my drawing style is weird idk

i’m trying to get back into drawing, so hey here’s a little style practice doodle if you wanna call it that

If Sansta is home and trying to sleep and they do this;

Sansta: “It’s 2 in the morning, shuT UP”

Friday: “You Don’T UNdErstanD US dAD-”

@crowfry I am soRRY


Have some splatoon doodles i did!! Its real funny, i tend to draw my kids when im stressed from just everything. Since i really love splatoon and ever since playing and meeting friends from it it helped me a lot in espressing myself in a weird way?? Its probably the best sort of escape from a lot of things 💖💖 i would love having to draw them a ton more. But so far theyve been here for helping me healthily vent and when i have free/ alone time. Cause i do stupid shit when im stressed. If i started drawing them dayly and all the time they lose that feeling i get when i DO draw them. Idk.
This time tho i redesigned a few, or just fixed my style!! But i had a lot of fun drawing them, i love them so much!!! And i feel a lot better its been a while!!!


I can’t believe i made a comic-thingie only to justify that outfit. Afterwards realized it was my first time drawing Lancer. Idk what that last panel means lol.

when people compare my art style to others, I feel really weird. Like not in a “Your style looks like…..” kinda way, I mean like when I draw fanart and people tell me it looks better than the actual show or something? I understand not liking an art style, but calling it ugly in comparison to mine? That doesn’t feel like a compliment. Idk it’s super weird because I only watch shows whose art style I love and admire so it’s almost like people are shitting on my favorite shows WITH my own art.



Lighting and new coloring style practice~

It’s…I’m not sure to call it lineless or not, but I basically started from a sketch, then cleaned it up and etc and colored over it without Layer Masks like I usually do. :D

It’s Reiwyn, my Tempest~!!

In some uh- city setting on the train uh idk.

Weird setting is weird =w=;

messin with coloring styles on a weird sketch i made a while ago. i wanted to draw a character with a face like an oni mask so why not inuyasha

(i never watched even a single episode of inuyasha, i just know that there’s some kind of dog creature that has to sit when a teenage girl tells him to and that speaks to me and my weird monster/girl thing)


I’m aliiive~ And to commemorate my aliveness uh…instead of posting something decent, have two dorks in sombreros singing. Or one dork singing the other done with everything. (I don’t draw fanart this often ok. But it’s good practice for me to draw styles and characters outside my comfort zone.)

If an eyeball and a weird alien skeleton guy is completely foreign to you just…move along. Nothing to see here. (They’re characters from a delightful show called Wander over Yonder and I enjoy it immensely.)

…it all started when Andy Bean noveltymusicservices  said the theme to Commander Peepers sounded like La Cucaracha slowed down. 


…idk what this is. 

Move along now lil doggie. 

Chibi Morau was harder to draw. I had fun drawing Morau, he really is hard to draw, but I perservered. I’m really proud of the top one!

Requested by pinkprisoner, when I said I would draw a chibi/character a day. I know you wanted Machi, but I know how much you adore Morau, so here is Morau. :) I’ll draw Machi tomorrow for you! :3

So I have this weird thing with drawing people as comic book style cartoons because I want to see what they would look like.

And I like drawing Dan in particular because he has the kind of face that looks different from every angle.

So… whatever you want to call this happened. 

Where did all of that purple come from idk.