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Dr. Poison’s Face

One thing I like about Dr. Maru is how they didn’t go out of their way to make her look attractive. A lot of villainous women happen to be good looking. While it’s not universal, there aren’t a lot of exceptions unless that woman is old or a monster (and even then they can be attractive). One thing that draws my attention is her reconstructive surgery. It’s obvious and in plain sight on her face. And it looks a bit creepy and offputting. (Under the mask is even worse.)

Elena Anaya is definitely an attractive woman. You can see that with the parts of her face that aren’t covered. But the fact that they took this good looking actress and made her character have a disfiguration like that is kind of a bold direction. Usually, disfigurations or physical alterations like that aren’t very prominent and don’t get in the way of the actress’ good looks. With Dr. Maru, it takes up a significant portion of her face and in a very noticeable spot as well.

She could’ve easily been a conventionally attractive character (or at least, relatively easy on the eyes), but I like that this aspect isn’t in effect. Even with many of the women on my Female Sociopath list (which Dr. Posion will not be included on, unfortunately), many of the characters are generally easy on the eyes if not conventionally attractive outright. Even if they’re not sexualized, they still are attractive.

It’s nice to have a genuinely creepy looking villainess. I’m not saying she’s the first (not by a long shot), but it’s an example that I find to be prominent.