my drawing style is weird idk

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So, i know it’s just a part. I’ll try to finish this one some other day…

Hope you like and leave some comments?  reblog? idk, this is my second animatic ever, so i’m still learning. The drawing style is really messy, and in some parts the style looks weird and different? but yeh, i’m trying.

This is what he’d do with a fidget spinner-

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Hi :3 I followed you for a while but never told you how much I LOVE your art~ It was time! I am in love with your style, both as a fan and as a young artist and wanted to ask: how did it change over time? What influenced it? Did you actively worked for it or was it more "spontaneous" (dunno if I explained myself well). Everyone tells me my style is kinda Disney-ish, but I'm not sure if I'm happy with it and want to keep it that way, and something near your style would be true #goals to achieve

Thank you very much!!! I luckily have many of my drawings from when I was very young so you can judge by yourself! I think my style has changed a whole lot but there are still things that have remained over time c: I tend to take elements from the things, sometimes on purpose and sometimes it just happens :p that’s kinda normal imo and you can see similar stuff from ppl that enjoy things like JoJo, hq!!, SU, or broarder things like horror manga, sport manga, american comics, Disney

I drew even before this and won a PSX on a drawing contest in 2001 yo but I have nothing from then bc I only drew for school. Anyway, these are from back in 2004 and I drew SO MUCH then! I was for once having fun in school so I was always super hyped drawing that I grew huge biceps (not a joke). Shaman King and Hunter x were my shit. Occasionally drew Dragon Ball stuff

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I haven’t had time to do much recently, but I found myself with the sudden need to draw Arthur, so here is a very rough thing I managed to sneak in

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It's almost like watching a kid grow up but I remember when you started posting BBS art and wow, you've improved so much! Not only that but you developed an amazing style too, one that's really pleasing to the eye. It just makes me super happy to see how much you've done and how hard you've worked to draw how you do now. And I know I'm making an assumption by saying you worked hard, but I really think you have because hard work pays off and your art is definitely the fruit of that labor <3

I don’t know how.. ah.. thank you? I feel like that isn’t enough. Is it weird if I had tears in my eyes while I read this? Idk it felt like something hit me.. I’m just so happy and I feel more proud now than before just because of this message.


Have some splatoon doodles i did!! Its real funny, i tend to draw my kids when im stressed from just everything. Since i really love splatoon and ever since playing and meeting friends from it it helped me a lot in espressing myself in a weird way?? Its probably the best sort of escape from a lot of things 💖💖 i would love having to draw them a ton more. But so far theyve been here for helping me healthily vent and when i have free/ alone time. Cause i do stupid shit when im stressed. If i started drawing them dayly and all the time they lose that feeling i get when i DO draw them. Idk.
This time tho i redesigned a few, or just fixed my style!! But i had a lot of fun drawing them, i love them so much!!! And i feel a lot better its been a while!!!

{{wELP MY HAND SLIPPED AND I MADE A DREAMXERROR CHILD BECAUSE WHY THE HELL NOT THey also still need a name which I have yet to decide 


i’m trying to get back into drawing, so hey here’s a little style practice doodle if you wanna call it that