After all. .. she was my Wings of Freedom .. .

anonymous asked:

Hello dear! Your art is amazing and I have a request for the Kiss Art Challange! I want Camus and Milo from the Legend of Sanctuary and my dream is would be the wedding scene in 12 or 6. Please realizes the scene of my dreams!

Hi dear anon! thank you so much for your message ♥
OMG LoS OTP ♥ please tell me who you are because I loved the idea ♥ how cute! I chose Kiss on the hand (´∪`*人) 

I hope this will please you!  ヾ(〃ω〃ヾ)


Stream results from today! Requests and doodles for everyone!

1. “Everyone behind me, I won’t let anyone to hurt you!” Request from some buddies, Werefluff Julie protecting googlyjelly thekuto askteampolarize gearswork and Snarf!

2. I misunderstood the request and drew Chopper instead of n°3 Copper

3. Copper for gearswork

4. Kane as Boss from Catherine for askteampolarize

5. Kabutops is a giant croissant. Deal with it.

6. Real Kabutops for Numbuh

7. Beauty and the Beast Shenaningans with Werefluff Julie as the Beast, thekuto as lumiere, gearswork as gaston and my waifu askteampolarize as Belle

8. NOBODY TOUCHES MY WAIFU (more Beauty and the Beast Shenaningans)

Thanks to everyone who stayed during the stream °w° I really had a lot of fun! See you soon!