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Big Bang

lmaooooo ok where to start

i think gdragon is a good composer/producer like he knows what sells/what people want 

they all r ugly as shit

like over half of them have done blackface and that’s just the pit of the iceberg …they get away with literally anything and the most mediocre shit lmao they cant dance for shit and literally any idol group from this or their generation could out dance them any day they can get away with murder and yg will still kiss their asses which is bullshit lmaoo them trying to look edgy just looks like they havent showered in weeks and they are no fashion setters bye the fact that this kind of people are considered “the nation’s boy band” and “the kings of kpop” is honestly tragic not only is it mediocre it’s offensive considering how problematic they are


Sam MekJong reacting to AhRo’s erotic stories.

So @quantum-oddity and I have been talking about a kinda Supernatural AU where Alex and Eliza are both hunters, and meet on a hunt where Eliza saves Alex’s reckless ass from becoming monster chow.

me, watching the next episode’s previews and seeing hansung climbing into yeo wool’s bed:


Hello hello! I know there’s already plenty of points made about the controversial kiss or hug between Yuuri and Viktor, but I happened to notice something else that could help provide some evidence it was more likely to be a kiss. However, this does not mean it’s 100% set in stone it was a kiss, and this is just my opinion and something I happened to notice whist analyzing the clip as I tried to decipher what I thought about it myself.

In the first photo when the kiss is initiated you can see that they are almost upright as the scene is slowed down and they haven’t fallen that far.

Then we pan to Minako, and then to Yuuri’s family and friends at home with their shocked reactions.

Now in the second photo (the part that caused most of this controversy) Viktor’s head is to the side of Yuuri’s. But notice how they are now a mere inch or two off the ground compared to the nearly upright stature they had when they began the kiss.

See what I mean? Viktor obviously was not going for a makeout session when he initiated the kiss, he was just going to get a simple ‘smooch’. So from the time the kiss was initiated while they were nearly upright to the time they were only an inch or two from the ground it’s quite likely the kiss was not long and ended, then Viktor moved his head to the side of Yuuri’s. He also would have done this because as Yuuri’s head hit the ground it would have recoiled back to Viktor, and if they were to keep kissing all the way down that wouldn’t have ended well now would it?

EDIT: Another thing to notice, not in these photos but if you watch the clip (which is no doubt everywhere right now including my own blog). When we see them kissing from the side view as they fall, Viktor’s head stays in the same place even though they’re moving down. If he were just hugging Yuuri his head should’ve continued to move past Yuuri’s face and to the side of his head as they continued to fall. But no. It’s suspended in the same spot as they are falling down.

{Whale Noises accidentally start playing in the nightclub}

Dahyun: How are we supposed to dance to whale noises and get our groove on?

Chaeyoung: I could ask Nayeon, she’s been watching a lot of The Legend of the Blue Sea.