings! Here is my dark,tall and electrifying Hei from Darker Than Black ♥

~*Commissions are still open~*


this year, my christmas ereri was much simpler than last one but i hope it still looks good =w=

i hope you all have wonderful holidays, even if you don’t celebrate it. 2016 is coming to an end (fucking finally) so let’s forget our problems for one night and enjoy the happy spirit going around!!

special thanks to @gootbuttheichou @connaweir @pureren @crying-abt-fictional-people @rchanscandy @hana-tox @raryu for being incredible cuties who made my 2016 much better with their kind presence

and a SPECIAL SUPER THANKS to @jedierenjaeger and @baegerbombtastic for being the BEST friends anyone could ask for. i don’t know where i’d be without you <3

AND thanks to ALL my followers for continuing supporting my dumb art TwT i love you all


You don’t understand
I will take you where the wolf lies dead