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Running From You To You

Pairing: Yuuri Katsuki/Victor Nikiforov

Rating: Teen And Up

Words: 4681

Can be read on AO3.

By chance, I found a song that is, in my opinion, the perfect song for Victuri. And I’m telling you right now that without listening to it you’ll miss about half of the meaning in this story. It’s Two Men In Love by The Irrepressibles and you can listen to the song here.

Trust me you don’t want to miss out on this one, it’s spot on.

Victor was confused. He didn’t like feeling confused. And he wasn’t particularly accustomed it either.
Yuuri stopped stuttering around him. He almost never blushed anymore when Victor came just a tad too close for it to be in what Yuuri considered decent distance. Yuuri no longer got lost in his thoughts not messing jumps and spins because of losing his attention. He would even say there is a slight air of resignation surrounding the younger skater if Yuuri wasn’t working so hard and with absolute determination.
Not that Victor wanted to complain about Yuuri actually getting better; he was glad those things no longer hindered him (alright he maybe missed Yuuri’s flushing face when Victor teased him, but only a little). The thing that confused him, though, was the fact he had no idea what changed.
They’ve been spending most of their time training, over and over and over, until not just Yuuri but both of them were falling from exhaustion. And when they weren’t training, they talked about it, while eating, watching movies, taking walks. It was the same thing they did from the beginning, and yes, they were much closer now than they had been, but that wasn’t anything sudden, they built that trust and familiarity gradually, and through all that Yuuri was still his adorable self, blushing and stuttering every time Victor managed to surprise him somehow. Victor reveled in surprising people, having it so suddenly snatched away annoyed him quite a bit. Did he become predictable again? Or, God forbid, boring?
But Yuuri did seem to be surprised time and time again with Victor’s ideas or actions, so maybe that wasn’t it?
He sighed. Maybe he shouldn’t poke at a good thing.
Victor almost snorted aloud at himself. As if he could leave it now, that was not in his nature. He wanted to know how everything and everyone ticked. And right now something in Yuuri ticked differently.

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