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The queen and king of hell

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This does have smut in it, it’s at the end.


“Elijah Mikaelson I have to say I’m both happy and sad somebody killed you.”

Elijah looks around and it’s just blackness. He looks behind him and sees six inch heels, black skin tight pants, a black tank top and a black jacket he looks up at the face and sees someone he hasn’t seen in years “ Katerina.”

“The one and only. You are the only person I would consider if I was looking for a king. So who finally killed the great Elijah Mikaelson.”

“Where are we, what do you mean king. And the hollow killed me and my entire sireline.”

Katherine looks down at her nails “ Really the hollow pretty pathetic name. Your in hell and I’m queen and because we have a history that you will thank me for later I will give a message to your sibling that you are safe with me.”

“Why would our history be useful in hell.”

“Everything you’ve heard about hell is true fire and torment all day but as queen I get to decide who gets punished and if you say you will be my king I will not let the fire and torment come near you. Everyone wants to be with me to escape it but they are just so ordinary and boring well except for this one named Kai Parker he was fun oh and Lucien Castle he is one of my favorites. So what do you say Elijah rule with me or being tormented and set on fire.”

Elijah thinks about it he knows Klaus is going to try to bring him back because Klaus doesn’t like losing but until then he will have to survive. “ I will rule with you.”

Katherine smiles “ Elijah Mikaelson king of hell.”


Klaus, Rebekah, Kol and Freya are looking at Elijah’s body in his coffin when Katherine appears behind the coffin. “Dead or alive Elijah is still handsome.”

The Mikaelsons look up at the Petrova and Klaus pins her to the wall “ How did you get in my house?”

Katherine smiles at him and releases his hand “ You can’t kill me I’m already dead. But I think it’s precious that even after my death you still want me dead. I have a message from the recently deceased he’s in hell with me he’s actually the king to my queen. He is safe but I have noticed that’s he’s not all there.”

Rebekah and Freya share a look “ What do you mean he’s not all there.”

“Sometimes he zones out and when you call his name he doesn’t answer it’s like he’s somewhere else.”

Klaus taking control he wants his brother back from Katerina. “ Katerina find the other part of Elijah so when we bring him back he’s not broken.”

Katherine looks at the hybrid who she has run from her entire life. “ No he’s not coming back he’s mine you had him when he was alive I have him when he’s dead. You always took him from me when we were alive. You take him from me now I will have nobody and be settled with Kai Parker and Lucien Castle who keeps talking about how fascinating he found Freya Mikaelson plus the Salvatore’s who just mope about Elena.”

Freya is surprised that Lucien genuinely found her interesting. “ He is our brother we are not just going to let him stay dead.”

“ Oh that reminds me your other brothers Finn and Henrik are not in hell.”

Katherine disappears and the remaining Mikaelsons look at each other confused and not entirely sure of what just happened.


Katherine returns to hell and on the way to her quarters she gets stopped by Damon and Stefan who are steaming from being burned alive all day. “Katherine make it stop. You got what you wanted us here with you forever.”

“ You don’t get it, I wanted you here because of what you’ve done to me. Both of you choose precious little Elena over me and both of you killed me. Also your right I can make it stop but I won’t it’s more fun to watch you two suffer plus as Queen of hell I can make your eternity even more miserable than it already is.”

When she get to her quarters she sees Kai and Lucien waiting for her outside the room. “ How do you want us?”

“Together again.”

Katherine smiles at them when Kai died he went to hell and Katherine took a interest in him so she saved him from being on fire and basically made him like a pet. She did the same thing for Lucien when he died.

Three years ago she was having a really terrible day the Salvatore’s kept begging her to let them go, Cade was annoying her and kept reading her mind, the travelers kept trying to break out so they could take over another town and make it a no magic zone, plus Silas was just being his annoying self.

She stormed into her room dragging Lucien and Kai by the necks and threw them into her room all she said was entertain me, the next thing she knows Kai is sliding her jeans down her legs and sliding a finger down her slits and Lucien has her shirt off and his palming her breasts and rubbing her nipples which has her moaning.

By the next day not only was she was in a much better mood she liked both Lucien and Kai entertaining her together.

She runs her nails over both of their chins “ Not today I found someone better.”


She finds Elijah sitting in one of the chairs looking down at his hands. “ Elijah, Elijah, Elijah.”

Elijah is so lost in his thoughts he doesn’t hear her calling his name until she touches his arm. “ What’s wrong with you, you keep zoning out.”

“ I keep getting lost in my thoughts.”

Katherine plops down on his lap “ Since your going to be no fun until we get you out of your thoughts. Tell me what thoughts you keep getting lost in.”

“It would bore you plus you have more pressing matters to attend to than my thoughts.”

“Not when the person who I’m sharing my pressing matters with is also the person who is lost in their thoughts. And just to remind you I don’t give up easily plus we have eternity. Also after you tell me we can have some fun.”

