my drawing style is weird idk

A little break

I don’t want to worry or disturb anyone with my unimportant or weird problems but I really need a small break like a couple days to think on my style on drawing humans, especially how I do draw frisk and Chara… idk want anyone to have a problem because of me so I will not say who or what made me think that way.

But I feel like I need to think about my style on frisk and chara being familiar with an artist’s style because I learned drawing them working on their style and now I feel bad if I wasn’t supposed to work on their style :c

I’m sorry for spamming your dashboard with this boring post but I wanted to say that I need a small break for a couple days to think. I’m not feeling up to drawing something atm sorry ;-;

ok but what if his fem bod looked like that, he would dislike it sooo much that he’d usually go with the masculine bod rather than the fem one unless he was coaxed by a certain someone

i’m trying to get back into drawing, so hey here’s a little style practice doodle if you wanna call it that

anonymous asked:

i really fuckin hate your art style. to the point where it wraps around then cancels out. i love it. its so honest. thats nice

Thanks, I guess? I think?? I don’t believe my style is anything worth strong feelings either way… but I guess this is good?


I can’t believe i made a comic-thingie only to justify that outfit. Afterwards realized it was my first time drawing Lancer. Idk what that last panel means lol.

Simon Jarrett and K8/UH8 from the game SOMA, by Frictional Games c:

Hhhh I’ve wanted to draw some SOMA fan-art for… Idk when this game came out. And now I finally did it~

And man I’m happy to finally draw something I’m actually quite proud of! Feels weird but good.

I still need a bit more simple style for drawing humanoids, though…


I’m aliiive~ And to commemorate my aliveness uh…instead of posting something decent, have two dorks in sombreros singing. Or one dork singing the other done with everything. (I don’t draw fanart this often ok. But it’s good practice for me to draw styles and characters outside my comfort zone.)

If an eyeball and a weird alien skeleton guy is completely foreign to you just…move along. Nothing to see here. (They’re characters from a delightful show called Wander over Yonder and I enjoy it immensely.)

…it all started when Andy Bean noveltymusicservices  said the theme to Commander Peepers sounded like La Cucaracha slowed down. 


…idk what this is. 

Move along now lil doggie. 

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Hi hello I just wanted to know how do you draw hands so perfectly? Although I do draw hands/ attempt to it looks like how Pendelton Ward draws his hands LMAO. I do wanted to improve on drawing hands so I was wondering if you have any tips! qwq Thank you for listening/answering!

MAN IDK WHY BUT I LOVE DRAWIN HANDS!!! they can reveal so much emotion/personalitywise! but hmm it’s weird for me to try to explain how i draw stuff bc so much of my process is intuitive and without explanation… however these are some of the things i keep in mind when drawin hands:

THIS IS TOTALLY MY SHORTHAND (hah.. pun) WAY OF DRAWING HANDS THOUGH so like i wouldn’t heavily reference my style. reffing real hands’ll prob do u well!!!


You knew this was coming, don’t pretend.

(The longer I look at these, the less happy I am with how they turned out, so I’m posting them all now before I become too embarrassed)

Um…idk WHY Tumblr insists on showing you his butt, but I swear there’s more to the picture if you full view it. :|