my drawings are so boring smh


So I got bored and decided to redraw the Up To This Point cover art coz Rhett’s shoulders bothered me a lot lmao with a bonus “updated” version!!! Took me an entire day even though it could be done in 2h smh anyways still not used to drawing fetus Rhett and Link so uh

learngeo  asked:

Hey! Just saw your DBT spread and I was wandering if you'd have some more and would be willing to show them? I've been thinking about good ways to incorporate DBT in my bullet journal but am not sure how. Yours look lovely! I hope you have a good day!!

(i’m gonna post this if that’s okay???)

hey! thank you so much!!! <33 that was actually the very first DBT spread i’d done, as the ones before were printed sheets that my therapist gave me (which imo were so ugly LOL sorry @ my therapist)

i’ve still been using the same layout for my mood/action entries, just more neat so if u want a better/closer look this is a better pic

(this isn’t even as neat as it should be rip)

those are all just moods/actions that i personally struggle with most. at my clinic, everyone’s DBT entries are customized to keep track of their personal struggles, so if you do plan on making DBT entries (if u don’t have one/made one already) then i highly suggest asking ur therapist to help u customize one or making one for urself even. 

this was the original layout for my diary card in case u were wondering what the hell any of that means LOL

in addition to this though i wanted to have some personal things i wanted to keep track of, like sleep, medication, hygiene, and whether i’d actually filled out the diary card LOL so this is the tracker page that i use

believe it or not, i actually used a ruler while drawing those lines smh i have such shaky hands LOL

so yeah, this is kind of basically what i do to make it a little less boring to fill out my dbt entries. 

i hope this helped!!!!

C: For years, I’ve seemed to be the only one in denial about my looks despite the fact that I get the ‘I wanna fuck u’ stare from women and hit on by gay dudes. Even straight guys have called me beautiful, smh. I used to dress down to look unattractive and draw in less women so much that Ive driven myself into a boring, soft-spoken, grown-ass man. I read these confessions all the time about people who are insecure about their looks, but I seem to have those looks and can’t stop acting shy or terrified when I approach women. You’d think that I would be the arrogant type, but I often walk past a beautiful woman telling myself how much of a pussy I am for not saying anything or speaking up for much of anything for that matter. I;m now 30 and I feel like I will never change. I sometimes wish I was an unattractive extrovert. They seem to get all the girls. I just wish I was like an iconic strong black male… #Weareneversatified falseinsecurities #feelingweak #wastingaway

the signs as people in my math class
  • aries: the girl that speaks pretty slowly and questions the teacher in a funny way that everybody laughs (not her voice; the way she asks it)
  • taurus: the dude that popped a plastic bag inside of class for no apparent reason
  • gemini*: that smart girl who usually skips classes but stays for all the math classes
  • cancer: the teacher bc why not and he seems pretty oblivious to some things or he just ignores you
  • leo: that girl who gets so pissed when people are fucking loud when the teacher is talking and comments very rudely
  • virgo*: amazing artist who usually sleeps in every class but will stay awake if people talk to her
  • libra*: v smart person and everybody just doesn't like her that much smh idk why
  • scorpio*: the friend makes the stupidest puns of bees and "water those" and draws smiley faces on my binder
  • sagittarius: everybody else who (tries to) pay attention in class but is bored af
  • capricorn*: legit me since i pay attention for a while then idgaf about it after ten minutes
  • aquarius*: that friend who just complains about math but he still pays attention and messes up his hair so much during class
  • pisces: the pretty smart dude who sleeps in class and does random stuff that gets the teacher's attention for some reason
  • * means these are their actual signs