Elijah sighs he knows Katherine doesn’t give up easily or let anything go. He has to tell her. “ A thousand years ago before we became vampires I was in love with the doppelgänger before you Tatia Petrova. After we became vampires Niklaus made his first kill unlocking his werewolf side he turned into a werewolf and slaughtered six villages as I was comforting Niklaus, Tatia came across us and saw the severed bodies. I ran after her to tell her it’s not what it thinks as I was running after her she tripped and fell I finally got her to talk to me but I could smell the blood from the cut on her hand from when she fell and I had only been a vampire a couple days I couldn’t control myself I killed her. I brought her to Esther in our pig barn and she told me that if I look clean and proper nobody will ever know. It’s called the red door I put the people I kill behind that door in my mind.”

“ Elijah we all have people we are ashamed of killing and don’t like to think of them. For me it was my daughter Nadia’s boyfriend who traveled himself into Matt Donovan I don’t regret killing Gregor but I don’t like that I hurt Nadia trying to protect her. For you its all your kills but it doesn’t have to be. You’ve been alive for over a thousand years and when you look in the mirror you see a monster. I’ve known you for five hundred years and I’ve never thought of you as a monster.”

Elijah looks at her she’s being very open with him right now, which is weird for her since she doesn’t open about anything to anyone. He also had no idea she had a daughter named Nadia. “What happened to your daughter?”

Katherine sighs and looks sad she doesn’t like thinking about Nadia and how she could of saved her but she was to stubborn to ask Klaus for his blood. “ She died a couple minutes before I did, and found peace.”

Elijah picks Katherine up from his lap and lays her on the bed and lays next to her his arm around her. He knows she doesn’t open up and now she’s vulnerable, he feels the same way and he knows that Katherine was putting on a brave face but she is still the same Katerina he met in England 1492 the Katerina he fell in love with all those centuries ago.


Katherine has been ruling hell along side Elijah who has not thought about his red door issues or got lost in his thoughts since their conversation a couple weeks ago.

He’s surprised by how much he has really missed Katerina and is totally in love with how she is ruling hell with an iron fist, sass and looking like a true queen.

Elijah walks into Katherine’s room he has been sharing with her to find her naked on the bed. “ You’ve been here for a month thought I might give you a present.”

Elijah smiles at her he thought the hollow killing him was awful but it was really a blessing he reunited with his Katerina.

He walks over the end of the bed and Katherine kneels in front of him and starts stripping him while he is palming her breasts and leaving feather light kisses up her neck and over her shoulders.

Once he is completely naked she grabs him “ You are mine.”

Elijah moans at the sensations of her hand sliding up and down him and grunts out “ Since 1492.”

Katherine lays on her stomach and swirls her tongue around his tip. She licks him all around slowly wanting him to be on the brink of coming. She takes him in completely her tongue flat on the underside of his cock. Her head bobbing up and down as she licks and sucks him.

He wants to hold on but the sight of Katherine’s naked body and her mouth around his cock is his undoing. He explodes in her mouth and she takes it all. She looks up at him with a naughty playfulness that he secretly always loved as she cleans him off and releases him with a pop.

He pins her to the bed his hands holding her wrists above her head and passionately kisses her. She leans up as far as she can and bites the bottom of his ear and whispers “ I love it when you take charge.”

Elijah slowly enters her she moans at the sensation. No man she has ever slept with made her feel the same as she does when she’s with Elijah. With Elijah it’s mind blowing and euphoric. With other guys it’s because she’s bored or they are part of a bigger plan of hers.

Elijah is thrusting into her and she is kissing his neck. Her arms are still pinned down by his hands above her head. She wraps her legs around his waist and to get him even closer to her. “ Harder you feel so good.”

He does as he’s told and thrusts harder into her and Katherine is one the verge of coming she just needs something to push her off. She bites his neck and drinking his blood while he is thrusting into her has her coming that she can’t even hold it back any longer. Elijah bites her neck to push him over to and he comes right after her, her name on his lips.


Sneak peek of Assassins in love.

Caroline’s sword goes over Klaus’ she gets in his face. “ They don’t talk about him anymore too painful. Elena is clueless which made my job so easy.”

Klaus flips Caroline on to her back on the floor he points his sword at her throat. “ Good job will they come looking for you?”

Caroline puts her foot between Klaus legs and brings him down to the floor and flips them so she’s straddling him. “ If they do can we kill them. I want Elena.”

He smiles up at her “ So blood thirty my love. Elena is all yours.”

Caroline reaches in her thigh strap and takes out the dagger she had and places to Klaus throat.

Who flips them so he’s on top between her legs holding the dagger to her throat he leans down and kisses her.


Klaus and Katherine will never truly get along, but fortunately that doesn’t apply to their significant others. Klaroline and Kalijah, centered on Carlijah brOTP. Dedicated to Ruth.

Caroline slowly walked down the stairs clad only in a set of coral red, lace lingerie and the dark button-up shirt that Klaus had been wearing the evening before, glad that the garment managed to cover past her thighs.

