my drawings and crap

Contrary to popular belief, they actually enjoy each other’s company and often have fun together

 Peony flowers - happy life (also happy marriage hmm)

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Dead cold hands.


                                    Glory to Mankind.

My hand slipped—-but it was torn with what it wanted so it did two designs for him. NieR Automata has taken over my life and I weep for this game. I just had too design a thing for Prompto, but I definitely had a hard time trying to come up with something for his YorHa outfit more than the Resistance one! I like both though, y’all gotta stop me from creating AU’s for this man. It’s not healthy LOL 

A wild Adrinette appears!! 

For the sweet and wonderful @vanilla107!

- mod Levith

a little winter Shiro doodle to help calm my nerves

Their first kiss tastes like salt.

Rather than kiss, it’s more lips brushing LOL

While most people imagine TeruMob first kiss would be happy and cute, I imagine they would cry because their feelings finally become mutual. Or, I just want to draw them cry. /what