She had been woken up by loud, angry and prolonged bickering, and, although such a thing was no rarity in the Mikaelson household at all, she was curious to know what was actually going on.

Unsurprisingly, she found Klaus and Katherine screaming their heads off at each other in the middle of the living room.

“What’s happening?” she asked, still feeling rather sleepy because of the sudden awakening as she finally reached the end of the long, elegant staircase.

Klaus frowned as he turned around to look at her, while Katherine simply smirked, crossing her arms over her chest.

“Caroline, love, you are not dressed,” he reproached softly, sounding somewhat annoyed at her lack of clothing, and only then did the baby vampire notice Elijah sitting comfortably on the brown, leather couch a few feet away, a book open on his lap.

She rolled her eyes, ignoring her boyfriend and her brunette best friend as her bare feet patted against the marble floor and she went to settle next to the other Original.

“Please,” she scoffed, “Elijah has seen me in far less.”

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My edit - Klaroline & Kalijah 

The one where Elijah and Katherine try to convince Klaus and Caroline to go out on a double date. Klaus has no complaints, but Caroline isn’t having it. 

“No, Katherine,” Caroline shook her head emphatically after cutting her eyes at the two men by the hotel lobby. “Absolutely not. I’m not going to play the third wheel just so you can go out with some random guy you picked up on the street. Again." 

"I have you know he’s a very distinguished man and I met him on a very distinguished street,” Katherine affirmed, wrapping an arm around Caroline’s shoulder. “Besides, you won’t be the third wheel. He’s got a brother,” she sang out while tossing Elijah a big smile. 

Caroline took another glance at Klaus. He caught the blonde looking his way and grinned widely. 

Caroline scoffed and rolled her eyes. “Knowing my luck, he’ll turn out to be some psychotic, homicidal freak." 

"Guess we’ll find out soon enough,” Katherine said, pulling her friend along. (x)

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Drabble request: anything with a Mikaelson family dinner (Kalijah, stebekah, kennet, klaroline of course)

Why Caroline had ever thought family dinner nights would be a good idea was beyond her. A few weeks ago she’d have been able to pull out an entire list of reasons on why it would bring about family bonding and less maiming and killing of innocents. Now she was pretty sure all it was doing was driving her to need another drink and want to stab the Hybrid sitting at the other end of the table, admiring his handiwork.

Maybe she should have known better than to insist on Klaus coming to the dinner, telling him that he wasn’t allowed to be out of town or away on some little side mission in New Orleans with some vampire or another had probably not gone over all that well. But seriously could it kill all of them to try and be civilised in one another’s presence for a few hours? It wasn’t like she wanted them there indefinitely. Just a few hours on a Friday night to catch up on one another’s lives.

It’d been decades since they’d seen Elijah…which of course when he came in towing Katherine on his arm, Caroline had remembered precisely why they didn’t stay in closer contact with the eldest Mikaelson. It hadn’t helped at all that the doppelganger had purposefully made doe eyes at Stefan the second Elijah’s back was turned, knowing full well that Rebekah was watching and ready to tear her heart out.

Caroline had looked to Klaus for help in settling the disagreement which had Rebekah trying to plunge a broken piece of chair into Katherine’s heart while Elijah tried to tear his sister off his lover. Poor Stefan just gulped down more bourbon, staying the hell out of the line of fire.

Klaus had merely poured himself another glass as well before sliding over to stand behind Caroline. “I did try and warn you,” he murmured, dropping a kiss against her shoulder.

Caroline fumed at that, letting out a high pitched screech at everything that was happening as she stalked out of the dining room and up to their bedroom. Screw them all. See if she ever tried to organize family get togethers ever again.

From the Other Side Kol couldn’t stop laughing as Rebekah slammed the stake down, growling when it hit table instead of flesh. “A little more to the left, sister!” he shouted, even if she couldn’t hear him, though he was sitting only a few feet away.

Bonnie sighed. “I’m going to go check on, Caroline.”

“Well, he is right. He did warn her,” Kol pointed out with another laugh as Elijah finally wrestled the stake away from Rebekah.

Bonnie could only roll her eyes, wondering again how she’d been saddled with him for eternity on the Other Side. At least it made an otherwise boring existence somewhat tolerable. And she didn’t have to deal with being anyone’s go-to witch either, so that was definitely a bonus. She hadn’t expected to find Klaus following after Caroline and knew that she most likely didn’t want to continue down that path as well. She’d done it once and forever regretted that she couldn’t bleach her eyes at all she’d seen.

“Oh, but this is the best part,” Kol murmured from behind her, urging her toward his brother’s bedroom. “They’ll yell and toss a few things at one another and then she does that delightful little–”

“You really need to stop watching your siblings’ sex lives,” Bonnie chided, pulling Kol back down the stairs.

“Know of anything better that I could be doing?” He arched a brow as he followed her out of the house and the smile that Bonnie directed his way brought one to his face as they continued on their way, leaving the living behind them.